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Marines who arrived at an American safe house outside the consulate grounds—were overwhelmed and stymied; and that the looters apparently came upon the body of a still-breathing Ambassador Chris Stevens. At around p. This one seemed no different from the others before: days and nights staring at the high walls that obscured the luxury villas in the posh Benghazi neighborhood where the American mission was located. But on this night, the silence of the secluded streets was dramatically shattered. Outnumbered and outgunned, the four abandoned their posts, with Nasser and Ubayd fleeing south to what was called the C villa in the center of the compound, a building that housed the office of U.

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Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was visiting from the Libyan capital Tripoli. Abdullah ran towards the cantina east of C villa where a grenade exploded nearby. A group of attackers then passed him on the way to encircling the cantina. They shot him twice in the leg. Others beat him so hard he lost consciousness.

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He awakened later in the Benghazi Medical Center. As the guards from the front of the property desperately sought safe haven from the grenades and the kind of explosives used for blast fishing, attackers began a siege of the back entrance of the compound. Hussein, a guard who was stationed at another observation point, approached the cantina from the northeast side and headed toward the kitchen. Both were wearing body armor. Meanwhile, near the swimming pool behind the C villa, a group of attackers cornered Anwar, a guard belonging to the February 17 th militia that was helping to secure the compound.

New report claims al-Qaeda-Benghazi link known day after attack

His plea worked and the attackers led him out of the compound. Northwest of the cantina at the February 17 th barracks, militia member Fadil heard the American diplomatic security agents on the radio. There were just too many of them. A group of attackers headed towards the barracks where Fadil and Tawfiq, another February 17 th guard, had barricaded themselves. Loud explosions and gunshots were heard everywhere.

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Locked out of the cantina, Mikhlaf ran south towards the Tactical Operations Center, hiding behind a sandbag levy. But after 20 minutes, one of the attackers found him and others quickly gathered around.

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They hit his head repeatedly as they taunted him. The man led Mikhlaf out of the compound. The attackers found Nasser and Ubayd in the laundry room behind the C villa. Apparently not. While Hussein, Fadil and Tawfiq were able to evade the attackers, Anwar, Mikhlaf, Nasser and Ubayd were being led out of the compound where another group of assailants roughed them up.

In testifying before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, Hicks gave some of the most riveting testimony yet on what occurred in Tripoli the night of Sept. When speaking about the night of the attacks, the employees ThinkProgress spoke with described Hicks as being in a daze while other senior Embassy officials organized the evacuation from Tripoli to Germany.

CNN Explains: The Benghazi attacks (2013)

Prior to today, the State Department attempted to chart a middle path on Hicks, seeking to neither give credence to his claims of retribution nor portray him as lacking as a leader. ThinkProgress contacted the State Department for comment from Hicks on Thursday, but that request has not been fulfilled at press time. He said they were waiting on the call, though, through the night. The same frustrations have compelled Mike, a former team sergeant for a military anti-terror quick reaction force, once known as the CIF, to talk. On the night of the attack, Mike was at Delta Force headquarters in the U.

He added: "At our level, we were doing everything we were supposed to be doing. At everybody else's level above us, it was political.

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Mike, though, said Khattala is a low-level operative and not one of the terror cell leaders.