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Should've Gone to Jamaica

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In a society where love is against the law Stanley and Rebecca fall in love, but are threatened by a memory-erasing procedure. A terrifying, original horror graphic novel by Smith, Massie, and Florencio! Melanie Florencio B. A table without coasters An amateur taxidermist is haunted by the animals he has stuffed, while trying to overcome his past. Hand-crafted candy bars made with no preservatives and lots of organic, local, and fair-trade ingredients. Contact: , aid animalsindistress. Avon Justine iThemba Walkathon Put on the funkiest, pinkest gear you can find and join thousands of people in a family fun walk to crusade against breast cancer.

Time: 8am. Entries close 5 October, but late entries are accepted at registration. Cost: R65, children under 12 R For more info: visit ithembawalkathon. Entertainment is by Denim and Garth Taylor. Venue: participating restaurants in Melrose Arch. Book through Computicket: Also 23 October. Time: 10am—5pm. Venue: Rietvlei Zoo Farm.

Cost: R25 adults, R15 children under 12 years. For more info: visit jhbsouth. Time: am. Contact Karin: Toddler Sense seminar Join baby and toddler expert Sister Ann Richardson and her guest speakers for a morning of shared knowledge on feeding, potty training, managing discipline, development, stimulation and more.

There are goodie bags, prizes up for grabs and tea is served. Booking is essential. Time: 8am—1pm.

SandBox Complete: Basics (First Starts)

Contact Debbie: , , bookings toddlersense. Ends 30 October. Time: 8pm, Tuesday— Saturday; 6pm, Sunday. Venue: The Teatro at Montecasino, Fourways. Cost: R— R Instead of buying every Veritas double gold and gold winner announced on 8 October, enthusiasts can sample these outstanding wines at public tastings countrywide. Time: 5pm—8pm. It is an evening of anecdotes, psychoanalytical. For more info: visit joburgtheatre.

Time: am—5pm. Cost: adults R50, children free. Contact: or visit babaindaba. Time: 10am—6pm. Ave and Northumberland Rd, Northriding. Contact: , rene tepg. Ends 30 December. Time: pm, Friday; 3pm and pm, Saturday; 12pm, Sunday. New show times added from November; visit the website for details.

Venue: The. Time: 9am—4pm, Monday—Friday; 9am—2pm, Saturday. Cost: R20 per person per hour studio fee. Contact: or rosie potteryjunxion. Artists Under the Sun For 50 years, Artists Under the Sun has been showcasing the largest variety of art and execution in South Africa; over artists display around 1 works of art.

Meet the artists, talk to them, or just view their work while you enjoy a walk in the park. Time: 9am—pm. Contact: or visit artistsunderthesun. Art classes Children learn from experienced art teachers. Time: 3pm—4pm and 4pm—5pm, Monday—Thursday. Cost: R per class. Contact Blu Bird branch: or Lonehill branch: Biodanza for children This is a fun, engaging, creative session of movement, dance, imagination and music for you and your child to enjoy together. Children from age 3 to 11 can enjoy this fun workshop. Booking essential via sms or email. Time: 11am—12pm. Venue: 35 Menton Rd, Richmond.

Cost: R40 each for child and adult. Contact: or katebiodanza iafrica. Drama workshop A dynamic drama programme for children from age 3—12 years old that develops their acting ability and improves their confidence. Time: R per term. Cost: varies. For more info: visit dramaafrica. Join them for a morning market and car boot sale afterwards where you can pick up goodies such as crafts and wormeries.

There is also a raffle where you can stand the chance of winning a worm farm, among other prizes. Time: am—pm. Cost: adults R, children under 12 R50, family ticket two adults, two children R and R50 for additional children thereafter. Contact: , mmloudon lantic. They learn about gratitude, affirmation and self-motivation. Time: am—pm,. Contact: or imagine mailnet. Time, venue and cost varies.

For more info: visit littlecooksclub. Time: am—12pm. Venue: Rivonia Little Cooks Club. Contact Megan: or meganh littlecooksclub. Time and cost: varies, depending on booking. Contact: , rosie potteryjunxion. Contact: or visit seedpodstudio. Time: 9am—10am. Cost: R per term 10 classes or R90 per class. Contact Janine: , janine totsnpots. Time: 12pm—3pm. Cost: adults R, including a three-course meal; children R, including a two-course meal. Contact: , , info riverplace. While you eat, childminders look after your children as they play in the playground.

