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It was felt that each individual on earth needs individual attention because of the great challenges you have here in comparison to these other worlds. Therefore they asked for volunteers on a soul or spirit level and I was one of those souls that volunteered to assist you and many other people in many different lives.

Your soul is just much too busy to do what we do on a daily basis. They volunteered, as I did, and were chosen for their skills depending upon what you needed at that moment in time. Tell me more about my guides and tell them I appreciate their assistance. That is very nice of you to recognize their assistance Tom and they greatly appreciate it.

When a soul fragment volunteers for this work, they understand that there will be no recognition; but they are able to learn much from their side too as they watch your life unfold. This learning or education will also assist them in a future life. When do they volunteer—before my earth life, or in the middle of one when a call goes out from you?

No, no, they absolutely know what your contract is for the life in advance and you actually sit down so to speak and discuss it with them. We are a big happy family and these discussions, if on earth would seem to go on for hours or days, but actually this process is quite fast. It is much easier to exchange ideas and opinions on this side, as there are no egos in play yet.

About the Author Tom T. When the prophet Daniel spoke with Gabriel, the archangel, it was the angel who started the conversation. Then this one with human appearance touched me again and strengthened me. Both times Daniel was afraid. The angels who appeared to Abraham appeared as men Gen. Hebrews says that some people have spoken with angels and did not know it. This means that you might have already spoken with an angel. Why would God do that? Why would God allow us to meet an angel and not let us know it? The answer is that meeting an angel is not that important. Otherwise God would make sure that we knew.

When Abraham met three angels, he had a normal conversation. When the priest Zacharias spoke with an angel, he sinned with his words and as a result he was punished Luke What should we say? Speak the truth at all times! You never know to whom you are speaking. There is a tremendous interest these days in angels.

A person can purchase figures of angels, books about angels, and many other items related to angels. Many of the things that are sold are simply businesses taking your money. There on a the bush in front of the window was a big beautiful cardinal. I just stared in amazement and gratitude.

It turned its head and stared right at me for a good minutes. I kept saying thank you and then it flew away. The Universe truly has my back. Thank you so much Gabby!! XO Traci. I sat down to relax and was going to ask my guides name. Before I could finish asking in my mind , the name George popped up. I find this topic very interesting. I like meditation and the idea of connecting to the universe.

I like the idea of having guides and spirits but feel nervous at the same time. I have been on a spiritual path for my life and I am grateful for a new exercise to explore my relationship with the guides around me. I have begun the book and since then, getting to hear you speak, finding out that you too are in a 12 step program, has been a beautiful little miracle.

Here is to growing and raising vibes. Thanks for your video Gabby. It just so happens yesterday I did a guided meditation to help you reveal and connect with your spirit guides, and then this video shows up in my email. I love it!! Sat Nam Traci. Thanks Gabby! I believe they are here to help and guide me, but my head gets in the way and I start doubting my abilities to connect. I had never thought about asking for a name, but when you were talking about it the name Mary came up loud and clear.

Thanks again for all you do and I love your new book!! This is straight up crazy stuff. Today I am on Day 37 of May Cause Miracles and it is all about listening to your ING and welcoming them to show you where to go, what to do, and what to say. I felt such an overwhelming feeling of relief as I read this, it truly felt like someone had gone and changed the words of the chapter to exactly reflect what I needed to hear today. I know it seems crazy but after what happened in my personal life last night, it fit to a T. This is all so miraculous. Ah, I am so in love with this blog post!

I have been so curious about my guides lately as I have been having dreams about my Grandfather and Great Aunt! I was speaking with my Aunt regarding this strong desire to communicate with my Grandfather and that all I want is for him to meet my daughters. That night I had a dream and my grandfather met my oldest daughter. I know my Grandfather is always around me and I often smell sun lotion randomly notorious for sun bathing and a Dominican loving man. Side note: come back to Toronto soon!

My friend and I would love to meet you! Thank you so much for this Gabby. I just had one of the most powerful meditations I have ever had but truly tapping into my angels and guides. This was the most powerful meditation I have done on my own. When I have come to your events especially SJMC level 1 and recently level 2, I had amazing meditations but today was the most incredible.

I have felt shifts coming but today was amazing. I am tapping into my psychic connections, feels my ability to channel and wow so powerful…. So grateful. I loved your book! I just recently have had such an Awakening within. I started having conversations with my guides when I am running and actually just recently started being able run in the last 6 months. I constently see the numbers , , and as well as Like daily! I recently ask the name of my guide and what I heard was the name of a fallen angel which has made me curious as to whether I overthought it or not. Hey Gabby, Thank you for sharing your beautiful message.

