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Children mine; this is Yahweh the ONE timeless lord. You have found Creations Secret. Now Share It! Peacefully, with the World. God Eternal within the Body. What does it mean to be an Angelic Human? You all possess a soul and you are eternal. It is then according to this process of DNA activation; humanity spiritual evolution will increase the consciousness of planet earth, as more and more Angelic humans realize their place in the cosmos and their duty as enlightening Angelic humans.

There is unlimited and unused potential within the DNA on each person, unfortunately, without awakening their cellular memory to remember what already know, and forgot a person would continue to be in a dormant state on this called 3rd-dimensional reality. Trust, dear hearts, listen to your heart desires and open your mind to claim your Divine right. Allow the Multiverse to love you back in all aspects of your life, then you will know what to do next at all times for you and others. How to Attract Abundance into Your Life. It is simply FALSE that there is something that you cannot do, everyone is capable of achieving that which they have come here to do.

The idea that someone is to blame for your circumstances is futile. It does not work, it never did and it never will. Blaming others be it your parents for not giving you enough education, your boss, your wife or husband, your friends and even the government will not do ANYTHING good for you. In larger quantities any supplementation at all , fluoride is a metabolic inhibitor that is toxic to the human body.

The so-called health-care system continues to convince us, in the face of contrary evidence, that fluoride is good for us and our teeth. Fluoridosis is the fairly common disease of fluoride toxicity, and this can only happen through supplementation. It has become apparent to many researchers that our elite controllers are using fluoride as one of a number of ways to attack our immune systems and to dull us down as much as they are able to get away with.

It seems that they have devised an ingenious way of getting people to pay for the disposal of their toxic waste for them, and at the same time getting us to pay them to dull ourselves down. Fluoride has been added to toothpastes and to water supplies for years and, incredibly, it still is, even though it is known to be toxic. And now fluoride, like iodine, is even added to salt in many countries around the world.

Generations of children have been supplemented with fluoride in a poisoning campaign that even had most doctors and dentists fooled. Fluoride is more toxic than lead, see: www. Before that UFOs were called foo fighters or ghost rockets. From about onwards, flying saucers have generally been called UFOs. This is never completely free as the energy must come from somewhere. Free energy technology is an outward manifestation of divine abundance.

It is the engine of the economy of an enlightened society. This invention was quickly quashed by the elite controllers as it would have, thereafter eliminated their ability to profiteer from the supply of power. Greed has stopped free energy wherever it has arisen. Stan Meyer who invented a water-powered car and many others, have been killed to keep the notion of free energy hidden.

All commercial efforts have been thwarted as it is not profitable for the elite controllers to allow free energy as they will lose their income. Free energy will have to come to this world via individuals who want to know, find out how, and build their own units. Alex Collier, a contactee with much information to share, tells us that he knows of a free energy device the size of a shoe-box, that works on magnetism, that can power a family home.

In his book, Gaia — A New Look at Life on Earth, James Lovelock says that Earth is a super-organism with a self-regulating homeostasis mechanism, with a life of her own, more than the sum of all her parts. Channelled messages confirm the concept of Gaia as a super-consciousness. I have spoken to people who have had visceral communications with Gaia, sufficient to convince them that she is a living, conscious being.

Although I have no evidence for this myself, there is also no evidence to prove that she is not conscious and capable of decisions. A connection with the Earth is our connection to our source and to nature. It would be most beneficial to us and to all natural systems for humans to believe that Gaia is a conscious, sentient being, deserving of our protection and compassion. This is an intervention in, and an interference with the evolution of a species. Humans do this as well, and we call it genetic modification.

GM food, or Genetically Modified food is made from these plants and animals with their genetic code altered to add or remove certain characteristics. A popular genetic modification is for pest resistance. A gene with a pesticide in it is spliced into the genes of our food plants. This results in the poisoning of the plant pests, but also poisoning bees and humans as well. In fact some people say that GMOs should be avoided because no one knows how safe the carrier genes are, and they could possibly start to replicate within our bodies.

If the bees are eating pollen and nectar from genetically modified plants with a pest resistance modification, then they will be eating small amounts of an insecticide which will eventually kill them. The worst part about the whole GMO industry is that it takes food sovereignty away from farmers and consumers.

It puts the ownership of patented and sterile seed so-called terminator seeds , with corporate agriculture and it puts huge pressure on farmers to pay a premium for seed, fertilizers and chemicals. Many farmers around the world have committed suicide because of financial difficulties brought about by growing GM crops. GM soya, uses more herbicide than conventional soya crops, with the chemical residues ending up in our food.

These residues have been linked to cancer, genetic changes and hormone-mimicking effects. GMOs are yet another mechanism to control the food chain and thus control the people: GMOs compromise health, forcing people to become more dependent on big-pharma. In other words, whether they know it or not, the entire GM food industry is aiding and abetting the corporatisation of agriculture, squeezing small farmers out of the market, and promoting the sickness industry.

If we are going to exercise our creator-god option, it must be done ethically, for the greatest good of all, or not at all; certainly not for personal gain from the exploitation and dulling down of the human resource. Staple foods, including: wheat; maize; soya; and rice, have been targeted around the world and now mostly comprise genetically modified varieties.

