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With the camera, Edson honed in on the nuances of daily life, the quirky and revealing details of the human condition that speak from one generation to the next. Whether taking candid photos or street portraits, he captured the quiet beauty of people as they went about their business. With the Vietnam War still raging and young men returning in body bags for a war no one really wanted.

The oil embargo by OPEC also weighed heavily on peoples minds. The times were changing and there was a sense of less control and uncertainty than we had known previously in my life. I hope to make images that add clarity and help viewers see the world a little differently. Enjoyed this article?

Share this NYC street scene. Little Batman. Man hugging woman, Portrait of Harlen Welsh. Wedding couple NYC, Four boys in NYC park, They have just eaten across the street at a restaurant called O'Neal's Balloon replaced by a P.

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Clark's restaurant at 44 West 63rd St. For more pictures see the PopSpots Annie Hall entry.

Incredible Vintage Color Photos of New York Street Scenes in the 1970s

You can see Central Park through the glass door, so this is on the north side of the hotel. It is actually the Plaza's private residences entrance, but you can see it all through the glass windows just across from the Palm Court in the hotel's central lobby. In another scene from the movie, set in the main room of Grand Central, Cary Grant makes a phone call from a phone booth that happened to be in the perfect place for the filming in or maybe they put it there.

Moving uptown, to th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, we see the Jets gang from West Side Story patrolling their turf to keep out their rivals, the Sharks. I found the exact location by finding out where the two huge oil tanks in back of them were back in Also, way in the distance, is an apartment building in Queens, near the Tri-Boro -- whoops! Kennedy Bridge - which helped determine the location.

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Much of the opening scene and the final scene was shot on this playground on th between 2nd and 3rd. The other exterior scenes were filmed on 68th Street west of Columbus Avenue where apartment towers are now. The Warriors is a very engrossing cult film based on an ancient Greek military story and set in modern day 's New York,. In the movie, a calamitous meeting of all the gangs of New York takes places in Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx; one of the gangs - "The Warriors" - has to make it back to their home turf in Coney Island while being pursued by all the other gangs.

Heavily costumed mayhem ensues. The poster for the movie is taken in "Dinosaur Playground," a childen's park just west of Riverside Drive and 97th Street, which substituted for Pelham Bay Park about 9 miles away. In it's year history the Apollo's stage has seen hundreds of America's greatest entertainers from Ella Fitzgerald to Jimi Hendrix, many who have plaques on the sidewalk outside.

To stand where the future Don stood, notice the rounded arch door to his right, then see the map below. By the way, young Don Corleone has an offer you can't refuse! Moving back uptown, near Harlem, this picturesque series of steps played a role in the vigilante movie In the film, Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey, an architect becomes a one-man vigilante as he seeks to bring to personal justice the street thugs that murdered his daughter and housekeeper. The film spawned four sequals maybe 'till Bronson ran out of bullets.

King Kong didn't have a gun, but he could do some damage when he got upset too. Especially with trains and planes. Blondes, he's ok with. I was trying to find a picture from above the Empire State Builing looking down Because, it turns out a lot of people took a picture of the Chrysler Building the one in the middle from the same spot on the Empire State Building's observation deck.

Evidently, so did the people making King Kong. The result was, that technically Kong is on a building located between the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. But keep it a secret between us. It's still one of the greatest movies ever. I enjoy it almost as much as Citizen Kane. Into this tranquil scene, just below where Columbus Circle 59th St. Who are ya' gonna call to take this guy out? There's only one answer This dapper little mouse, the star of Stuart Little , likes to sail in Central Park, specifically the Sailboat Pond just west of 74th Street enter at 72nd Street.

You can actually go there and rent remote controlled boats, and while there, climb all over the huge foot-tall bronze statue of Alice in Wonderland and her friends. Old world New York restaurants are going fast, so get there fast and enjoy their huge sandwiches. If you want to know the exact table where the scene was filmed, you can't miss it -- a huge sign saying "I'll have what she's having. If you click the photo and make it huge, you'll get more of a feeling for what it's like to be inside the restaurant.

Meg Rylan shows up again in 's You've Got Mail as the small bookstore owner who unknowlingly falls for the rival conglmoerate bookstore owner Tom Hanks via email. Love conquers all at the end in a scene filmed in the lush summer months at the 91st Street Gardens on the Upper West Side, just east of the Hudson River.

The pencil below shows where they are standing. To get to the park entrance, take the subway to 86th and Broadway and walk three blocks west and five blocks north. Here they are down at the bottom of Rock Center in front of Prometheus he looks like he's singing along with them. This is not exactly a movie clip, but I want to show that New York's love of the movies extends back to the silent era.

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In this shot, Charlie Chaplin, one of legendary silent film actors and directors, is being held aloft by Douglas Fairbanks in a rally for War Bonds. In this view you can see the New York Stock Exchange off to the left.

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  • It's the building with all the columns. Here's a map of where that photo was taken.

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    Federal Hall is a free museum you can visit. Also, George Washington was inaugurated the first President there on April 30, Finally, we come to James Dean walking hatless, cigarette in his mouth, on a rainy evening in Times Square in in this famous image by Dennins Stock. To locate the exact spot I blew up the photo to see the marquee for the former Astor Theater in the background to the left. That would place him in lower Times Square just across from the entrance to Bubba Gump's Shrimp between 43rd and 44th Streets.

    This is pretty much right underneath the building where the ball drops of New Years's Eve, so when you visit, you can combine both experiences. In this old photo from the 50's that I picked up from a flea market you can see the same concrete-based street dividers James was walking past. Here's Travis in an overlay. And here's Iris alone in a great 70's get up, just a few feet away from the last picture.

    And the view of Iris from Third Avenue. Another angle of Iris.

    USA New York city street-scene evening America city Manhattan street Stock Photo: - Alamy

    This time in a happy mood. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox Corporation, In one of the greatest publicity stunts of the century, the producer of The Seven Year Itch invited every major New York news photographer to the corner of 52nd Street and Lexington on the night of September 15, to watch Marilyn Monroe's dress skirt get repeatedly blown upward over a subway grate supposedly by the passing of a subway below. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox Corporation, In most of the pictures from that night, Marilyn was on the second grate from the north. Photo: United Artists, You'll note there are two curvatures to the bridge behind them one section of the bridge is rounder than the other.

    Here's another poster, depicting the beginning of a classic scene. Photo: United Artists, His talk with Joe interrupted by a pushy cab, Ratzo lashes out at the cabbie and states his rights as a New York citizen. Photo: United Artists, You can see where they were standing in this shot. Joffe Productions, United Artists, ; still photos by Brian Hamill Here's the image over a nighttime view of the location today.

    Moving on to another great Woody Allen film, this was the main poster for Annie Hall. Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, It is actually the Plaza's private residences entrance, but you can see it all through the glass windows just across from the Palm Court in the hotel's central lobby. And here are the scenes combined. Photo: Paramount Pictures, Moving back uptown, near Harlem, this picturesque series of steps played a role in the vigilante movie Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures, Love conquers all at the end in a scene filmed in the lush summer months at the 91st Street Gardens on the Upper West Side, just east of the Hudson River.