I will work with my guides and meditation to sit quietly enough to hear their names. I hear so much, it has been annoying me that I had not heard their names. It is, now that you mention it, possible that I heard and disbelieved. I will do work with him and myself to hear the names of others. Thanks again.

Have a glorious day. XO Amy. Thank you, thank you! I am totally blissed out receiving this today. It was just what I needed to make a decision today and how to respond to a text I received this morning. I know that it is no coincidence that I received the text and your email both today. It is a confirmation that my guides are providing what I need, and now I want to use the tools you suggest to get to know them better.

You are such a blessing in my life! Our guides are always giving us clues! I used to second guess when my own guides were around until one day, probably a few months ago, when I heard a voice tell me to change something in one of my social media platforms. Specifically, something in my profile and I ignored it, thinking that no one really paid attention to that kind of stuff. That along with a dream that connected to all this the night before was a huge wake-up sign to me that during this period of low faith, that perhaps the guides were around me, even if I was doubting their presence.

I definitely have guides around me when I am writing. I can only assume that there is a reason that I will eventually see. Woah this is so amazing! Yesterday my sister was talking to me about her friend having a conversation with her guide. For the first time, I believed it and interrupted her to ask how do we communicate with our guide??? And here is your email in my inbox today! I guess I do have a guide and he wanted me to hear this! A few hours later he woke up as he normally does and I went into the room to soothe him back to sleep, all the lights were off, but the room was flooded with blue light!!

I thought maybe Michael? I will continue to trust my knowing. I am just so excited to get confirmation on their existence as I have always believed them to be real. Thank you. I just did a deep relaxing meditation and asked about my guides, I also see dull lights with my minds eye they move slowly in some type of pattern and I felt very warm. Over the last days I have been having feelings of reconnecting with books about my spirit guides and focusing on guides in my meditations, how amazing to see when I opened my email and saw this video…..

I smiled and laughed out loud!!! Love the universe!! Hi Gabby, thank you for your message today and everyday. I have been working on honoring me and my voice, and I have been given opportunities where I can speak my truth. Over the last few weeks, I have stood up for me and spoke my truth with love and compassion, the best part is I did not worry about how the other person or persons would receive it, I did it for me and not for their approval.

It is exciting, scary, liberating, overwhelming. I also trust that what I need to know is already in me, so it will reveal itself when needed. Hard when you want answers right away as the ego wants now, often when I am not pushing I get my answers. I saw you last October in SF, what a great talk, thank you. I got extra copies of your books and shared with my loved ones. Be well, be blessed and be loved.

With gratitude, Gerry. Your teaching comes at a time where I have been dealing with fear and trying to complete the final process of a civil rights complaint and suing the organization I once worked for. It has been two years and now I have to finish this off. The going back and forth to the harassment, the working conditions, the bullying and the injustice has been the biggest of barriers for me. It has not been easy. This is where my spiritual growth has grown and the understanding there is help all around me.

I checked my email and there was your message. Yes, I was sent. Thank you for this, Gabby. I asked for a sign after reading The Universe has Your Back…my sign was a balloon. Hey Gabby, thanks so much for all of you valuable information. When I sit quiet and ask for the name of my guides, no name comes up, but I see a beautiful white dressed angel on the right and a dark dressed one on the left — which does not seem to be friendly.

What does that mean? You have an idea? Thanks so much Greetings from Berlin. Thank you so much Gabby! I really needed this today. For the last few months I consistently see 44 or 4. Thank you for being such an inspiration in my life. You have inspired me to begin a Course in Miracles and I hope to one day do the work you do to heal others.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you xx. This made my day Gabby , thank you. One of my bucket list goals is to see you and one of your seminars live. I live in little old New Zealand and I was wondering what upcoming events you had towards the end of the year in the US or Australia. Thank you for this email. Thanks for this message. I was skeptical but we did a meditation and I met one. She was an older woman. She told me about other guides that I have and that she has not been around that long and wont stay that long, but showed me 2 other guides who she said have been with me for a long time.

Later in the workshop we did a past life regression meditation and I saw one of them! It was sooo cool. I love your vibe girl, and I have been following you for a while. You have inspired me in a lot of ways, especially to have faith and trust in the universe and not work against myself so much. Thanks for this little nugget of inspiration to keep up my work with spirit guides! I love this!! I often see Archangel Michael in my meditations and often I hear the name Allegra.

I asked a friend who is a psychic medium and that is my spirit guide. I am very blessed to have them with me and they often send me numerical winks like What blessings and guidance! I will never forget our deep meditation at SJ2 at Kripalu this past year calling on our guides in such a divine and supported space. I saw a little girl and I knew she was my inner child, I felt the presence of my dad and learned the name of my other angel Caroline.

