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The primal-time however was for itself still non time, still non perception and still nonexistent. The time was just an idea, from the Ur-Creation as term created, to Nothingness, in which the to-be Creation impended, in a becoming existence provide, conceived by the Ur-Flame,.

Through the awakening from the slumber and the therewith related it's-self-conscious-become as a Creation and life, widened it pulsating spirit-mass as a might-block, itself spreading and stretching. As a result widened the Nothingness and became a visible term, to the becoming space as a finite, to the universe, in which the Creation out of itself into the existence created had. In the seven-great-time slumber the unconscious primal-time and itself-creation-time created it the Creation in its becoming in unconscious form creating truth, which to be mentioned as knowledge.

The real estate knowledge though prides itself in its utilization to the wisdom, which states, that through the application experienced ensued, that to the logic transforms, therefore to the Creation-Might in absolute certainty. Thereby this is said, that wisdom identical is with the Absolutum, with the absolute certainty, with logic, with the creating Creation-form of the power of Creation. From the first-seven-great-time slumber of the idea of the Ur-Flame awakened, created the Creation in itself forms and forces of various kinds.

It widened in itself, forms and forces of it own-creation developing, to it further evolutionizing and become stronger in itself as Creation, alive and be itself-existence-aware during seven great-times. Therefore evolutionized the Creation during the seven first Ur-Creation-great-times, this referred with 2 earthly human years to be understood. This time is an overall-great-period in the first Creations time factor, which however extended to the great overall-great period, which however in it simplify form as overall-great-period to be mention, which though 36 Earth years corresponds to.

Also in a state of slumber evolutionize the Creation further, so it development therefore do not rest. The unconscious of Creation is fulfilled and enlivened in spiritual power, animated by the will of life and evolution, never inactive and at all times active in sentinels as in the slumbering. Active though only in purely spiritual form, mightily, tremendous and indestructible, life-shaping, forming and creating, while the conscious of the material paralysation decays and just only in spiritual form resistant is, together working with the unconscious in spirit-evolutionary form.

This is the lively existence of the spirit, creates in itself in the Creation, whereby also the slumber to the evolotionizing factor becomes, while the structure of the all bordering mass, the body respectively spirit-energy-body, resting from the activity in the waking state recovered. Slumber mold the relaxation factor that of the strength and spirit bordering mass, therefore the body respectively the spirit-energy-body, which of periodic tranquilness respectively a slumber need, while the that inherent spirit energy and the that own power timeless waking is and never a tranquilness needs.

It is this just the hull, which after tranquilness demands, after slumber therefore, in which the conscious turn off and the material paralysation falls prey. Through the material paralysation is the conscious from all external influences shielded, whereby only the pure spirit energy form active remains and itself to the main working factor rises. This applies for the Creation itself as well as for the Ur-Creation and all out of the Creation arisen works, as well as for all life forms in fauna and flora, so therefore also for all human life forms.

The difference between the Creation and its creations is only noticeable in a single factor of importance, namely in the period of limited time terms; last the waking and the slumber of the Creation per seven great-times, after human terms so eons of time, so constrain the times of the wake and slumber periods of the Creation created life forms on short great time-units, which are stated as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. So the human of the earth in the normal form the day has as a wake period and the night as a slumber sleep period, has the Creation therefore a wake period of seven great-times and a slumber period of the same time duration.

In the conscious decays the material paralysation; the material consciousness paralyzed and triggers the shielding factor against all external influences. Through to the renewed and now conscious slumber of the Creation were eliminated the causes of the visible Existence. The Creation had during it first slumber and of the after the following waking state still not creates any material forms, then still was it only with it own creation and self-evolution fulfiled.

In its interior though matured already the nascent idea to the creations of material life forms, which as visible forms should be;. In ihrem Innern aber reifte bereits die werdende Idee zur Kreation materieller Lebensformen heran, die als sichtbare Formen werden sollten;. It created neither the vast space of the universe, nor any tangible and visible entity, nor anythings except it existing life; on the contrary it was but in itself creatively and evolutionizing evolving and configuring inwardly;.

Sie kreierte weder den weiten Raum des Universums noch irgendwelche materielle und sichtbare Gebilde, noch irdendwelches ausser ihr existierendes Leben; doch war sie aber in sich selbst kreativ und evolutionierend und bildete sich weiter heran in ihrem Innern;.

Apart from it own BEING had the Creation still not other Being-form created, then still rested all the to become creating forms as Non-existing within the Creation, as yet not conceived thoughts and as yet not apprehended ideas. It were there still non solid-body-worlds in any form, no planets, comets, no nebulas and suns, not a dust particles and no life forms of any kind, neither in spiritual nor in the material.

