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You have to be comfortable climbing ladders at least, and masts sometimes. See the picture up the page, near the top, labelled "You Fancy Doing This? At the same time, you have to be competent in electronics and mechanics AND a pretty good programmer of computers too. I have found that while some people, like the ever-helpful Steve Greenwood who has been invaluable in the last few years when I have been unfit to climb high are comfortable at heights, they don't have the electronic or programming knowledge. And the ones who CAN do electronics and programming are scared witless by heights.

Yes, working up ladders or masts is NOT the same thing as flying! I have seen more than one putative taker-over of Wendy come out on the hill to "help" me service a station, and freeze into sweating immobility six steps up the ladder, gibbering gently!

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I had to practically lift them down off it! THAT isn't going to get the repairs done! Equally, I have had people want, in the distant past, when it was more popular, to buy Wendy off me but wanted me to carry on doing all the repair and servicing work! THAT is a non-starter, chaps! Wendy Windblows Is Closing. As of August , I have had, reluctantly, to wind up the company, and close the system down. She has been losing money for some time, due to a steady reduction in numbers of pilots - many of whom have been with her for 20 years or more, and like me, perhaps, illness and infirmity have put them past flying age now Lynn and I have been subsidising her out of our own money for the last year or so, hoping that my health would improve so that I could get her all repaired up and fully operational again, but the numbers have reduced to the point where we cannot afford the huge investment needed to get everything back up.

Nor can we afford to keep up the subsidy to keep her running see below. Four years ago exactly I had a ladder skate away from me on the day job, and dumped me 12 feet or more on my side onto concrete, and I sustained severe injuries, including my right arm broken in 4 places, a broken right hip, dislocated other hip, broken ribs, pelvic damage, and lots of incidental stuff. I had repeated surgery over years to repair all this dented bodywork, and maintained hopes that I was gonna get back to my normal self and repair Wendy up to her fully-functioning status.

However it was not to be, and some of the treatment the NHS put me through thanks, chaps! It is with difficulty I can even walk 50 yards now, never mind about climb masts and slog up hillsides. And I am told recently that this is not going to improve. During this period of my infirmity, the state of the Wendy stations declined, naturally, and many people, understandably, quit what was not, for them, a fully-functioning service. And, by the way, Lynn and I truly appreciate how many people stuck with their subscriptions through thick and thin, hoping that I would nurse Wendy back to health as soon as I got there myself.

And spoke encouragingly to us on the phone and email. Thank you all. It was your kindness and support that kept me going for the last 4 years.

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The voice for Wendy was provided by the lovely Sarah, who ran a recording studio in Sheffield, and patiently recorded loads of words and phrases, such as "The wind is varying between" and "miles per hour" and "average direction is" that the computer could stitch together along with the spoken numbers to make up the readout. This worked brilliantly in the end, although it took weeks of mucking about programming to get it to sound natural! Most sites did not have a mobile phone signal back then, so we had to use radio-telemetry to get the data down to the nearest village, and place the computer and phone line there.

Those interested in doing Wendy or something similar seem to think it was largely a case of buying some cheap weather gadget online, or from Maplin, and sticking it up on a hill somewhere, and forgetting it. Doesn't work, chaps. They lead a HARD life up on them thar hills, and storms, lightning, winds, ice and snow, all take their toll. As does seagull shit blocking the rain gauge and stopping the solar panels working - oh yes, and lowlife scum stealing the solar panels, or using an air rifle to pepper the wind cups to make 'em spin madly!

Or irate locals who think its a spy station for a wind farm, and vandalise it because, surprise, surprise, they don't WANT a wind farm nearby! All these have happened, more than once. And domestic-style wind stations from Maplin etc are only fit for your garden.

50 Cent Receives Major Backlash Over Wendy Williams' Pride Photo 'Body Shaming' Diss

They last about 2 months on the average flying site before keeling over with their legs in the air. Many ridgetop Wendy sites get wave-doubled winds in excess of mph several times a year! Bradwell and Accre and Wether Fell particularly. That wrecks instruments like anemometers.

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Every time. So, no, I have never found anyone sucker enough to take over the workload! Just negotating a good Wendy site is nightmare. You need: 1 Somewhere where the winds are relevant 2 Somewhere where you can get landowner permission 3 Somewhere where you can get 4WD access for erection and servicing 4 Somewhere where the public do NOT go or it will get vandalised in a fortnight 5 And not at takeoff, in the venturi effect, where it will over-read like crazy, venturi effect and not read true direction, due to slope pull-on in light winds.. All these have happened. Well, by the end of August all the Wendys and the website, will cease to function, as the lines are discontinued and the website pulled from active service.

I intend to keep my local station, Bradwell , going on a free basis, for the time being. I am going to go out and service her in the next few days, That is around 1st week in September.

Wendy Windblows Closing Down Statement

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