Spirit works through us all.

So beautiful. I love you dearly my teacher. Thanks so much for sharing this. I got hit by that truck a few months ago. Thankfully, I was fine with the exception of tiny glass scratches. It was a head-on side swipe collision, that had it been a couple inches closer, could have turned out deadly. Just seconds before this happened, a bright yellow wasp landed on my arm. I glanced at it, and felt a warm line of tingling up my arm and into my body, and a second later, I was being hit by the truck inching into my lane.

As I watched your video this morning, I realized I never shared that wasp story with anyone. There were so many things that happened, making me so strangely lucky to have not been severely injured. One that I keep thinking of is two side view mirrors flew into my rolled down van window and somehow both missed my head. I was lucky in more ways than one that day. That accident definitely triggered something inside me that called me to dive deeper into myself and get to work on a new level of me. Thanks for the reminder to listen to the inspiration of this wasp angel of mine. You said in the beginning that my guides may have directed me to your video and that is so true!!!

Thank you for the ideas I will definitely be trying them and learning my guides names!! Thank you, thank you thank you…..

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This is awesome! I love your work. Powerful names and symbols with stories that bring me the peace, hope, and sense of direction when I need.

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Most recently actually is a fairy! Children are magical, too. Sometimes I sense that my guide is working through someone I know to send me a message. Hi , I lost my brother a year ago today. I picked up a book last night message from you angles, I also took out a journal for first time too. I woke up this morning to pray and breath and being thinking about connecting with my guides. Tonight I opened up my mails and am feeling very blessed to receive your message, Thank you it a sign. I send you light , love and peace xox. Gabby, This was very helpful, as is your new book.

They were to our right your left by the window. I feel you have a strong spirit presence. Do you feel them with you all the time? You lucky girl! See you again soon! I just finished listening to Kyle Gray on hay house radio and walked thru a mediation on connecting to my angels and spirit guides. This was thee validation I needed.

As I was listening to your video I saw a rainbow, my sign!!! I am reading your book the universe has your back …. I got to the part ab picking a sign that the universe is with me.. It is butterflies. I look fwd to this process…. I actually did get to meet one of my Angels one day when the engine on my truck caught fire of course while I was out in the middle of nowhere with no one around. It was an experience that blew me away in a good way, I will always believe they surround me and protect me on a daily basis!

Have a Wonderful Day!! Do you have some advice as far as what I should be looking for? A specific TYPE of tree maybe? The Univers has your back is truly inspiring. Ive known way before reading it that I had amazing angels who protected me and loved me at all times.

Trust and have faith. As a mom of 4 kids and a dog. Its always been a challlange to find the time to sit, create a medidaton practice. So my intention each day would be with the time is right, I will medidate. I would love to have more of a solid practice, that is my hope for this year.

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I am very grateful for the way you explained this. I worked and learned with many healers, this was so nice, clean and simple. If any advice to a busy, mom, would be helpful. Thank you, I am so grateful for this. I have been connected with my guides. They have left me numerous feathers.

So, I know they are with me. What I am struggling with is when I meditate, I feel energy, the tingling, but my hands are always cold as ice. When I come out of meditation, I am cold to the bone, and it takes my a while to get back to feeling warm. Any suggestions? I use a blanket, and it helps some.. This video is what I love about you!!! Opening people up to knew possibilities!! Thankyou so much for this video!

I love these topics too and would love to hear more from you x. Love, love, love talking and learning about our angels and guides. And a great big thank you for your book, Universe…. It helped me finally get past some deep seeded blocks in my life that I had been praying to my guides and angels to help me with. I also see lights in different forms, but have never really known what they are. I do sense they are guides or helpers in some way like you say. Sat Nam, sister! Thank you and again and lots of love! So many messages that have been put in front of me lately relate to trust.

I hear you Universe! I see the tinsel light around me or nearby lots of time day and night and nearly always when I am doing yoga, meditating but so in the middle of any things even with others present and sometimes a lot bigger than tinsil unmistakable light. But I see only I can see it. They are blue and white. It started about a year now. Sometimes they are more frequent than other times and I can feel thankful but also afraid and confused but I want to know as it must mean something for me…. Best regards and warm hugs…..

Hey Jacqueline! Email support gabbybernstein. A few months ago I received a message that I was to write a book. I had never written one before, but who was I to question them? I felt so alive, peaceful and whole when writing. After a few months the manuscript was complete. My guides led me to a publisher who offered to publish my book within 2 weeks of receiving it! I never thought that I would become a published author, but it all happened so naturally and so easily. I encourage everyone to open up to the beings who surround you.

