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What a magical place it was! She linked hands with Robert as they walked slowly back towards their room. They had a ground floor room which opened directly onto the gardens full of hibiscus and bougainvillea. Two enormous butterflies drifted past. It really was a little bit of Paradise. Laura sighed with regret that this would be their last night. Better make the most of it then. She quickly changed into her swimsuit and joined Robert in the pool. The following day, on the long drive to the airport, Laura tried not to think about school, but inevitably she did.

The holiday had worked its magic and she did feel stronger and ready to face things again. It was hard to believe what had happened in the past few months. It had all begun on her birthday in May, a lovely sunny Saturday which was suddenly destroyed by that phone call. Bob Hinchcliffe, her Bursar, called with the shocking news that Richard Hart, her head Caretaker, had been found murdered in the school grounds. She had thought the world of Richard, believing him to be a loyal member of staff. She was annoyed with herself for being so gullible but she had always been one for believing the best of people.

On balance she still thought that was the right thing to do but there was no doubt that there were some very unpleasant people about. In spite of the dreadful memories, Laura smiled as she recalled her first meeting with DI Dave Jenkins. He had reminded her of the TV detective, Columbo, and she had been less than impressed. In the end though they had worked together to solve the murder, and DI Jenkins had been generous enough to acknowledge this fact in public, persuading the parents of girls in her school that they were very lucky to have Laura Jessop as their headmistress.

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I feel so refreshed. How about you? I love this island. She was not a very confident flyer, and Robert had to squeeze her hand tightly as they took off and landed. She had never been able to relax enough to sleep on a plane. She joked that she had to remain awake in case the pilot needed her help! A psychologist would undoubtedly explain her behaviour in terms of control issues.

She obviously did not feel at all in control of the situation! At least her fears were not bad enough to prevent her from flying all together. If they had been she would never have discovered the magic of the island of St Lucia, and that would have been a terrible shame. In the event the journey back to Gatwick was uneventful, although as predicted Laura had not slept.

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She really envied Robert his ability to switch off completely. She also worked her way through several sudokus and a couple of cryptic crosswords. Although her eyelids felt heavy and she willed herself to want to sleep it was all to no avail. Banjo Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch Author The Nanny Tess Stimson Author Infidelity Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Author Dancing with Mules Morag Prunty Author Without a Doubt Kathleen Long Author Rupture Simon Lelic Author Weirdly Beloved Cynthia Ceilan Author Dame Edith Evans Reads Jerusalem Patrick Neate Author Iris e Ruby Rosie Thomas Author Thicket Anna Jackson Author Clung Sonja Yelich Author