So were also still no material life forms, neither fauna nor flora, nor in hominid form or in homogeneous life Life of same gender , then the thought thereto matured first in virtue in the slumbering Creation:. It was still neither loud nor stillness, then the Creation had still not the idea of segregation between infinity and limitation demarcation conceived and to the thoughts and to the creation allow, round the silent stillness in a tone to attire, which itself as sonic sound in space spreading should, somewhere beginning and somewhere ending.

There ruled the noiseless silence of Nothingness, in which the infinite all-great-time-that-have-become life-breath Odem the evolving Creation pulsated:. The Odem of the Creation was about its existence still not conscious, then its consciousness was first to become of detection by the strength of the Creation, who the knowledge to testifying created, to it to the idea, cognition and comprehensiveness to make. Still was just endless duration in the become BEING of the Creation and in it previously created space, which it again to the Nothingness contracted had and in which it impended in slumber.

The time was still not, and it was just continuity without limitation, then it was in itself termless as uniform duration and at the same time endlessness duration:. Die Zeit war noch nicht, und es war nur Dauer ohne Begrenzung, denn sie war in sich selbst begriffslos als einheitliche Dauer und zugleich Dauerlosigkeit:. The endless duration was still not through a created concept-thoughts of the Creation transformed to be, to have a border. Still there was only the endless, the timelessness in unlimited duration, because the ray of the designation, the term for the finite, still not in the Creation created was, around the endless duration in the garment of restriction to dress up, in the term of the designation time, so becoming and passing it could form, which only in the limitation of the finite existent could be;.

Only the Creation itself possessed in itself and for itself the by the Ur-flame-Idea lay in it the term of it own time, so was itself able to evolving. Exteriorly of itself though was still endless duration and term of timelessness, therefore outwardly from it also still not a becoming and passing by able to create. So this wouldn't be the case, could neither logic nor truth and wisdom emerge, then in an endless duration is capable itself exteriorly of the Creation no thoughts to be formen, which to an idea and to an existence created could have.

Would nevertheless the impossibility of a thought in this form occur, then would it in the endless duration endlessly last and never a boundary and an ending find. Ausserhalb von ihr jedoch war noch endlose Dauer und Zeitbegriffslosigkeit, so sie ausserhalb von ihr auch noch kein Werden und Vergehen zu schaffen vermochte. The vibrations and power force -radiation which by the Ur-flame in the Creation laid idea of the concept of time of seven great-times swung through the slumbering Creation and make it to the living BEING in the concept of time;.

The unit of the sevenness therefore forms the Ur-beginning of all life in spiritual and material form. From it results also all terms for time and space, the form of all creating and creation, the existence and the existant-being of Creation itself and also the limitation of the finiteness by the number 7, that, in seventhedness calculated, in constant multiplication to the BEING in the BEING led, that there is the BEING in the highest Central-Creation, in the Absolute Absolutum.

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Through the invigorating impulse evolutionize the idea, became bare joyfull and gave birth to itself, whereby itself it existence conscious certainly became:. Erschaffung entwickelt hatte. It is this the center of the conceiving, thinking, procreating, evolutionizing evolving , creating creative and giving birth in spiritual form.

Born and created was now the weave of the awakening that to the existence become creation-idea. The awakening had to the light weave become, which now the darkness the still dormant cognition lit up:. Geboren und kreiert war nun das Gewebe des Erwachens der zur Existenz gewordenen Kreierungsidee. Das Erwachen war zum Lichtgewebe geworden, das nun das Dunkel der noch ruhenden Erkenntnis erhellte:. Therefore was the cognition of the created creation-idea to the existence become, though still slumbered the cognition and rested, therefore the creation-idea still not any application had found in any to creating creation.

Now though lit up the light weave the awakening, the darkness and the slumber of the still dormant cognition, which therefore attained was, albeit still not any evaluation in creating form outwardly had found. Also war die Erkenntnis der kreierten Kreierungsidee zur Existenz geworden, doch noch schlummerte die Erkenntnis und ruhte, so die Kreierungsidee noch keine Anwendung fand in irgendwelcher zu kreierenden Kreation.

Nun aber erhellte das Lichtgewebe das erwachen, das Dunkel und den Schlummer der noch ruhenden Erkenntnis, die also erlangt war, jedoch noch keine Auswertung in kreierender Form nach aussen fand. The self-cognition of the creating-idea, obtained by the awakening out of the slumber, revealed itself now as existant become thought of the Creation. Therewith was also the idea of the enlivenment in the division of the unit created, which states, that the Creation now the idea to the existence has let it become, itself also outwardly creating, therefore itself divide into two divided constant unit, by itself from inward to outward and from outward to inward continue to create and to evolve, through the creativity of manifold forces and forms outside itself, that but nevertheless within itself is:.

