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Nov 03, Jenny rated it really liked it Shelves: australian-authors , rural-romance. Queensland Main Roads in Cloncurry needed a senior relief engineer, and it was Maggie Perkins job as the human resources manager to help in this process. Grayson Reeves accepted the appointment as the new relief senior engineer. I like the way, Alicia Hope portrayed her characters. I like Alicia Hope description of what happens during a cyclone in rural areas.

The readers of The Long Road to Loving Grayson will learn about the role of an engineer in rural communities. The Long Road to Loving Grayson highlights that you can have a second chance of finding someone to love and it can come from an unaccepted source. I recommend this book. Nov 11, C. Fallowfield rated it really liked it. A sweet romance set in the Australian outback, this was an enjoyable read. Grayson is an English engineer who's on a work permit in Australia and arrives to do a stint in Cloncurry where he meets Maggie, the HR advisor and sparks fly between them immediately.

The only problem is Maggie is married and determined not to give up on her vows, no matter how much her husband neglects her or that she believes she made a mistake marrying him at a vulnerable time in her life. Alicia Hope was careful to e A sweet romance set in the Australian outback, this was an enjoyable read.

Alicia Hope was careful to empathise the importance of marriage vows, as well as to keep this couple teetering on exploring their attraction to each other, without condoning extra-martial affairs - which I was pleased about as I can't abide cheating. Wonderfully descriptive, I could picture all of the vivid and colourful scenes she wrote about.

I liked both characters, but didn't love them and missed that real emotional pull I crave in a romance novel, though it's a nice change to read a romance without any erotica, which is my usual go-to genre. I'm hovering somewhere between a 3. Dec 02, Nicki Southwell rated it really liked it Shelves: my-reviews. This light-hearted story is about an English engineer who is visiting Australia with a work permit and has a 6-week secondment to an outpost in the Australian outback.

Maggie Perkins, who is the HR adviser, is based at this office and begins to get concerned about his non-arrival having heard about an accident on that route. Grayson eventually appears and Maggie is not just relieved to see him but unnerved by the spark that is between them. She is married and not some-one who would risk her marri This light-hearted story is about an English engineer who is visiting Australia with a work permit and has a 6-week secondment to an outpost in the Australian outback. She is married and not some-one who would risk her marriage for a chance meeting, but the attraction is there nevertheless.

Over the weeks he sees a lot of challenges, namely needing to summon the Flying Doctor, surviving a tropical cyclone and then losing his heart to Maggie. Also Happy upcoming Birthday, I know how it is to be 55 turned it last month. If I were to be stranded on a desert island and could take with me the music of just one artist. That would be an easy choice for me. Thank you Grayson.. Just read the Waffle House tour blog. Learning much about your musical history. Like you, we sometimes stop ped at Waffle House s when traveling through the south.

Too many calories, widely ranging "diners", amusing environments. Looking forward to reading more blogs! Dear Grayson, thank you for the download of your new album "Back to the Soul", I must say, it blew me away - solid American Soul with your own style of singning and playing the piano and organ.

The end of "Everybod's hangin on" is ingenious. Sweet Southern Soul songs like "Gettin'on with my life" and the absolute sensational titel song "Back to the Soul" inspire to dance - when the horn section is follow your voice my feet can't keep still and my whole body is working! The bluesy and swinging "Motorcycle Ridin" with you on top with your voice and the piano is a worthy final. Also I will thank your beautiful wife Polly Messer for the great harmony background vocals - very well done! Your Band is playing also on top.

Grayson Hugh - Talk It Over

All I can say, this is an album with not one weak song and the styles are going from Soul to Gospel, from Blues to Rock. I am proud to be a very small part of this album and will let you know: I am "Already in love with you", with your voice and your music - and last but not least with your piano playing! Thank you for this, Grayson. My best regards from Salzburg, Austria Werner. I have been listening to, buying and loving your music since the early 80s. You did it again! Thank you Grayson - your music is magic.

Am going to be in SF for a few days in Oct - and am hoping there might be a live show that coincides I've been good, so who knows! Looking forward to introducing some new folks to your soulful sound. Great to have you back in the area. Stay well. Loved the Standing Room Only interview! Can't wait to hear the new songs! I named my daughter after you. Her name is Grayson. Are u ever going to tour in the south? Would love to take her to see you. Will never forget tuesday nights at the Blue Star in Hartford just you and and 88 keys.