Time: varies. Contact: magazine joburg. South African Lipizzaners See the dazzling performance, meet the riders and feed the horses carrots in the courtyard after the show. Buy something to eat while the children play on the jumping castle. Cost: R, children under 3 enter free. Contact: or visit lipizzaners. Contact: or visit maropeng. The cost of your meal includes a complimentary afternoon cruise on the Petit Verdot at 4pm. Time: 12pm.

Cost: R, children under 12 half price; booking essential. Contact: , reservations rivieraonvaal. They have the biggest, known uninterrupted maze in the southern hemisphere, which you can use for games or races. Use of maze by appointment. Time: 9am—5pm, Monday—Friday. Venue: Hood Rd, Dainfern. Cost: for use of the maze, adults R50, children R Contact: or visit chartwellcastle.

A jersey, torch, hat, sunscreen, comfortable clothes, walking shoes and camera are essential. Venue: Sterkfontein Caves, Maropeng. Cost: R including a light picnic lunch. Time: 9am—5pm, Monday and Wednesday. Venue: Clulee Ave, Linbro Park. Contact: Elemental maze They have reconfigured the maze, and have a totally different quiz designed for all ages to get visitors through and out of the maze. This traditional maze is constructed of reed walls and contains five secret gardens themed around the elements earth, air, fire and water.

It also has a Garden of Reflection. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Time: 10am—5pm, Saturday and Sunday. Cost: adults R80, children under 15 R60, family ticket two adults, two children R Contact: , enquiries maizemaze. Time: am—5pm, daily. Venue: Montecasino Boulevard, Fourways.

Cost: adults and children older than 10 R45, children under 10 R For more info: visit montecasino. The talk is followed by a. Legends Behind Pens and Lenses Visit a photo exhibition of professional and school photographers. Mingle with famous photographers, journalists and editors in the media industry. The restaurant is open for meals and booking is essential. Time: 5pm—6pm. Venue: Maropeng, Cradle of Humankind. Cost: R, including dinner. Visit a croc farm You have the opportunity to hold a baby crocodile as well as a variety of exotic snakes and even a tarantula.

There is a tea garden as well as a large play area for children. Time: 9am—pm, daily. Cost: adults R55, children under 12 R Contact: or visit croccity. Time: 9am—5pm, Monday—Saturday; 9am—5pm, Sunday. For more info: or visit unicamarket. Time: am—4pm, every Friday—Sunday. Contact: or visit gardenworld. There is a deli and fresh organic and naturally grown produce.

Time: 9am—3pm, every Thursday and Saturday. Venue: Culross Rd, Bryanston. Contact: or visit bryanstonorganicmarket. Time: 8. Venue: Marlborough Ave, Craighall Park. Contact Roy: or jmsinek mweb. Groovy Family Flea Market A day of family fun and loads of stalls to browse. Time: 8am—2pm. Contact: or ingebrits gmail. Time: 8am—2pm, every Saturday. For more info: visit hazelfoodmarket. Time: 9am—2pm. Venue: Smuts House Museum,.

Jan Smuts Ave, Irene. Cost: R5 parking. Contact: , irenemkt mweb. Time: pm. Contact Lee: or visit jozifoodmarket. Time: 5pm—9pm. Contact: or visit stoneridge. Time: 10am—pm, Tuesday—Sunday. Contact: or admin randburgfleamarket. Time: 1pm. Contact Marleze: or marleze vodamail. There is a food court as well as crafts and fresh produce is sold at the 60 stalls. Venue: Main Rd, Walkerville R82 between. Southgate and Vereeniging. Contact Gail: , gail wfmarket. Time: am and pm, Tuesday— Sunday. Cost: R60—R Contact: , peoplestheatre artslink. Children can go on an informative journey with a team of young wildlife enthusiasts, who travel in a hot air balloon.

The series continues weekdays at am, pm and pm. Time: am on CBeebies, channel on DStv The Pied Piper and other tales Colourful, humorous characters and a brand new ending add excitement to this interactive play that will enthral children. Ends 15 October. Time: am and pm, Monday—Saturday. Cost: adults R90, children R80, block bookings 10 people or more adults R80, children R Contact: or visit jyt. Cost: R90—R Contact: or visit joburgtheatre. Time: 3pm, every Tuesday. Venue: Kelly Ave, Boskruin. Contact: Bryanston Library story time Time: pm, every Wednesday.