For more information on genetic modification and GMOs see: www. Christian, a mysterious, unknown man of unknown affiliation, and erected in Elberton, Georgia, in the USA. They are inscribed with a message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles engraved in eight different languages, with the obvious intention behind them to be the new Ten Commandments, as the Earth Charter has been similarly punted. These guidelines emphasise: control of the population; world governance; the importance of the environment; and a new spirituality. They reflect the manifesto of the New World Order perfectly.

The similarity of the ideas in the Earth Charter compiled under the direction of Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong and the Georgia Guidestones, indicate that the same group is responsible for both. This evidence indicates that these worms could grow to over two kilometres long and over metres in diameter, pictured in the chapter on Life on Mars.

On the death of a family member, the give-away is undertaken by the relatives. These people are heavyweights in the American government and military or at the helm of the major arms and pharmaceutical companies. They are the members of the Illuminati whose membership of various New World Order groups overlap hugely. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant at all. There is no upper limit for atmospheric carbon dioxide CO2 concentrations for plants, and for animals the concentration would have to increase from ppm to 50 ppm before it would start to exclude oxygen and become a problem for animals.

Many scientists report in the movie, The Great Global Warming Swindle, that carbon dioxide is not related to temperature and any correlation found is more likely to be the other way around anyway i. Anthropogenic carbon dioxide is not a significant greenhouse gas either and therefore has very little to do with any global warming that might be recorded. Al Gore is at present being sued for fraud by an impressive body of scientists who believe that he has purposefully manipulated the statistics for personal gain.

Mitch Battros, in his well-researched book, Global Warming — A Convenient Disguise, claims that Margaret Thatcher, the then British Prime Minister, instructed the Royal Society to prove that global warming was caused by the greenhouse gases emitted from the burning of coal, in order to lobby support for her nuclear power policy.

The burning of fossil fuels is polluting because it emits toxic chemicals into the air and not because of the carbon dioxide emissions. The demonising of carbon dioxide is a scam. Carbon taxes, carbon credit trading, carbon offsets, lawsuits against companies contravening the carbon regulations and CFL lightbulbs, are just some of the ways to cream off billions of dollars from the middle classes with environmental consciences and the disposable income. To think that we can stop climates changing by taxing carbon dioxide production is ridiculous.

The only way to stop environmental degradation is to stop polluting, and we need to stop polluting regardless of global warming, ocean acidification or any other climate change. Carbon trading encourages pollution. Buying carbon credits from someone else who does not pollute as much, so that you can continue polluting further, will solve nothing. It is simply perpetuating the problem and putting a lot of cash in personal pockets at the expense of the environment. Our carbon footprint is irrelevant to our problems on Earth, it is the reduction of our pollution footprint that will save our habitat on this planet.

Globalisation and communitarianism are the seemingly benevolent guises under which the New World Order is being implemented, disguised as the Green World Order. Globalisation, globalism, or global anything, are terms used to promote this regime.

Ancient Aliens: Artificially Enhanced Humans (Season 11, Episode 3) - History

Specifically, initiated teachers telestai of the Mystery Schools. Gnosis is only a threat to the Dark Forces who are intent on secrecy in order to exploit, and the Gnostics knew this. The Illuminati have perpetrated heinous atrocities upon Gnostics over the ages to try to clamp down on the spread of knowledge and empowerment.

See his introduction at: www. This is the omnipresent energy also called Prime-Creator or The Universe. See the chapter on God. It is that universal energy which facilitates the unfolding of events for the highest good. To me, God-Source is the source of all, sometimes even called The Universe.

The Anunnaki apparently began mining gold on Earth around years ago, and for the last years or so, they have been using humans to do their mining for them. It is impractical and inappropriate to do things to others that you would like done to yourself, so it is more useful and honest to change the Golden Rule back to read in the negative. If everyone in society practised this older version of the Golden Rule, we would have no need of police, lawyers or jails, and we would find ourselves in the Golden Age, and in a truly just society.

The Expanding Earth Hypothesis, however, says that a mere million years ago, there were no oceans, and that the entire, vastly smaller, Earth was all land. In this case, Pangea and Gondwanaland are simply names given to the landmass of Earth at different stages in the breaking up into continents and seas as the Earth has expanded along all the mid-oceanic ridges.

In reality a government does not exist as an entity, it is merely a collection of current politicians, often acting out of self-interest. Most governments are owned by the elite controllers through debt or favours. The fairest form of governance is local self-governance through citizen participation and elected local officials, without traditional governments that are top-heavy with bribable and unaccountable politicians and officials.

This movement defines the precession of the equinoxes. The present Grand Cycle has been said to come to an end on the auspicious Solstice of Love, at on the 21st of December The final equinox of the cycle is on the 21st of March Gravity is an attractive force between all bodies. It is the force that holds planets in orbit against the centrifugal force of their orbital motion. From my understanding, gravity is an electro-magnetic force-field around an object, and with the correct focus, can be malleable to human intent. Tibetan monks can levitate huge blocks of stone through hundreds of metres as witnessed by Dr Jarl, a Swedish doctor who visited Tibet in the s.