The Long Road to Loving Grayson by Alicia Hope

Went to every show and brought many who like myself were spellbound,as well as Toads where you floored everyone. Thanks and see you soon in the area I hope. Oh and not to leave out Polly, I remember the days of Beverly's up in Bantam and all over. Thank you both for bring me allot of glowing memories. Was just listening to Blow Monkeys some Kinda Wonderfull and recognized your voice. That's how I ended up here on you site to see if it was you? Reading your story, I am very happy to see you living positively.

Your music has brought joy to me. I have owned Blind to reason since the 90's and just got around to getting Road to Freedom. It is awesome and now I want everything recorded! I don't know what took me so long, you have a life long fan in me. I just wish you would come further west so I could see you live. I am in Northern CA. Hi Grayson, I want to make a small donation. Please let me know the process.

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Kind regards, Gail. Dear Mr. You probably have no idea how much you touch the people who listen to your music, SO I wanted to contact you and tell you that I am proud of you and your recovery and that I want you to be around a long, long time I also LOVE that you are now on the beach music charts, I'm a lover of beach music and can't wait to hear your new music!!!

Keep onward and upward!! Hi i loved your first album and i still play it all the time,so thanks for the music. Julie , Qld. You're loved in Australia. You bring back the memories of better times. Happy to meet you and Polly. Listened to a few of your songs they sound great! His music is so unique and full of exciting romance. I would called this more blues rock than rock blues Buy the CD.

Please don't make your fans wait as long as we did for "An American Record". You really should be recording a follow up CD for those of us who really love your music. Francisco A. I need to speak with Grayson, having known him since he was eight or nine. Betty and I were good friends of his mother, Jean and Ivor, and were frequent house guests in Hartford. By the way, Grayson, whatever happened to your fathers battalion of toy British soldiers?

Please call me when you get a chance or send me an e-mail or both: When are you going to come to Pittsburgh? I have been waiting forever!!! I am a huge fan of yours from Canada. They don't carry your music here but when I travel to the states I always look for new cd's of yours. I love your voice and your lyrics. You are a great song writer. Do you ever do concerts in Vancouver? I've not seen any so far. It would be wonderful for you to come here and play at the Commodore Ballroom I live on a beautiful Island called Salt Spring Island and it truly is paradise.

They're just everyday people and friends. I am from the Kwakiutl Tribe and very proud of my heritage. My Father is a high ranking hereditary Chief so that makes me a 'Princess' I guess. I hope one day you will honour we Left Coast Canadians with a concert. I will be there! Warm wishes to you and your wife, Christine Hunt. We need to see you come south to Houston Texas! Been loving your music since the first album! Somehow I don't think you will ever come to Lubbock, Tx. But, if you do you can be sure I'll be there. Have loved your work for years.

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  • Greetings from long ago, Walkley Road, West Hartford. I just sort of ran into your site and wanted to congratulate you on your success. I exchanged cards with your mom some years ago, but never knew what became of your dad and if you have a moment, I'd love to know about your brothers as well.

    All best to you! Hi, Just to say that even in France some people still listen to your music. I'm 21 and I simply love your music. Keep Rockin'. I hope you make it over to the west coast someday soon.. Come to Houston, Texas!! One of my friends who is much younger than me had a baby today, and named him Grayson- I started remembering my favorite music in high school- , "Talk it over", and miss that kind of music- it's all twang here. We need SOUL! If you and your wife decide to do a country wide tour, put me on the email list so I will know. Really love your music.

    Look forward to more in the future. Will be a 3. So glad to see you're back making music. We have a lot of nice music venues here. I loved your music since you first appeared in ! What a unique and powerful voice. I'm happy to see you're back and stronger than ever and soon, very soon to hear you on all the radio and tv stations in the country! I've been wondering what ever happened to you and man I'm glad I took the time and found your web page.

    Thanks for the great tunes and keep on writing and singing. Your first big hit saved my marriage because we talk it over in bed. Hi my name is Marg from Australia I want to say I love your music so much and have for the years since the 80's the song Talk it over wow if I could of gone to America to you I would of been so proud and happy to but life dealt me a few blows of leaving me spending my life in wheelchair with lump to spine and loss of one leg with a chronic disease which gets worse each year but I dont give up and listening to your music is my love and if i had one dream when I was younger was to be able to have met you in person and hear you sing my Favorite song talk it over,I remember you,Tell me how you feel your music is the greatest to me as keeps me alive as music is the best and you are a great legend to music your song Talk it over is played here in australia on radio stations and now and then they have a back to the 80's and I request it and has come in as NO 1.

    Love Marg From Australia. Saw you at Towne Crier last night. What a show! Thanks so much for what you do. You and Polly are a treasure! Such tight vocals and beautiful harmony and blend - I can't wait to hear it all again! Man I love your sound. Why don't you come play at the Orangepeel in Asheville, NC. We would love to see you live. Come west to Albany area!!!! We love you Grayson, we've been playing your music for years, come on over! Pleaseeeeeee :. Juat wanted to let y'all know how much I love and appreciate your music. Keep on singing and making great recordings.