Born was the idea and begotten the Will for the forms of the spiritual and the solid material , the spirit-energetic and tangible matter. Idea and Will for the creation of material forms outside of the Creation were to the existence created, so also the idea and Will for spirit forms. Therefore found the endless duration a subdivision in duration units, consequently a beginning and an end was created.

It was therefore created to limitation of the duration through the subdividing unit, which in general term to be mention as time. Also fand die endlose Dauer eine Unterteilung in Dauereinheiten, folglich sich ein Anfang und ein Ende kreierte. Es war so geschaffen die Begrenzung der Dauer durch unterteilende Einheit, die als Sammelbegriff Zeit genannt werden. The last units which it to the time currently converted from the endless duration pulsated as vibrating power through the Creation. Through its to the existence become ideas, its acquired knowledge cognitions, perceptions and created force in itself, distended the Creation itself up and expanded itself, whilst it already slowly awoke and only still in half slumber lay.

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The Creation became of itself now of its to the existence become ideas and forces conscious aware , likewise but also its own now awakening BEING and its Wills to the creation Creation of manifold forms outside itself, which still though within itself is. Itself expanding and widening, penetrated the power-vibrations that to the existence created Creation ideas and the Will, everything in life to become, through the void of nothingness, that still in itself secure universe, which still as nothingness the sheltering hull that in its pending Creation was; those nothingness namely, that as idealized Nothing the darkness of darkness formed, the deepest darkness, and at the same time radiant luminosity is:.

The Non-space to define the space , the Nothingness, the darkness of the darkness received the existant became idea of the Creation, created out of it strength, around the Non-space to define the space a space to become, to the space, to the universe in it far espansion outwardly and but within the Creation. The Creation sent its to the existence converted ideas to the creation Creation of the space, of the universe, as strengths of the creating create , as twilight of becoming, in the still existing endlessness of the non-life-space, that but had become existent as a non space.

The forces vibrations fecundated the non-all-great-timeness seed of the idea to the creation Creation of the universe. From time to time, when the Creation to the slumber laid haveth and newly awakes, creates it a new idea and thinks up a new thoughts to the conception, to the creation of a new universe. After each slumber is the new universe of its new evolutionary-level aligned, therefore in each affiliation highly developed. With its own-evolution evolutionize the Creation therefore also the universe, that after each slumbering-period new created and it evolutionary-level adjusted harmonized becomes.

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Each universe is only existant so long, like the Creation waking created and its all-timeness Odem breath everything animates. Lays itself to the slumber, then pulls its universe to the endlessness together contract , to the non-existing space, to the non-space, to the emptiness-space room. The universe and everything within it dissolves in the Non-BEING, in the Non-Existants, then everything goes in again and in the contractive Creation, which only by its newly wake up again a living-space created, therefore a new universe with everything including it own notably life, albeit now to much higher envolutionized than previously.

Legt sie sich zum Schlummer, dann zieht sie ihr Universum zur Endlosigkeit zusammen kontrahiert , zum nichtexistierenden raum, zum Unberaumten, zum Nichts-Raum. The non-all-great-timeness sprout, therefore the only seven-great-timeness idea for the existence of the space, of the universe, was through the energy-vibrations of the Creation fecundated, enlivened, to the birthing and existence created, so it therefore the idea to the existence actualised and the non-space became to the space.

So therefore becomes recognisable, that not only the forms of the spirit in the ur-stimulating sevenness suited are with the values:. But rather that also the forms of the matter of the solid , the tangible matter, in a sevenness suited are, that they are named with the values:. So also wird erkenntlich, dass nicht nur die Formen des Geistes in die urbelebende Siebenheit gekleidet sind mit dem Werten:. Sondern dass auch die Formen der Feste, der greiflichen Materie, in eine Siebenheit gekleidet sind, die da genannt werden mit den Werten:.

And in the contrast to the Universal-BEING of the Creation, to the self conscious all-great-timeless life without end, without form-based transformation, therefore the death, are all through the Creation created and outwardly from its existing life-forms in their material existence none at all-timeness classified, but rather the mortality, which states, that the material body in any form a becoming and passing by ranged is, that in its creation the developmental-level of the Creation complies. All material physical life-forms living in the framework of the creational order, so therefore also humans of the Earth.

This order is designed in the Creation as a Universal-Law, that invigorating is toward outward and as uniform directive of the life compliance and conduct of the life for all material life forms valid. The universal law is structured in a certain creational legislation, which both for the Creation itself, as well also for all its created life forms valid.

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The laws provide very specific values of the life-compliance and life-fulfillment, which laid are into every single created and to the existence has become entity. And only the compliance of this laws ensures a correct and Creation-accordance conduct of life and life-compliance. But fundamentally it is the law act of the sevenness itself, which the consciousness-development to the power energy, strength, vitality, force, ability, vigour and creativity postulates. Love is the absolute certainty of that, oneself to live in all things and to coexist, so in all existents:.

