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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. May 20, Alexzandra Pattinson rated it it was amazing Shelves: war , bad-draco , like-canon , favorite , hogwarts-era , after-hogwarts , 3rd-pov , accepting-harry-ron , abuse-and-assault , adultery. When on Valentine's Day, Draco came across one battered and bruised Hermione Granger, he couldn't help but help her out. He tried to reason with himself that he was doing this because Hermione's attacters were Crabbe and Goyle but the truth is that he admired her strength and he couldn't just leave her to die.

So he healed her and then put her in the potions class room to rest. From that day on he couldn't stop thinking about the Head Girl and he made it his mission to conquer her to get over hi When on Valentine's Day, Draco came across one battered and bruised Hermione Granger, he couldn't help but help her out.

From that day on he couldn't stop thinking about the Head Girl and he made it his mission to conquer her to get over his lust for her. He plans to marry Pansy since that is what his parents want and also dating Hermione while she lives in a cute little house he bought for them. Of course neither of the girls know the excisting relationship the other one has with Draco, both think that they are the only one he's dating, but when they graduate and Draco let his engagement to Pansy, slip infront of Hermione I can't belive Hermione puts up with it!

She is nothing like the brave,strong girl who fought both Crabbe and Goyle the day Draco found her! Instead she is this victim in a such obvious abusive relationship and later on continues to be so weak and desperate for Draco that it got on my nerves. From the beginning he was nothing but cruel to her and also took advantage of Pansy's feelings for him. He even had the audacity to think that his plan was a good one and couldn't understand why Hermione wasn't on board with it. No matter who strong everyone portrais Hermione to be, canonly she isn't and her relationship with Draco wouldn't be a nice one.

At least not until Draco changed. Also why did she had to get together with Harry? Their relationship made me cringe. No, just no! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Fan Fiction. About Kyra4. The reason was quite simple, really; Draco Malfoy was not accustomed to being ignored by girls.

Especially not girls he had displayed an overt interest in.

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And most especially not girls he had kissed the night before- and who had, moreover, kissed him back, clearly indicating that the interest was mutual. At this point, according to all his past experience- which consisted, admittedly, mainly of Pansy, and a couple of the other Slytherin girls- she ought to have been stealing glances at him, blushing and looking away when he caught her eye, whispering to her friends, and perhaps becoming bold enough toward the end of the day to blow him a kiss in class, then hide her face in her hands and giggle madly.

By dinner time she ought to have sidled up to him- he conceded that, given the fact they were in rival Houses, she would have had to be quite a bit more discreet than Pansy about this, but had no doubt she was clever enough to have managed it if she had wanted to- and indicated a wish to see him again that night. She should have been, in other words, acting like- well, like a girl. A normal whispery, giggly, flirty girl. It was the only kind of behavior he knew to expect, and it was the kind of behavior that ultimately drove him mad, actually So he was at a loss as to how to react to what appeared to be complete indifference on her part.

She never met his eyes once that day, though they shared two classes- one of which was a double period- and he gave her no lack of opportunities. Nor did she, as far as he could tell, interact differently with her friends or anyone else, for that matter. Though come to think of it, considering that her two best friends were male, and Draco's worst enemies at Hogwarts, he supposed it would have been more than a little disturbing had the three of them been whispering and giggling together while shooting him furtive looks. Perhaps he ought to be grateful, after all, that Granger was apparently capable of doing something he had previously thought beyond the capability of any person of the female persuasion; keeping her mouth shut about her first kiss- for he was almost positive that last night had been her first real kiss.

But damn it all to hell, she ought to be giving him some indication that it had affected her! She had certainly reacted strongly enough last night And not only the kiss, either; she was acting as if none of it had happened- the weeks of study and banter in the library at night that had led to a gradual defrosting of their relationship during the day until they had begun sharing meaningful glances when something was discussed in class that they had studied together by night.

Their relationship, indeed, though silent by day, had become almost Now all that had been wiped away in the course of a single day.

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It was terribly disconcerting. Draco found himself almost wishing she would, at the very least, shoot him a good, solid glare as she had used to Thus passed the slowest day in the life of a boy who had previously been spoilt in all things- not least of all, attention. Whether positive or negative, Draco was accustomed to receiving attention from virtually everyone at Hogwarts.

Hermione's refusal to grant him any kind of attention whatsoever was driving him to distraction. She had scraped barely an hour or two of sleep the night before, having spent most of the night after remembering that she had left her bag in the library and then finding it directly beneath the portrait hole, nearly tripping over it, in fact, as she'd climbed hastily out into the corridor taking it by turns to first pace her room madly, and then lie fully dressed in bed, on top of her covers, staring at the ceiling with wide, glassy, slightly panicked eyes, whispering a mantra of "we can't do this, this is wrong," the entire time.

She had only managed to make it through class that day by first casting a concealment charm on her puffy, red eyes, then visiting Madam Pomfrey before breakfast, requesting a massive dose of PepperUp Potion, citing too much late night studying. It wasn't the first time the Head Girl had approached the mediwitch with such a request, and she had complied, though grumbling and lecturing all the while she had been preparing and administering the potion.

But even with the help of the PepperUp, Hermione had quickly begun to fade, and her seeming indifference to Draco had been, in large part, due to the fact that she could barely stay alert enough to focus on her professors, and had no extra energy whatsoever to devote to anything or anyone else- even the cause of her present state, Draco.

Which is not to say that she wasn't trying to ignore him; she was. It's just that she wouldn't have been half so successful at it had she not been completely and utterly, dead exhausted. And yet, back in her room at the end of the day, she found that tired as she was, sleep was a lost cause. Her conscience was niggling at her, insisting that she was treating him poorly; that, especially in light of the fact that he had returned her bag to Gryffindor Tower, she owed it to Draco to talk to him- to thank him, at least, for having done that.