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    I'm hoping one day to catch one of yalls shows. I just bought your last record, I love several songs on it. Time is like a river, long and lonely night to name a few. Take care and God Bless y'all.

    The Long Road to Loving Grayson

    Hi from Salzburg, Austria! Hope, you will come back to Europe one day, we have good locations for you in Salzburg Rockhouse and Bar , also in Austria. Keep the music goin'!! Best always Werner. Please come down south for a show. Myrtle beach or Atlanta would be great! My husband and I became fans back in the 80s and still love listening to your music.

    I have been a big fan for years Talk it Over is my all time favorite. I don't understand why it is impossible to buy a new copy of the "Blind to Reason" CD. I wore out the cassette many years ago and would love to have the CD. You are truly a unique, class act! Have a Happle Hollandaise I have loved your songs and singing since the first recording I bought in the early 80's. Glad you are back Some of my favs: Can we talk it over, Blind to Reason. You have change me live, We love love you man, some of the sound you here now need your help, I you can make to the west cost some time, if you need some led light my company has all you need , love you man www.

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    I've loved your music for many years. Grand Rapids Michigan has some good spots to play, hint, hint. Maybe I'll just have to visit and catch your show sometime! Enjoy your sounds, for many years. Hope you can come out to the west coast soon!! I don't know how many years I've been enjoying your music.

    It's been many and to this day it brings me much joy and pleasure!!!!! Dear Grayson Hugh. I have had to replace them a couple of times because of the wear and tear I have put on them from listening to them over and over, never tiring of your special sound. In the 15 years that you have not been on the scene my CD players have continued on with your soulful sound. Every now and then, through the years I have looked your name up hoping for new releases but never saw anything come.

    I truly would have paid any cost to hear your new music. I have waited so long. It proves patience pays off. I pray that you understand this is also an opportunity for me to say how much my life has been a blessed with the soundtrack of your music has been to the life I have lived and am living. Your vibe and words are a part of me.

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    • They have added depth to my personal experience of life and I just want to say thank you. If there is anything I could ever do for you I would. Thanking the higher power for your return! Your fan, Liz Turner. Thank you Mr. Hugh for your marvelous music and your "Blind to Reason" CD.

      My joy is to be able to listen to your music and actually dance. I stagger when I walk but when I am dancing to your music I can keep my balance and move side to side and even stand on one foot. It's a thrill to hear good music that reminds me of my good old younger years. I still teach a court mandated parenting class for the L. My joy these days are helping the families get the children back in the home and your wonderful music. Thank You! Ora Lee. My daughter and I attended your show last night Apr 6th at The Kate. What a show- I should have lost 10 lbs from all the foot tapping and head nodding I did through your entire set.

      Now having picked up on your current schedule Thank you Colin McEnroe! Homage must also be paid to Polly. My daughter noted echoes of Laura Nyro in your beautiful voice. Your perfect ear for blending with Grayson just brings the performance to the next level - and, for me, I did not think there was a higher level for him to reach. How fortunate for you, Grayson ,and your audience, that you have the desire to continue to grow when you could rest on what you have so successfully accomplished already.

      I have to tell you that I was drawn-actually, propelled- across the lobby by the album cover. I had been too far away to clearly see what it was but I was so drawn to it- I could tell, even at a distance, that it was something beautiful that I just had to see. What a gorgeous photo taken during the sweet light of the day.

      Listening to your comments during the show it became clear how much that photo reflects who you are and what is important to you in life-the sweet light. I am just listening to the album now. It seems an album of growth and transition and I already love it. Thank you for a spectacular evening. I'll be a permanent fixture at many of your upcoming events and hope to hear you include "How 'Bout Us" in your set.

      Gail Geary. I have been a Grayson Hugh fan from the start. Talk It Over was the song that got my attention. It is still my favorite. Your music is very special to my wife and I. Always creates a smooth, calm, romantic, setting making it very joyness and great nights. Thanks for the help to many a great time. Couldn't of made it without ya, need all the help I can get. Keep the great music going!! All my friends are talking about a young man named Gavin Degraw, I am going to send them clips of your songs when I figure how.

      And keep up with you in FB keep up good work. Please come to Tennessee. Please come down South and share your music with your fans down here! South Carolina is nice in the winter! Glad to hear that you are allowing the muse to feed your soul. Glad also that the wonderful magic within you is pouring out for the world.

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