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Perhaps that is why it never made it down an assembly line. The engine was built by world renowned tuner Racing Beat.

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The Furai was fully functional and tested on several tracks with hopes of Mazda reentering the Le Mans series. Sadly, the only prototype Furai caught fire during a Car and Driver photography session in and was totally destroyed.

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In , Mercedes-Benz shocked the automotive world by introducing the C Not so much for its design or forward thinking technology, but because MB was not known for creating pie-in-the-sky concepts. At the time when MB showed up at a car show, it was to display the coming production models, plain and simple.

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The C was a whole other matter, though. Given its flying-wedge body and gullwing doors, you have to wonder if DeLorean took any inspiration from the C, perhaps not the smuggling drugs in the car thing, though. MB looked to the C as a research vehicle only, testing the rotary engine that was planned for the upcoming R SL roadster.

Medical School Preparation Programme

Ah, what could have been! The maker has been producing cars for nearly years and has been a subsidiary of GM since the Great Depression.


Since morphing into the company simply known as Holden earlier this century, the maker has concentrated on creating throwback concepts that have wowed the world. The public convenience would be open and accessible to everyone to break down menstruation stigma.

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In this dream public toilet, organic cotton tampons are recycled into compost to fertilise the plants. The composting process would also be used to heat up water for the building, with filters siphoning off wastewater for plants.

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These plants would be cultivated to produce essential oils for soap-making which can then be sold, with profits being reinvested into the building. The smart wristband integrates insulin patches with micro-needles and a non-invasive blood glucose sensor, allowing patients to monitor and manage their health on the go while reducing the need for and pain from injections.

The data gathered by the wristband is uploaded to the cloud, where it can be accessed by medical professionals or family members. Its charging stand also functions as a box to store insulin patches. As only three per cent of women carry condoms, the campaign targeted women with the slogan: 'Find us in the makeup aisle'.

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They are also handling some amazing partnerships with establishments such as the Hilton Hotels and Marriott Hotels. This design firm also shares a full commitment with the client, treating each one as its own unique style and personality. Through these exclusive details, the team considers every factor, through a different and personalized process, achieving incredible results.