He meticulously documented levitation ceremonies involving drums and trumpets and intense concentration. It is probably not the sound in itself that lifts the blocks, but rather the amplification by the sound of the intent of the monks. The idea that levitation can be achieved by human mind power indicates to me that gravity is not only physical, it is malleable to intent. The monks were possibly willing the force-field, around and between the Earth and the blocks, to bend to fulfill their intention.

It is possible, considering the Hollow Earth Theory, that the centre of gravity of the Earth is in the centre of the crust and not in the core as commonly believed.

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From the similarity of the legends it sounds as if this Native American deity, called Great Spirit, was the same as the God of the Bible, suggesting that peoples around the world were all similarly conned into believing that the leader of an alien race of humanoids was the creator of the Universe. So as not to confuse him with any imposter, I call the creator of the Universe God-Source. The green trend will grow as we grow in consciousness, as individuals and as a society, to become more aware of our impacts on the environment and the consequences of ignoring them.

The green fraternity are those with environmental and social consciences, willing to make lifestyle changes that support sustainable living. Unethical people, in a bid to cash in on this emerging green market, are taking advantage of this trend with greenwashing tactics, appealing to guilt to sell products that are marginally better, or not even green at all, like CFLs. This is the green fascism of a self-righteous Green World Order, using greenwashing to blame consumers as opposed to the war machine and industry for environmental degradation.

Africans aren't pure humans either - Gene Expression

It seems to me that the extra money that is made from carbon trading, by the buyer, the seller and the trader, finds its way into pockets of company owners to be spent on luxuries, and very little is reinvested into environmental rehabilitation or solutions to the degradation unless it makes a profit. There is good argument for the atmosphere not acting as a greenhouse at all as there is no physical barrier, and the molecules of the atmosphere that do heat up from re-radiated heat from the Earth, simply lose their heat out to the cooler space rather than towards the warmer Earth.

This cannot be the case as the laws of thermodynamics state that heat will be lost towards the cooler particles, and that is away from Earth. And most CO2 is naturally produced anyway, with only a small percentage being man-made anthropogenic. Other gases including methane make up the balance of the so-called greenhouse gases.

CO2 emissions reduction will have an insignificant, if any, effect on the greenhouse effect and therefore on global warming or climate change. Examples are CFL lightbulbs and carbon credits, which are, in fact, not green or environmentally friendly at all. For more examples see: www. They have ovoid heads and almond-shaped eyes and they range in size from 1,1 to 1,5 metres tall, with skin colours ranging from grey-white to grey-brown to grey-green to grey-blue.

Some Greys are said to originate from Zeta Reticula in the Reticulum constellation, a neighbouring star system to Orion. The Greys are said to be highly intelligent, biological, cloned, robotic beings, used as a servant race by another race of aliens. It has been reported that a contingent of Greys live in underground bases on Earth.

Apparently the reason they abduct us and mutilate our animals is to collect suitable genetic material for their experiments. Our guardian angels might even appear to us as orbs. HAARP can cause weather changes and seemingly natural disasters. Also, the aluminium content in chemtrails is said to increase environmental conductivity, enabling around-the-globe functioning of mind-control beams sent out by HAARP. This is one of the most deadly and destructive devices on the planet. Everyone should know about it and lobby for its immediate decommissioning. Research with ultra-sound has located a chamber under the Sphinx, but the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, under Zahi Hawass, has refused to allow any further research.

One is grown for the extremely useful fibre and is called hemp, and the other is grown for the psychoactive ingredient, THC tetrahydrocannabinol , and is called marijuana, amongst many other names. It is also highly effective as an oil in treating cancer and other diseases and has been used to ease pain and stimulate appetite. No god, no man is as good as the religious hemp drinker. Early laws in some American colonies actually required farmers to grow hemp because of its wide usefulness and productivity. Hemp produces four times more paper than trees, requires little fertilising and pest control and costs less to process because it contains less lignin than trees.

Also, because of the long fibres, hemp paper can be recycled more often than paper from trees. For thousands of years all sails and ropes were made from hemp.

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In South Africa the Dutch East India Company issued a tunic made of hemp to their employees from whence hemp became the Afrikaans word for shirt. A short history of this wonder-of-the-natural-world and the conspiracy to stop its production is discussed at www. The real reason was because of conflicts of interest with oil, paper, cotton, tobacco and liquor industries. The now illegal Cannabis plant is known to alleviate the suffering of cancer patients, and yet ironically, the legal, and in fact FDA-approved, synthesised chemical aspartame, in so many of our foodstuffs, is known to be carcinogenic.

More than a million people die every year around the world directly from the legal tobacco and liquor products, and yet I have never heard of anyone dying from hemp consumption or even the strongest grade of marijuana. These examples make a mockery of the law and allow us to realise that the reason hemp is illegal is certainly not for our benefit or protection. It is criminal that a state can punish an adult with a jail sentence simply for wanting to alter their own consciousness by ingesting a sacred teacher-plant, and thereby effectively ruining the lives of thousands of peaceful people every year who are not a nuisance, nor a cost and certainly not a threat to society , with a criminal record.

