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Book 1, Ch. 18 — The French Connection

Laughlin, first vice president of the southern California club; Mrs. John Traenor, 2nd vice president; and Mrs. Helen Jacobs. Back row, left to right, Mrs.

How to Throw a Cocktail Party

Michael Creamer, Mrs. Carlton Convey and Mrs. Carlton Blaine Lyons, all visiting executives. Starting with five young women attempting to play bridge, according to a report given by Mrs.

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Rex Booth, the Pomona Valley JuniorAssistance league, which during the last 13 years has grown to a widely known organization thru its highly successful garden parties, no longer will be known by that name but as the Assistance League of Pomona Valley. The club on Friday afternoon at St. Hancock Banning. Harvey Head, the Pomona league president accepted the seal of the club from Mrs. Booth was called upon following the presentation, to give a brief history of the club for the benefit of guests from Pasadena, Glendale and Santa Monica, who visited here to witness the installation.

She explained that the organizers were five young women just out of college, who were awaiting the time they might enter the Ebell club. They decided to organize a larger group of young women for a bridge club.

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This first group numbered In later years as the club grew, it was obliged to limit membership to Starting out with relatives and friends the general guests of the parties, last year about attended and a larger crowd is expected to attend the 13 th annual party at the Scripps gardens next month. Oh, one last thing. If you have read this far you may have noticed that the new Assistance League of Pomona Valley chapter was planning to hold a Garden Party fundraiser the following month, and that they really knew how to get people to attend.

Click HERE to see the car and the winner. Assistance League of Pomona Valley has donated 70 lovely stuffed teddy bears to the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Auxiliary to be be given to pediatric patients at the hospital. Stuffed animals comfort the children after surgery and in the ER. Both organizations have worked for over 70 years to help children in our communities. Breakfast and lunch were provided and a formal discussion was led by Mrs.

Our Strategic Plan was used as the basis for guiding discussions regarding membership, fundraising and philanthropic programs. The visit helped participating members clarify our future purpose, goals and strategies. May 9, During this distribution we were able to provide new school clothing and books to over students. So far this school year we have provided clothing and books to over children and we will be serving many more during the balance of the school year.

Island Dining

This is made possible by supporters who attend our fundraising events and make generous donations to our programs, grants from the City of Pomona and Southern California Edison and our dedicated members and community volunteers. We take a lot of pictures at each distribution because each one puts so many smiles on so many faces of both children and parents.

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And the icing on the cake are the smiles it puts on the faces of our members and volunteers helping with the distribution. It is truly a labor of love.

Moon over Berlin, Sun over Santorini — B1C18 – CROSSIN(G)ENRES

So take a look at the happy faces below. We will never tire of helping create these smiles, and never tire of looking at them.


But downtown is still no hipster paradise. Visitors, of course, can take in the best of both.

3-Ingredient Appetizers

Friday afternoon is the perfect time to explore the old center, when it is still humming with office workers streaming in and out of modest shops and restaurants. Plot out your destinations on a paper map beforehand, as cellphone-gazers attract skilled pickpockets. But then stop worrying. Head into the Sesc 24 de Maio , a brand new, ballyhooed, mostly public high-rise cultural center whose highlights include an art gallery and top-floor cafe. If cooking is an art form, then the mind-bending dishes that Jefferson Rueda coaxes from pig parts is a porcine symphony.

The cobblestone intersection became known as Music Corner, but the musical tradition died about when downtown did. That changed in , when Casa de Francisca moved from the genteel Jardim Paulista neighborhood to the second floor, bringing a cultural jolt to a still rough and tumble area. Reserve a table for an eclectic lineup of Brazilian bands, which play on a circular stage in a teal-green space that recalls Old Havana.


One of the best Saturday morning markets is on Rua Mourato Coelho in Vila Madalena, a hippie-turned-hipster-turned-upscale neighborhood. Creative drinks come with poems handwritten on their coasters, courtesy of the wait staff. A tour with the guide Renato Goes takes you there first, and then to the Outdoor Museum of Urban Art — where works are spray-painted onto the pylons under an elevated subway line — and downtown, where creations cover entire sides of buildings.

Booked through Around SP , a three-hour tour is reais and up.