Venue: cnr New and Payne St, Bryanston. Cost: R15—R Cost: puppet show free, followed by a voluntary puppetmaking workshop at R40 per child. Contact Glenda: or glenda bryanstonorganicmarket. Parents can relax at the coffee shop. Time: 9am—5pm, Monday—Friday; 9am—1pm, Saturday. Time: 10am—5pm daily. For more info: visit clearwatermall. Venue: shop 60, Stoneridge Centre, Modderfontein. Cost: children under 3 R25, older children R30 per hour. Contact: or visit jimmyjungles. Time: 1pm—5pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Venue: Glenferness, Kyalami. Cost: R30 includes refreshments. Contact Jenny: Linden Library story time For children 4 years and older. Time: 3pm, every Wednesday. Venue: cnr 4th Ave and 6th St, Linden. Contact: or wendypo joburg. There is also a coffee shop for parents. Time: am—pm, Tuesday and Thursday. Venue: 66 6th St, Linden. Cost: free entry for adults, children R Contact: , info oki-doki. Extra activities are planned daily.

Time: 1pm—5pm, Monday—Thursday. Extra activities R10—R Contact: , or Parkview Library story time For children 4 years and older. Time: pm, every Monday. Venue: 51 Athlone Ave, Parkview. Contact: Roodepoort Library story time For children from 5 years old. Time: 10am, every Wednesday.

I. Enrollment and Admission

Venue: cnr Berlandina and Hodgson St, Roodepoort. Contact: Rosebank Library story time Time: pm, every Wednesday. Venue: 8.

Keyes Ave, Rosebank. Contact: Sandton Library story time Time: pm, every Tuesday. Contact: Serendipity Children can do various crafts such as T-shirt painting, sticky mosaics, scrapbooking, beading, and create helicopters, pirate ships and princess kits. Time: 9am—5pm, Tuesday—Friday; am—pm, Saturday; am—pm, Sunday and public holidays. Venue: 48 Keyes Ave, Rosebank.

Contact: , serendipityplay gmail. They can paint and play, develop green fingers, do sand art, yoga, creative dance, swimming and cooking. Note: not all the activities take place daily. Time: 10am—4pm, Monday— Saturday. Contact: or visit tri-ba. Time: 3pm, every Thursday. Venue: Fern St, Weltevreden Park. No previous experience is needed, but the minimum age is 8 years. Time: 11am—2pm, every Sunday. Venue: in the Cradle of Humankind Heritage area. On booking, directions to the meeting place are sent via email.

Cost: adults R, children R all equipment included for each three-hour session. Contact Sandy: , info wildcaves. Instructors are on hand at all times for lessons and safety. Time: 9am—late, Monday— Sunday. Venue: Cedar Square, Fourways.

Creepy Tide Pool Creatures!

Larney Ladybirds play days An outdoor play area with climbing frame, sandpit, pool and scooter track. Parents can relax under the trees, so bring a blanket.

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For children 0—6 years old. Time: 10am—4pm, every Wednesday. Venue: Valley Rd, Broadacres, Fourways. Contact: , bianca larneyladybirds. Cricket School holiday clinic Covers all aspects of the game and caters for ages 4—15 years. Coaches work to a specific programme and cover batting, bowling, fielding, general knowledge and etiquette of the game. Net sessions, intense fielding drills and grid rotation are some of the coaching aspects that the students are exposed to. Students are split into groups according to their age and ability.

Time: registration on day one am, then 9am—2pm. Venue: University of Johannesburg. Cost: R per child, R for two children from the same family. For more info on requirements, contact: , or william cricketschool. Professional ice skaters oversee the courses. Toddlers to adults are welcome. Time: pm—pm or pm—pm, every Wednesday; 8am—9am or 9am—10am, every Saturday; 9am—10am, every Sunday. Cost: R per course with own skates, R per course with skate rental.

For children over 8 years. Time: 12pm—8pm, every Saturday and Sunday. Venue: plot 37, R, Grasmere, Nettleton Rd. Cost: R30 entry fee. Contact Karin: , karin. Age groups are 18 months—2 years, 2—4 years, 4—6 years and 6—8 years. For more info: visit littlekickers. Equipment and padding are provided. Time: 10am—5pm, Wednesday—Sunday. Cost: R for a two-hour lesson, including equipment and slope pass. Contact: or info jozix. Absa Bok Town Catch all the Rugby World Cup matches on the big screen, including the semi-finals and final and enjoy the atmosphere.

