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Again then we see the truth echoing in the ballad even alongside the consistent and unfair blame assigned to Betty. I note one other most curious point as well. Says him! His record is mostly about the music as well, and his orchestration is anything but sterile.

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Hughes supports an argument made by others that part of the staying power of the ballad is that it transcends race with deeper universal themes. Indeed, even while it was finding its way onto records and radio waves in the s, John and Alan Lomax discovered at least two more examples of the ballad behind bars with black folks during their famed collecting tours of southern prisons. The narrative diverges after that though. When robbing the jewelry man, Dupree fingers Betty as the cause of his crime.

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But there can be absolutely no doubt that Flint is really singing about herself and mourning her lot. We know from our work with other bad man ballads that such is how the prison blues work — identification with the bad man or woman in the narrative gives the inmate a way to sing out pain and rage at the injustice of his or her situation.

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The recording though is, in its own right, a rich and innovative retelling of the old narrative. We see that by the end of World War II, all sorts of embellishments adorned the historical tale that nevertheless still survived piecemeal in the ballad.

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The great Brownie McGhee cut his classic version of the ballad ten years later for Folkways in , for his album Blues. Like White, McGhee would not be satisfied recording just one version of the ballad over his career, but this is probably his most well-known today. It is truly beautiful, from the first note to the last. To each his own though, so be your own judge. Certainly it was then and still is widely appreciated among folk music enthusiasts.

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Their take is certainly closer to Rock and Roll than traditional folk or blues, but it works quite well. So there you have it! Well, not really. Follow the playlist and check out anything there anytime you want! This song is by The Brothers Four and appears on the album Roamin' Sign In Don't have an account?

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