This is, in effect, a tyranny of control where people are criminalised for merely wanting to explore their own consciousness for having marijuana in their possession. The active hemp campaign by truthseekers around the world has resulted in some countries legitimising industrial hemp, as well as the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal or medicinal use, but this is an insult. The laws concerning cannabis must be repealed.

Big-pharma is now jumping on the hemp bandwagon by trying to muscle in on the marijuana market by influencing law-makers. So although they are not part of a language, these symbols undoubtedly have a definite concept to convey. The ankh, the was rod and the tyet symbol carved into ancient Egyptian temples, can also be considered as hieroglyphs conveying very particular meanings. It is where we take responsibility by accepting our past, taking control of our present, adopting the Golden Rule individually and creating the future we wish for ourselves.

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I think of my higher self as that part of me that would want the best for me, my community and my society. There is apparently a central sun suspended in the middle, said to be a charged crystal that is their light source. Stories abound about Agartha, Shamballa, the Hyperborea and the Inner Earth, so there is definitely something to this legend. See the chapter on the Inner Earth for more on this fascinating subject. Each part of a hologram has been found to contain the whole of the hologram. The example given is that if a hologram of a rose is cut in half, the independent images of both halves will reveal the whole rose.

Hologram technology exists that can present an image as if it is real. Apparently the technology exists to holographically simulate an aeroplane flying into a building, even two aeroplanes flying into the World Trade Centre buildings on The theory of the holographic Universe says that each atom in the Universe is a hologram of the entire Universe, or in other words, that each part of the Universe contains information about the entire Universe.

See text Missing Link p Hominids are members of the mammalian family Hominidae, the Great Apes, including chimpanzees, gorillas, human ancestors and all present humans. Man refers to any member of hominid species of the genus Homo that is: Homo habilis; Homo erectus; Homo sapiens; and so on , including caveman and human. Only descendants of Adam and Eve would therefore be hu-man, being cross-breeds of the gods and of man. See Spirits — Inhabitants of the Spirit Realm p The humanoid form is common around the Universe as the most efficient body shape to perform the functions required of the animal most fit to survive and out-compete all other animals in any given habitat.

With so much hybridizing and shapeshifting going on, however, it is difficult to know who is human and who just looks like a human. MEME The Hundredth Monkey phenomenon describes an ideological breakthrough that occurs when a critical mass of individuals in a community adopt a new idea, or meme, and when this idea transfers from mind to mind without physical five sense contact. The hundredth monkey phenomenon originated with Lawrence Blair who apparently misquoted primatologists studying monkey populations on a Japanese island.

Monkeys were observed to be teaching other monkeys to wash the sand from their sweet potatoes. The inference was made that after a certain number of monkeys had learned of the advantage of this behavioural adaptation, other monkeys on other islands spontaneously began doing this without having to be taught.

This was apparently not exactly the case, but the idea was taken up by popular author Lyall Watson in his book, Lifetide, and has entered into modern legend as fact. An excellent article by Elaine Myers explaining this concept in detail, called The Hundredth Monkey Revisited can be found at: www. We still need direct communication between individuals, we need to translate our ideas into action, and we need to recognize the freedom of choice. It is advanced as a basis for experimental investigation.

Interestingly, although a hypothesis may have been conclusively proven and no longer hypothetical, it is still called a theory, or hypothesis. They think they are illuminated because they have ancient Mystery School knowledge that they have kept secret from the rest of us for profit, control and exploitation.

They excuse this behaviour by saying that the common people would not know what to do with the truth and would misuse it, thereby trying to disguise their own misuse of this ancient knowledge. In an attempt to hide their self-serving agenda they tell us that everything they do is for the ultimate betterment of society. They are cleverly and insidiously trying to introduce their New World Order agenda of communitarianism under many different, apparently benevolent, guises. They are conspiring to remove the middle class from society and to keep the worker class dull, uninformed, physically compromised, distracted from spiritual growth, working for them, buying their immune-system-damaging products and fighting their resource-wars for them.


There are different factions of the Illuminati who are at present in major disagreement about the way forward. Cracks are appearing and their power is crumbling as people awaken to their controls. If we do not want to lose our sovereignty completely we must become aware of their dark, self-serving, New World Order plans for our future and, without rising to the bait with protest which would bring resistance and marshall law , employ a stance of non-support and passive non-co-operation. Apart from exploiting humanity for their energy, the Illuminati are bent on controlling us because they know all too well how powerful self-realised human beings can be.

Ironically, this influx of information is causing the end of the present information era, and a consciousness revolution, heralding the consciousness era. Consciousness is becoming more important than information for our survival, growth and evolution. When the majority of us are conscious and responsible Humans, there will be an imagination revolution that takes humanity into an imagination era, where we use the available information, consciously and imaginatively to create the kind of world we want for ourselves, in the knowledge that whatever we imagine we can create.