Venue: Montecasino Outdoor Piazza. Cost: R30, includes one local beer, cider, wine, soft drink or mineral water per ticket. Randburg Raceway Race in specially designed imported racing karts. There are junior karts for 6—14 year olds, which have been adjusted so that children can reach the pedals. Time: 11am—8pm, Monday— Saturday; 11am—6pm, Sunday. Contact: , , info randburgraceway. Children are taught by qualified coaches at a South African sailing academy. All equipment is supplied.


Time: 9am—12pm, every Saturday. Contact: or shellee sailingcentre. Contact Suzie: , , info yoga4kids. Starts 17 October. Time, venue and cost: varies. For more info: visit adventurebootcamp. Cost: R for both mother and child for the day. The Power of Play workshop provides your childminder with the energy and inspiration to take an innovative and fresh approach to stimulation that has countless benefits for your child. Cost: R, including manual and course material.

Contact: or shannoneggers vodamail. This course covers childcare for children from birth to 3 years old. It is offered once a week over four weeks. Cost: R1 Contact Sonya: , sonya nannytraining. A session involves dance and exercise with music guided by a facilitator, but without steps to learn and follow. Booking via sms or email essential.

Time: 2pm—4pm. Contact Kate: or katebiodanza iafrica. Time: pm—4pm. Cost: R, includes refreshments. Contact: Michael Mount Waldorf School open day Meet the teachers, listen to a talk on Waldorf education and tour the facilities. Contact Karin: Moms and caregivers workshop Learn how to build a daily programme of stimulation for your toddler or preschooler through play.

The course includes school readiness and early learning. Time: am—am. Booking essential. Venue: Triba, Craighall Park. Cost: R, which includes refreshments and a goodie bag. Contact Elizabeth: or elizabeth tum2mom. Areas tackled include the importance of play for stimulation and development, emotional intelligence, the role of play and much more. Time: 9am—1pm. Cost: R, including products. Contact: , j. The essence is to create positive transformation in your life and reflect that on to your children.

Time: am, Saturday; 9am, Sunday. Venue: Buccleuch, Sandton. Cost: R for the weekend. The model was developed by Dr Stanley Greenspan and Dr Serena Wieder and is a standout framework for understanding the socio-emotional development of each child. Time and venue: call to enquire. Cost: R— R3 For more info and application forms: or talksense mweb. Comedians include. Cost: meal cost as per menu, comedy free. Contact: or visit tsg4ways. Time: 8pm, Tuesday— Saturday; 2pm, Sunday.

Venue: Cresta Barnyard Theatre. For more info: visit barnyardtheatre. Drawing on Irish traditions, the combined talents of the performers propel Irish dancing and music into present day. The fusion of Irish dancing with such diverse dance styles as Flamenco, American tap and Russian folk dancing captures the imagination of audiences across all ages and cultures.

Time: 8pm, Tuesday—Saturday; 3pm Saturday; 2pm and 6pm, Sunday. Time: 8pm. Book through Computicket: visit computicket. At the age of 30, the gangster starts suffering flashbacks from his previous life as an Indian woman. He starts wearing a sari while cooking all sorts of delicious Indian meals, including curries and biryanis. No under 12s.

Time: 8pm, Wednesday—Saturday; 3pm, Sunday. Every book purchased helps get. Time: 10am—4pm. Venue: Waterberg Academy, Vaalwater. Contact: , info books2you. Time: 5pm—9pm daily. Visit the Waterfall Equestrian Estate as well as the gardens. Cost: R, including tea and lunch; booking essential. Contact: or petrisia ludwigsroses. This tour, however, enables small groups of guests to experience and observe an active palaeontological dig. Up-and-coming scientist Brendon Billings takes you on a tour to discover the fascinating information buried in fossils.

Both the construction process and its outputs are measurable and predictable. Cyndi savoredthe soup. To: All Barnyard Animals. From: Chicken Little. Date: November 10, Subject: Descending Firmament. Priority: Urgent. The sky is falling. Topster tackles 2 terrorbytes. Morph " ;. Class gate. Content Manipulation. Annotations Manipulation. Input Output. Document methods. Set implementation. AnnotationSet methods general purpose.

AnnotationSet methods searching. List getDocumentNames Gets the names of all the documents in this corpus. User can also restrict the number of documents to extract by providing the relevant value for numberOfDocumentsToExtract parameter. Corpus methods. DocumentImpl ". Resource void setParameterValues FeatureMap parameters Sets the values for more parameters in one step.