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Search all lesson plans:. Make social studies come to life with comics! Featured Layouts When students complete the activities in this lesson plan, they will use the following comic layout types. Your students will create amazing images like these in no time! Featured Props The Truman Presidency Student creations come alive with these themed objects — in addition to our library of over 3, props!

Step 2 Pixton comic-making activities. Step 3 Concluding discussion with students. Teacher Trial Sign up now, it's free! Share this Lesson Plan:.

Print this Activity Import this Activity. He and his sister and parents moved to the small town of Independence, Missouri. Education Truman did not attend a traditional school until he was eight. He then attended William Chrisman High School. He did not go to college.

The Cold War: Crash Course US History #37

Then they write an extended paragraph comparing how the content is addressed through the different media of print and film. Very detailed lesson plan includes suggestions for activating prior knowledge, formative assessment, accommodations, and extensions.

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First of a series of 6, follow links to the others. Black and white. Rich with background information and pre-reading, post-reading writing activities.


Start of the Cold War - The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan

What's the Purpose? Students will have a stronger grasp of how close analysis can enable them to manipulate syntax, diction, and tone to achieve different effects on specific audiences for different purposes in their own writing. The programme was conceived with its own end in sight: it was designed to help Europeans help themselves and make them independent from American aid in the future. It was also conceived as regional and collaborative in approach. This was to be a European project. It was not to be a unilaterally imposed plan, but instead — in the framework of US principles and conditions — Europeans should have ownership of the project and develop proposals themselves.

The rationale behind it was not only to make the European economy more efficient, but also to build reconciliation, by integrating Germany into Europe without alienating France, so that ties would develop between countries and their leaders, ultimately making war unthinkable. In the late s, that was an incredible, distant prospect. The reward was European acceptance of and enthusiasm for the idea. But he also needed to win support at home. Kennedy presidency, once wrote.

Lesson 2: The Strategy of Containment, – | NEH-Edsitement

He engaged the country in a conversation about the goals and the means to reach them. He helped the American public see the worth of the Marshall Plan by placing the project within the framework of traditional American values, as a means to maintain freedom, democracy, security, individualism self-help.

That was the frame in which Truman himself viewed the plan. But he saw it even more fundamentally — for Truman, what was at stake was the future of republican self-government based upon the natural rights of man in the cradles of Western civilisation. But leadership is also about mastering political processes.


Truman knew that in an election year, the plan had to be framed in an entirely non-political and bi-partisan way. It could not be a Democrat plan nor a plan with his name on it.

Because of the great national and non-partisan standing enjoyed by Secretary of State George Marshall, Truman gave the plan to him. The bi-partisan collaboration was deep. The initial outline of the plan presented by Marshall was not very detailed.

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This allowed others to contribute to the precise shape of the programme, so that the bill eventually sent to Congress was a joint effort, not a fait accompli. Truman met Congressional leaders frequently during the drafting phase, made sure that Republican requests for information were met quickly, provided huge amounts of documentation and information, and ensured that committees could question senior officials, including himself. Truman and the administration did not own the show; instead, they gave others, who had been convinced of the plan, space to argue in its favour and manoeuvre on their own.

This support added to his credibility. With European and American support, the project was set in motion. As Germans and Europeans we should always remember that European integration and the unification of our continent was possible first and foremost because America remained engaged in Europe after