Suddenly, in the s, the microfiche became extinct to be superseded by the microchip and gigabytes of information were able to be computed in nanoseconds. The knowledge that we have all the information that we could ever need at our fingertips will hopefully continue to stimulate self, global and universal exploration and the advent of the consciousness era, which will then naturally lead to an imagination revolution, as we realise all we can do with this newfound awareness. These are referred to as the Inner Earth People, also called intra- or infra-terrestrials.

He tried to hide their existence by threatening humans with his wrath if they even drew or sculpted them, let alone bowed down to them. This may seem obvious and irrelevant since we are not, but to strive towards an ideal society we must drop our dependence on services that prey on our fears. Without fear of loss or lack there would be no need for the insurance industry. To some, children are a form of insurance: to assuage a fear of lack in old age. This is a result of a system that does not take care of its elders. The point to ponder is whether we are capable of designing a social system that obviates the need for paying large sums of money every month to a profit-making institution because of the fear of loss or of getting sick, in a violent and sick-making world.

If we want to live in the Golden Age, in a just society, then surely we should aim to revert to a system of societal support where our community is our insurance, and our premiums go to our neighbours for local support systems. It is the expression of our free will. If we want something enough we can focus this intention through the thought-word-deed-manifestation-continuum to create what we want. Psychokinesis and levitation prove the power of the human mind.

Thoughts have energy and we can successfully direct that energy for any change we wish to make in ourselves and to our environment. This is also called the Law of Attraction or the law of conscious creation. Light beings are intervening passively to encourage humans to stop using nuclear energy, and dark beings are intervening in a bid to take over the world and all her resources.

Genetic intervention is intervening, on a cellular level, with the natural breeding and natural selection of species, to create enhanced species or characteristics. A number of different races of intra-terrestrial humanoids inhabit the Earth in enormous underground caverns as well as inside the hollow centre.

See the drawing of the Inner Earth p This has become known as the Philadelphia Experiment. This makes it illegal to sell table salt without iodine in it. In fact in South Africa they have fairly recently, and without the knowledge or consent of the majority of South Africans, passed a law increasing the concentrations of iodine to be added into our salt. In excess any supplementation at all , iodine is, like fluoride, a metabolic inhibitor which dulls our brains and compromises our immune systems. The Golden Age is anticipated as comprising just societies globally.

We can create a just society if we want it badly enough and if we get together to make it happen. The word karma literally means doing, yet it refers to any freewill action including all thoughts, words and deeds, whether good or evil. It refers to the law of moral causation: the law of cause and effect in the ethical realm. The implications of this are enormous: karma ties people to their actions, whether in this or future lifetime.

Eternity is a long time to live with the consequences of everything we think, say and do, so karma is a good reason to take responsibility for our own thought-word-deed-creation-continuum, every moment of our lives, as this is what creates our reality and our destiny. It captures the aura or biofield of a person or object subjected to a high frequency, high voltage, low amperage electric field through a Tesla Coil.

The photographs show concentric rings of glowing multicoloured emanations from the subject. Research reveals that Kirlian photographs do give indications of health and emotional changes by variations in brightness, colour and patterns in the photo. Another finding is that the biological energies of humans were seen to be brightest at points on the body, which concur with the Chinese acupuncture points.

When psychic, Uri Geller was photographed using Kirlian photography whilst bending a spoon psychokinetically, flares of light were revealed streaming from his fingertips. The Law of Attraction was brought to our attention by Esther Hicks, a channel for Abraham, available online at www. Things can be levitated by many mechanical methods including suspending an object on a jet of air, or within a magnetic field. Acoustic levitation, the force of sound waves, can even hold up an article against the force of gravity. Metaphysical levitation is also called psychokinesis or telekinesis: the ability to move objects remotely by focusing the force of thought energy.

Tibetan monks have been witnessed to levitate huge blocks of stone, hundreds of metres high. Dr Jarl, a Swedish doctor, visited Tibet in the s and was shown levitation ceremonies involving Monks with drums and trumpets in a semi-circle around a launching stone where the blocks were placed to be levitated. This proves that gravity is malleable to intent because if it was the sound alone that moved the blocks, they would have been pushed physically in a straight line away from the instruments.

Although a great noise was created during the ceremony, it is more likely that the sound amplifies the intent of the monks. My guess at the mechanism of levitation is that it is the force of the thoughts that manipulate the gravity fields to enable the block to move along a path directed by their will. The fact that Uri Geller can bend spoons with his mind has been scientifically proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

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  4. Matter, therefore, can be affected by human intent, and not all magicians are tricksters, they could be psychics operating in the metaphysical realm. They were first described by science in England in by Alfred Watkins when he found churches and monuments to be linked by long straight lines. Ley lines are energy lines of Gaia, as meridians are energy lines of humans. Light is everything positive, good, and just. Light is about learning and shedding light on a subject. Light is about enlightening, including shedding loads and releasing bad habits.

    Many people view The Light as a concept taken on by a movement of lightworkers representing the greatest good of all. They draw the ethos of society forward on the evolutionary path toward enlightenment. They serve society and Gaia by inspiring a more ethical way of living and being. They espouse the tenets of love, freewill, compassion, justice and personal responsibility, amongst others, often simply by example.

