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Gen ,2 has the Hebrew god arising from the waters to create everything except the water from which he originated. That water was a reference to the Egyptian god of the watery abyss, Nu, after whom Noah was named. Egypt is West of Canaan, but their chief deity is the sun god Re. With the suffix eliminated, the name Noah becomes Nw or Nu. According to Wikipedia :. In Ancient Egyptian creation accounts the original mound of land comes forth from the waters of the Nun.

The Nun is the source of all that appears in a differentiated world, encompassing all aspects of divine and earthly existence. In the Enead cosmogony Nun is perceived as transcendent at the point of creation alongside Atum the creator god. Pyramid text states:.

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After some time, Ra believed that they were lost, and sent the his Eye out into the chaos to find them. When his children were returned to him, Ra wept, and his tears were believed to have turned into the first humans. Nun then became the protector of the twin deities, protecting them from the demons in his waters. Later on, it was Nun who suggested that Ra sent out his Eye to destroy the humans who were in contempt of the sun god.

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The story of the crow being sent forth is parallel to Noah sending forth the raven in Gen Many scholars trace the Noah story to the Mesopotamian flood epics. Nwh or Nu was the primordial god of the watery abyss out whom arose the Egyptian sun god, Ra. This same watery abyss appears in Genesis 1. The Israelite god arose from this watery abyss to create everything but the water from which he arose.

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Noah became the father of mankind as his sons fathered the 3 branches of the human race just as Nu was the Egyptian father of gods and mankind. Shem was also a shortened form of the name Shmsh, the Hebrew sun god. There are too many parallels to dismiss the similarities as coincidental.

It appears that the story of Noah began with the Egyptian god of the primordial waters, Nu. This Arabic word also means excrement. Eber means to to cross over, to ford in both Hebrew and Arabic. In Hebrew it means pasture. Terah is another interesting name that has a double meaning.

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In Hebrew the meaning is uncertain but it may mean a place in the desert. The name Abram has various meanings as the one who concluded the covenant ibarama in Arabic and abarama in the language of Ebla , the exalted father, father of Aram in Aramaic and the one from the highlands in Hebrew or the one who heaps up wealth in Arabic. All of the names are appropriate. So, all of the names, except for Shem and Terah, mean locations or rivers.

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Shem is a name of Yhwh and Terah means expulsion. The remaining names express the journey of the Eblaites and Amorites from northeast Syria. They traveled the well-trod trade routes from the highlands of Aram Syria fording the various rivers with their animals in search of pasture and securing their trade routes. Other Semites who also became Hebrews in Canaan were the Hyksos who, upon their expulsion from Egypt, traveled from Egypt through the Negev and Sinai deserts to establish settlements and trade routes.

The names express a geographical narrative of the various Semitic peoples who became the Israelites.

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According to Hebrew tribal lore, this epic journey began when Noah landed on Mount Ararat after the deity engulfed the planet in a catastrophic flood. The flood shifted the focus from Adam as the Biblical patriarch to Noah who supplanted Adam as the father of mankind. Biblical Noah began his journey as an Egyptian god of the watery abyss and ended as the Hebrew patriarch who, like the heroes of the Mesopotamian flood epics, saved mankind from the watery abyss of a vengeful god.

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The Biblical character, Noah, appears in the Quran, but not as either the victim of a world-wide deluge or the patriarch of mankind. Instead, he is portrayed as a Prophet who survived a local flood which devastated his tribe. The Noah story contains contents that could only have originated on the southern coast of Arabia. The introduction of VAR next season in a bid to rid the game of incidents like this will be of no consolation to the Cottagers when they are in the Championship next term.

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