'Pokémon Go' Valentine's Day Event: New Research Tasks, Heart Pattern Spinda and More

And as long as the two of them were talking, she figured, it really would be for the best to discuss just exactly what the hell had happened last night- and what it meant for them. If she were going to be thoroughly honest with herself, she would have to admit that she had liked it.

Quite a lot. But that was neither here nor there. What mattered was that this- whatever this was- couldn't be allowed to happen. It was completely illogical to continue with it.

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It was one thing to have their little study sessions- which had turned out, as Draco had predicted, to be quite mutually beneficial- they had each learned valuable things from the other that she was sure would be of use when the N. But to complicate things with Romance took time and energy away from schoolwork, and with N.

No, it would be best to clear the air, set things straight, and then get back to business as usual. Head duties and studying. Studying and more studying. There would be time for romance after Hogwarts, she reminded herself. And when it came- when romance truly came for her and swept her away- she severely doubted that it would be with Draco Malfoy.

Okay, yes, so there was something immensely appealing about this new side he'd been showing her lately, but They were from completely different backgrounds, had completely different philosophies, and were standing on opposite sides of a brewing conflict that was already rocking the wizarding world- that had been doing so for years, since before either of them had been born, in fact- and that promised only to get more violent, more explosive, more deadly, before it ended one way or the other.

So her mind was quite made up. There would be no romance; not here at Hogwarts, not now when she needed to be concentrating solely on her upcoming exit exams, and most certainly not with Draco Malfoy, no matter how dangerously, roguishly appealing he may be. No way. Forget about it. Her decision was made, and it was final. All that remained was to lay down the law to him. As if we can seek to control a force that powerful, that primal. Half an hour later, they were kissing again.

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But though she had expected to find him in the library, she was caught completely off guard by just how she found him; sitting at the table that had become "their" study table over the course of the past several weeks- the table she had first invited him to join her at, the only table they had used since- his arms folded across the open pages of a book and his silvery head laid down upon them, fast asleep.

He didn't even stir as she approached, and it was so unlike him to leave himself this unguarded, this vulnerable, that she wondered, frowning, if something was wrong, if he was sick- and when she drew nearer still she saw that he did, in fact, look slightly ill- or at the very least, somewhere well beyond exhausted; his hair was uncharacteristically messy, and his face was turned sideways on his criss-crossed arms so that she could see there were dark smudges under his eyes. I don't believe he slept last night, either, she thought, and the thought surprised her; she had convinced herself, and with very little difficulty, really, that Draco had just been toying with her last night But if he had spent as sleepless a night as she had, well then that suggested otherwise, now didn't it?

And THAT complicated things immensely. Nevertheless, her heart was still her own at that point. It was her own as she walked softly around the table and settled herself in her usual chair on the other side; it was her own as she placed her wand next to his, which was glowing only faintly, putting out a mere fraction of its usual amount of light, then leaned forward, cupping her chin in her left palm and, with a flick of the fingers of her right hand, sent a gentle breeze across the table to ruffle Draco's hair.

Then those startling, pale eyes of his opened; blinked; focused on her, and her heart was still her own then too, though it was a very close thing. It was in the next instant, as a slow, sleepy, and entirely genuine smile spread across his face- the first genuine smile he had ever allowed Hermione to see, rarer than that precious metal, platinum, that his hair so resembled- that her traitorous heart began to flee her And when he spoke, in a voice she'd never heard before, a low and husky sleep-voice; when he said simply, "Hey I didn't think you'd come," and stifled- barely- a humungous yawn- it was a done deal, then.

Her heart no longer belonged to herself; it was the property of the fair- haired, sleep-tousled boy sitting across the table from her, whose smile was fading and who was now regarding her solemnly with those mist-gray eyes, waiting for her to speak. About- er- last night? She had never before felt so thrown off-guard by a boy. And she knew boys- she spent most of her time with them. She had for seven years. Her best friends were boys, and in all her years at Hogwarts, she had never been left dateless when a dance came around; first there had been Victor Krum in her fourth year, then Terry Boot of Ravenclaw in sixth and just earlier this year, Ron.

There had been no dances, of course, under Umbridge's reign of terror in her fifth year. But none of these boys had had an effect on her like this. This was something different Something dangerous Something scary, because she no longer felt herself completely in control of her emotions, of her choices, of her life And it was entirely irresistible.

A slightly wicked gleam had come into Draco's eyes.

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Tell him what you came to say! That this is wrong, all wrong, that it will never work, that it can't go on- for God's sake, tell him now! This is your last chance to save yourself! Though there would come a time later when she would curse herself often and heartily for disregarding that voice, she was perceptive enough now to realize the truth of the matter; and the truth of the matter was, she belonged to him. She couldn't even begin to fathom when the process had begun, but it had just been completed, and there it was.

She was his. So what she said, in a queer, cracked little voice, was, "I just wanted to Draco saw and recognized the fundamental shift deep inside her; he saw it in her eyes, recognized it in the way her body went suddenly very, very still, heard it in the unsteady quality of her voice when she spoke. Holy shit. It was what he had wanted for weeks. So what the hell did he do now? She didn't resist- and a good, long look into her wide eyes, nearly black in the dim light, told him that she had also recognized the shift within herself and that it had shocked her on a very deep level; and that her shock was the reason for her compliance.

Chapter 1: The Encounter 2. Chapter 2: The Morning After 3. Chapter 3: Delirium 4.