    Bringing light to a society is bringing learning and enlightenment. This is planned to culminate in the New World Order where the middle class is eradicated and a mind-controlled, divided and fear-filled society of workers created as undiscerning consumers for profiteering products, cannon-fodder for resource wars, and guinea-pigs for pharmaceutical and other chemical experiments.

    If we do not actively resist it, then we will have tacitly accepted the low road option. Milton William Cooper, a government insider, was killed in for disclosing what he knew about Majesty Twelve and the Shadow Government. He revealed, to an audience of hundreds of Americans, that the CIA runs the illegal drug trade into America and that George Bush Snr was the first one to run this contraband from his offshore oil rig.

    He gave an in-depth analysis of exopolitical relations on Earth, saying that a contingent of Greys arrived on Earth in the s. He told us that there are many underground bases under America, some of which even the president of America does not have the security clearance to enter. The name has been given to often circular, coloured and intricate designs used during meditation. They are spiritually growing cosmic diagrams that remind us of our relation to the infinite: the world that extends beyond and within our bodies and our minds. The mandala is often illustrated as a palace with four gates, facing the four corners of the Earth.

    Crop circles are modern mandalas: temporary temples in the landscape, captured forever by aerial photography. Marduk is also the name of a grandson of the Anunnaki god Anu, and a son of Enki. Marduk was the Egyptian god Ra, who also tried to inculcate the idea that he was the only god that ever was, in order to ensure obedience and stimulate worship during his reign on Earth, in the Age of Taurus, about BCE to BCE.

    A number of Mars anomalies are discussed in the chapter on Life on Mars. So many interesting anomalies have cropped up on Mars images that NASA have released onto the Internet, that there are now debunkers trying to make fun of Mars researchers and discredit them by making obviously outlandish claims about features on Mars. They do this as part of a propaganda campaign to make the public think that all Mars anomalies, including the Face on Mars, are jokes. And this is done to keep people from discovering the truth of the colonisation of Mars and the Moon by non-human races. I use the term more loosely to mean anyone with the psychic ability to interpret messages from the spirit realm, which I understand to be inhabited, not only by human spirits, but by various beings including: angels; ghosts; fairies; gnomes; and so on.

    See a list of names for spirits p It is a unit of cultural information that represents a basic idea that can be transferred from one individual to another and subjected to mutation, crossing-over and adaptation. They interrogate the contactee and suggest alternatives to the actual scenario, obfuscating the evidence and often confusing and intimidating the experiencer into doubting their own experience.

    Every military employee, in support of the killing machine, is a mercenary, being paid to kill. Being a mercenary, or pirate, is a choice to sustain yourself and your family with blood-money, by committing violent crimes against your fellow man. In a just society no one will accept money to perpetrate evil. Microchips are being implanted into the population of the Earth in a microchipping programme through nanobots in chemtrails, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, RFID radio frequency identification chips in products, passports, and through alien implants.

    Microchips, like credit cards, connect you to a central database and all the available information about you. They also allow the tracking of your every move and the sending of mind control messages. Wikipedia, being an Illuminati mouthpiece, talks about microchipping as if it is nothing out of the ordinary, spreading the idea that a microchip in our body is in our interests.

    Controlling minds is a priority of the Illuminati because their biggest threat is an empowered, free-thinking population. Thousands of people have reported being mind control victims, many from a young age. Children are traumatised until their personality splits and will obey any command. Assassins are often mind controlled to do their task. Research has continued under the auspices of the NSA and the CIA and funded by the shadow government as a covert method of gaining control of people around the world for devious agendas.

    Many aerials, disguised as cellphone aerials, are apparently radio frequency receivers and transmitters that can track anyone through their electronic passport, cellphone, or any RFID microchip, and beam out mind control signals. Vaccinations and chemtrails have been found to contain nanobots, which are microscopic programmable computer chips. The Illuminati plan to microchip the population of the world in an attempt to control our minds and our freewill. The Montauk Project is exposed at: www. CYCLOPS See text Cyclopean Walls p53 The molten rock hypothesis is my conclusion, from having seen the evidence, that the builders of ancient Cyclopean walls had a rock-melting technology at their disposal that enabled them to soften rocks so that they could mould them into place and scrape away the excess rock before it hardened.

    This would explain how the ancient builders of megalithic structures created and aligned huge boulders so precisely to construct the Cyclopean walls evident around the world today, particularly in Peru. The pre-historic builders of these feats of engineering were patently in possession of an advanced technology that modern humans do not have today. Richard Hoagland and other researchers say that huge structures have been found to exist on the far side of the Moon that have been etched out on images released to the public by NASA.

    There is also evidence that the Apollo 11 Moon-landing was filmed by Stanley Kubrick, under cover of his movie Space Odyssey , as a cover to what really happened in Whatever the truth of our mysterious monthly Moon, it is more enigmatic than most humans have ever imagined. On the 13th of March , a mothership a few kilometres across, silently drifted over Arizona, visible from Phoenix, among other cities. This sighting has become known as The Phoenix Lights.