Love is the result of a creative consciousness-evolution in equilibrium to the unidirectional recognition and identification, as well as the evaluation of all things. Through the created result only then appears the factors feeling and perception in action, which together with the thoughts-form the love to a certain love-form moulds, with entirely certain vibrations of various levels, thus limitations arise in the form of the love-vibration, as a result so for example, a love-vibration between two peoples differently swung is as a love-vibration between human and animals or between human and plants.

Through the limiting forms be capable itself so also the love-vibrations between humans to subdivide, so therefore the various love-vibrations prevail between marriage alliances, friendships, parents and children, siblings and relatives, etc. Hence can therefore a love-vibration from a person to a flower never the same love-vibration be, as the same person for an animal feels or though to a person etc. Das Liebeleben ist die einheitliche und unbegrenzte Harmonie in Gleichrichtung aller Dinge und allen Lebens.

Dies besagt, dass die Liebe ohne Begrenzung, als einheitlich harmonieschaffender Faktor, alles durchpulsen muss. Liebe aber bedeutet gleichgerichtete Anerkennung aller Dinge, Lebensformen, Existenzen und Faktoren usw. Liebe ist die absolute Gewissheit dessen, selbst in allem mitzuleben und mitzuexistieren, so in allem Existenten:.

Liebe ist das Ergebnis einer kreativen Bewusstseinsevolution in Ausgeglichenheit zur gleichgerichteten Anerkennung und Erkennung sowie der Auswertung aller Dinge. The power strengh, energy, vitality, might evolution in any material and ephemeral perishable life form is necessary for the comprehensive evolution of the Creation tiny part of the spirit respectively the spirit-energy-form and the material consciousness. In contrast to that in the Creation to the existence become the universal-time, the all-great-times term of existence, in which the Creation to the relatively infinity become has, are the material life forms not all-great-times in their existence, then they are ranged in the alteration of the birth and decay, of life and death and recurring of birth as a new individuals, as the human once always a new personality in limited forms, so they therefore time-bound are.

The existence of the Creation has to the time-infinity become, in which itself in the non-decay over countless eons of time across all time evolves. So therefore is it not time-bound in its life-duration, then it is all-great-times durable and is on no account of alteration from becoming and passing away, no account of birth and death ranged.

Its life has become the endless BEING, in which it only the periods of the wakening and slumbering been given, whereby in the fully conscious stage. The material life forms are time-bound in their life and death, in their becoming and passing and in their rebirths as new individuals, so though are they also time-bound in the forms of their evolutions, so they themselves therefore not endless to evolutionizing capable are, likely this the Creation itself inherents, but rather an evolutionary-path from certain duration ranged are, which in small units divided in rebirth form the life in this mortal world and the hereafter generates, in the permanent of becoming and passing away of the physical body, of the time and the space; so far, until their evolution the highest level of relative perfection achieved has in the limitation of the time-related duration.

The material creation is the continued existence of the material life forms in the seven-great-time term, so therefore the preservation of all species through the from the Creation created life forms from theirselves. So the life forms though finite are in their material bodies etc. Through the it-self-conscious-became-Being clotted it in its Non-form, solidified itself to the space and stretched itself widen out. The creative became ideas as forms of diversity widening itself out and swung through the became space in manifolds kind, as forms of diversity:. Durch das Sich-selbst-bewusst-geworden-Sein gerann es in seiner Nichtform, verdichtete sich zum Raum und breitete sich weitend aus.

Die kreativ gewordenen Ideen als Formen der Vielfalt breiteten sich aus und durchschwangen den gewordenen Raum in mannigfacher Art, als Formen der Vielfalt:. As creating forms of the diversity swung the to the BEING become ideas through the depth of that has become the space, through the depths of that to the existence become universe, despite the division from the unit Creation, though with it a unit sustained, there its root of its life abode and hence in merger with it a unity must stay.

The from the Creation conceived ideas were to the truth into reality created, to the logic and to the existence. The through the coagulation, compression and expansion optical visible become space, that existent become universe, was float from milky cereal of the Creation, which states, that the in visibleness space likewise visible spirit-energetic matter of the Creation Universal Consciousness, which as the milky cereal-texture tissue, stuff, weave appears, the depths of the universe floated, which, the spiritual and material life itself containing,.

The certainty of the Absolutum was created, so therefore above that nothing more than Absolutes of creating could be find. So had it become the origin of all life in the universe, so to the spirit-energetic as well as to the materials, and became as Absolutes in the space of Absoluten Absolutum the root of all origin in permanent and everlasting form.. Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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