Let them into your life and hear what they have to say. Your life will never be the same. Thank you, Gabby! HI Kathy, I was so thrilled to read your message as I too have been inspired in the same way. I am still writing and planning but I wanted to congratulate you on listening and acting on that impulse to write. It is such a powerful way to communicate with Spirit. Your message must be a very powerful one that Spirit wants all of us to learn from. Can you share the name of your book with us?

It brought out the truth inside of me — thank you thank you thank you. Actually tolday when I was on the beach you popped into my mind and I thought- hmm I need some inspiration I wonder what Gabby is up to. Thanks for posting this video! When you started to talk about your guides I noticed a white light that enimated from the right side of the screen.

I saw the same light! And when you were talking about asking the name of your guide, the name Peter popped up. I have a question for you. I was wondering what the difference is between your inner guide and a guide outside yourself. Can you tell me? Hi Anne! Craziest thing.. She is beautiful!

If she is my spirit guide, I am so grateful. I love my Angel guides and communicate with them often but wish I was open to receiving their guidance always not just when I need help or support, my goal is to always be in communication with them. I got a notification email through about your Guides blog as I was speaking with my guides!

Amazing xxx. Thank you Gabby and guides! I needed this today. The name Marcel popped into my head first. Random but comforting. Quite some time ago I asked my guardian angels their names. What came to me was Ginger and Fred.

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Thanks Gaby. Antoinette Mary Lincoln Bologna, Italy. When you are talking about guides, the bright white light in the window at about moves. I definitely think that is a spiritual sign. Hey Gabby I wanted to know if age can effect the possibility of your spirit guide contacting you. I have tried multiple techniques to try to contact my spirit guide but all of them have failed. I imagine a green woman in a Roman toga and I believe it may be one of them.

Hi Alexa! If you feel comfortable inviting in your guides, I recommend first talking it over with a parent. Sometimes the guidance comes later sometime after meditating. Sending big hugs to you! I saw that as well! Maybe the sun and clouds doing a dance behind Gabby but I went with an angle or spirit guide saying hello to us listeners. I was just thinking the same thing as I saw the light changing behind Gabby in the video! There they are!!!! Oh my gosh!

So funny this was in my inbox. I have been trying to open up to my spirit guides and just last night, I received the name Obediah or Obadiah. Now if he can give me some much needed guidance as I am jobless and not sure what in the world to do. I know what I want but I cannot do it without a regular paying job. Oh help, sweet Obediah. So cool to know the name!!!

I have a whole slew of helpers — from Guides, Angels, Reiki Guide and helpers, I work with the archangels and ascended masters.

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Thank you for doing this video! I have been listening to an Audio book about ask your guides. Today when I opened my email I saw you video on ask you guides. I felt like it was very fitting to listen to your message today. Especially since I always do my Miracle morning and I usually read and draw Oracle or Tarot cards at this time. Oh my golly gosh!

I also burst into tears! Possibly things will turn out okay, maybe I am heading in the right direction…. Thank you Gabby, this came at absolutely the right moment for me, right when I am becoming very interested in connecting to my guides. I plan to get your book. Keep up the great Spirit! And thanks. I am so exited about my new journey. Good luck to you! And I wanted to tell you a team of 2 women have helped me a great deal. They have e a podcast that I listen to every chance I get.

They are also have a web page and a Facebook page. I think if you just search.. They are great! I have been seeing the same number my birthday numbers for a few months now and finally sat down yesterday to try and connect with my angel. I saw this post pop up in my email this morning and feel as if it is another sign to connect. This is all happening so fast, I feel as if they want me to reach out. Hopefully soon I will get a sign from them. In the meantime I will meditate and patiently wait. Hi Liz, Have you had any lucky connecting with your guide further?

I constantly see my birthday and have felt the presence of my guide but have been mediating to deepen the connection. Would love to hear about your continued work. Thanks for sharing this wisdom. I have your book but have not known where to get the free workshop if you can tell me how I would appreciate.

Much love April. You say that the first name that comes to our mind is the guide s name? Why is this? Can you explain a bit more pleas? I have known for years that I am guided and protected. However, your sharing of the twinkling lights, the sense of presence, the heat in the body…I feel tingling in my crown chakra were confirmed by you and am so grateful.

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This past year and into this year are huge changes for me…total re-orientation, re-invention of my life…. Thank you for putting it out to others so clearly! May we all be free! Hi, I was reading your comment about bread crumbs, et. I write about my bread crumb moments with spirit. Have a lovely reinvention! I have channeled like 3 times now and its been amazing experience. I wanna know your thoughts, is it just a name or it could have another meaning? The first day i channeled i had spontaneous hand gestures at my throat chakra dancing like.

Hi Amira!