    Mystery School teachers were killed and their teachings destroyed by Christian zealots when they decimated Gnosticism, or heresy the ability to choose freely , at the beginning of the Age of Pisces. The Illuminati have subverted Mystery School teachings and used them to control humanity for their advantage ever since then. These teachings have been kept secret, suppressed by secret societies and only taught to initiates under strict observance of the secrecy rules, in complete contrast to the Gnostic ethos. This is to ensure that the secrets do not die and that the advantage stays within the fraternity.

    Appeals to secrecy, like those to privacy, are only made for personal advantage and are inherently unfair. Rights to secrecy and privacy cannot be part of a just society. They were found in in a cave near the town of Nag Hammadi in northern Egypt, close to the Dendera Temple, known to be one of the last stands of the Gnostics before they were decimated. Carbon 14 dating has ascertained that the Nag Hammadi Codices were written around AD and are said to be the oldest surviving bound books.

    In his book, Not in His Image, John Lash interprets these texts as remains of Gnostic writings that explain the Sophia Mythos and the origins of Earth and humanity. Nanotechnology deals with devices smaller than nanometres equal to one micron, or about one fiftieth the width of a human hair.

    This technology is based on the ability to build structures to complex, atomic specifications by means of molecular mechanosynthesis. It is claimed that big-pharma is putting nanobots into vaccinations, and that this is the first step in a programme to microchip the population of the world without our consent, and even against our will.

    One has to wonder why Bill Gates, a computer expert, is on a mission to vaccinate the global populace, and to support Monsanto in their corporatisation of agriculture and the spread of GMO foods and terminator seeds. Vaccinations and GMOs are designed to kill us off, having first delivered their nanobot payload. Although they co-existed with humans for well over years, Neanderthals became extinct around 30 years ago.

    The term Neanderthal is also used as an insult aimed at the actions and attitudes of unevolved people who are stuck in automatic-pilot consciousness. Their accounts of their conscious, out-of-body-experience during this time, proves that there is life after death. What distinguishes a NDE is that it is a transforming experience causing enhanced intuitive sensibility, profound changes in attitude to life and the loss of fear of death.

    Translations of the Hebrew Bible have misleadingly dubbed the Nefilim as fallen angels. The word Nephele means cloud-nymphs from Greek mythology and the translation may have originated from the understanding that the Nefilim gods came from the clouds, literally. This group of supremely influential people have members who also belong to groups including the Bilderberg Group, the Freemasons, the Global Dominance Group and the Bohemian Club.

    Organisations like the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, the Council on Foreign Relations, Common Purpose and even the United Nations, are said to be advocacy groups deciding policy and spreading the propaganda of the New World Order agenda of control by the elite over the people of the world. The ancient principles of reincarnation and karma are also generally accepted New Age tenets.

    This plays directly into the hands of the dark forces as it strengthens their position. The light forces need an equal and opposite force for good if we are to overcome the dark forces, secure our sovereignty, and ensure justice on Earth. There is a good write-up about the New Age movement at: www.

    Globalisation is the latest, more publicly acceptable term for their institutionalised take-over of the world. The New World Order proponents want to suspend civil liberties, constitutional guarantees and exert any form of control they deem necessary over people to entrench the Illuminati agenda. They are doing this already with vaccinations, chemtrails, fluoride, GMOs, HIV, Swine Flu, food additives including aspartame, pharmaceutical drugs, synthetic narcotics and a host of other things including cigarettes.

    Ironically, they have managed to get us to pay for our own dulling down. For a list of organisations that support the NWO, see: www. The instructions on this segmented circular flight manual are, he says, divided into the order of the planets encountered. Some say they are from the Pleiades star system, others say Orion, but they could be any race that has the ability to shapeshift, and appear to humans in the most believable and non-threatening guise.

    The high risks of nuclear energy, the huge public expense, the undisposability of the radioactive waste, and the health and safety dangers to humans, animals and the environment, ensures that there is never any valid reason to employ nuclear power. It is extremely hazardous to all life and the radioactive waste lasts for thousands and thousands of years. Nuclear radiation contaminates people, our food and our environment. It is suicide and genocide because it is an excuse for nuclear arms and the only use for the waste is to put it into bombs and to drop it onto an enemy.

    The by-products of the nuclear fission process travel way beyond our biosphere. These highly energetic particles flow into the cosmos and impact all life with which they come into contact. Nuclear power is far more expensive than most, if not all other energy sources, especially if the safe disposal of the waste is taken into account which it generally is not in any calculation of the cost-effectiveness of nuclear power. And this is a contradiction in terms, as everyone knows that there is no such thing as the safe disposal of nuclear waste, however much money you spend storing it.

    Nuclear power contaminates our food from the so-called acceptable levels of fall-out onto adjacent land. It causes cancers and it causes deformities from the colourless, tasteless and odourless radiation, steadily seeping out of all nuclear facilities and all waste disposal sites in increasing quantities around the world. If we defer the decision to deal with the waste, what will our children do with the tons of radioactive waste that our generation produces? How many more people, animals and plants must die gruesome deaths by radiation before we ban all nuclear reactions completely? Dishonest contractors throw barrels into the sea, and the mafia sink ships containing radioactive waste that will outlast the life of the barrel by thousands and thousands of years and infect the seas, all for the money.

    By allowing nuclear power we are allowing this to happen to Earth and all her dependents, effectively for ever. Then the people of the world will see exactly how expensive nuclear power is, and how humanity cannot afford to be so careless with our environment and our own well-being.

    It frequently asserts that one variable has a lack of effect on another variable. It is a theoretical position used as a statistical tool to predict that an observed difference is due to chance alone. It is advanced as a basis for further investigation. Obama has been, from day one of his office, smoothly and effectively enacting the New World Order agenda, stepping up security and eroding freedoms at every stroke of his pen.

    Some people are still holding out hope that he is a good guy who is waiting for his chance to break ranks. People are judged by what they do, not by what they might do. While this drop is a cause for concern, many oceanographers say there is no direct link between ocean acidification and carbon dioxide concentration. A review can be found at: www.

    These are puzzling pieces of evidence of civilisation from a time and place when and where civilisation had supposedly not evolved yet. Ooparts are, to me, evidence of star visitor contact with Earth over many millions of years. They are only out of place and unexplainable if we deny our cosmic history. SPIRIT REALM See text The Spirit Realm p The other side is a colloquialism used to denote the spirit realm, on the other side of the veil between the physical realm that we can see, feel, smell, taste and hear, and the spirit realm, inhabited by souls and various spirit beings.

    See a list of spirit beings at Spirits — Inhabitants of the Spirit Realm p Being oval-headed, our jaw is similar in size to our brain. Neanderthal Man would have an obovoid-shaped head, with a much bigger jaw and a much smaller brain than humans. In fact, Pagans have individual spiritual beliefs, they do not worship gods, they rather revere spirits, respect life and live closely with Gaia and nature. They have a deep respect and appreciation for the natural world and personify aspects of it in order to show this in sacred ceremony. Pagans celebrate nature spirits in gratitude and love and ask for help in creating, without relinquishing their power to an external source, whilst taking full personal responsibility for cause and effect.

    Pagans honour their spirits by asking and thanking, giving and accepting, and by paying respects and receiving blessings. Religious leaders have denigrated Paganism as it obviates the need for salvationist religions. From the Expanding Earth hypothesis we learn that Pangea was more likely to have been the single landmass that covered the entire, much smaller planet, without any oceans.

    People do this in order to explore unresolved issues, phobias or blockages they may have. Dolores Cannon has done groundbreaking work regressing people beyond memories of past lives to memories of times between lives as well as to lives lived on other planets. By limiting the supply, they are extending the life of oil as a fuel and profiteering off it while they still can. Alternative energy sources are also suppressed to keep the world dependent on oil. Stanley Meyer was offered one billion US Dollars to shelve his water-powered car project.

    The world has no shortage of oil, but more importantly, humanity does not even need the oil that is there. By Nikola Tesla had proven the potential of his Tesla Tower to produce all the power the world needs, freely extracted from the atmosphere, without resource depletion or any pollution. If it were not for the profiteering elite controllers, the world could have stopped the burning of fossil fuels completely soon after This project was originally guided by Nikola Tesla who was said to be the brains behind the technology.

    It was ostensibly a war effort to de-magnetise ships in defence against a magnetic mine that the Germans had developed, but ended up time-travelling an entire ship, with its crew, 40 years into the future. Apparently Tesla refused to switch on the mechanism while there were crew members on board. He was removed from the project and died under mysterious circumstances shortly afterwards.

    His laboratory was burned down and his research presumed stolen. During the 24 hours of hell that the crew endured, the ship appeared in the year in various places around the world. When they re-materialised back in the Philadelphia harbour the next day, some of the crew members were embedded into the deck of the ship. Of the or so crew members on board, very few of them survived. There is a detailed account of the Philadelphia Experiment at: www. See text Ascension p The photon belt is a band of light energy into which the Earth is currently said to be moving.

    There is much channelled information on this phenomenon, but mainstream scientists mostly refute the idea of a photon belt. Reference is made to cosmic waves and gamma ray bursts, which could be different names for the same thing. Cosmologist Paul La Violette has postulated a galactic superwave theory, and the photon belt could be a superwave of higher energy, be it light, sub-atomic particles, or even consciousness. There is so much conflicting information and speculation on the subject that we can only wait until we hear more convincing evidence about this mysterious planet of myth, legend, propaganda and science.

    The bendable nature of the petro-chemical phenomenon of the s, is why plastic is so called. This is a fraction of the tons and tons of plastic we have thrown into our environment over the past few decades, mostly for ultra-short-term convenience. Certain plastics in some situations will not break down for hundreds, if not thousands of years and is an unsustainable burden to place on our environment. The only way to mitigate our pollution footprint and to save our habitat from this scourge of modern, unconscious, throw-away consumerism, is to stop buying plastic, legislate against it, and to insist that manufacturers take responsibility for their waste and use biodegradable alternatives like hemp, cellulose and fungal mycelial products.

    Humanity must forgo the convenience and cost effectiveness of non-recyclable plastic if we want to clean up our act on Earth.