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Fiesta Cristiana, Recursos Para La Adoracion: Resources for Worship

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Introduction to Christian Worship, Third Edition. This was approved at the General Conference in Denver in This was officially approved by the General Conference. These developments, and others, represent a promising effort by The United Methodist Church to "catch up" with the growing need for language appropriate and culturally relevant liturgical resources for an increasingly culturally diverse membership and constituency. Several sister denominations are responding in similar fashion. By affirming the development and use of culturally relevant worship resources, the whole church will be the beneficiary.

There is no serious student of the future who is not predicting dramatic changes in the demographic map of the United States. That future will require all churches to incorporate the gifts and traditions of native and immigrant communities in their practice of ministry. To do so will be a formula for faithful outreach to all people and an affirmation of the Gospel itself. The decision by Abingdon Press to undertake the publication of this resource is a continuation of hopeful signs that our denomination wants to be a vital part of the diverse and colorful future that awaits us all in the 21st century.

See "Additional Resources" for other materials. The requests, discussions and meetings that preceded the publication of this resource go back several years. This volume, Fiesta Cristiana, while not an official book of worship, is an attempt to produce a more comprehensive resource of liturgical offerings in Spanish for Hispanic congregations and ministries. This resource is also intentionally bilingual in order to facilitate the development of Hispanic ministries by local congregations and pastors whose primary language is English.

The title was chosen to underscore that worship is to be joyful.

Fiesta Cristiana, Recursos para la Adoración · Abingdon Press

A fiesta is an occasion of joyful celebration where music, dance, enthusiasm and participation are central. It is a life-affirming moment in a community's life. We believe the worship of the Living God who is creator, redeemer and sustainer of life should be all about fiesta, a rejoicing in the God of life. Thus, this offering seeks to respond to two recurring needs that were expressed in a wide variety of settings.

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The primary one was the request for a more comprehensive Spanish resource for pastors and worship planners. In response, the authors have developed and collected liturgical materials covering the Christian year, special days in the United Methodist calendar, and specific services and rites arising from the Hispanic worship experience. In addition, non-Hispanic congregations seeking to be in ministry with Hispanic people continually express the need for bilingual versions of services and rites.

Many of these resources have been adapted from the Worship Apprentice program developed at Calvin College. Topic Showcase December 02, A showcase on the concept of moral injury in war and the responses and tools of religious communities. Topic Showcase April 12, Topic Showcase November 20, The written communication of your congregation has great potential to bless members, newcomers, and the community. Your congregation has unique stories of the love and care of God.

Fiesta Cristiana

It is worth your while to evaluate and tweak current church content and write new materials. Doing so will help people grow together in becoming more like Christ.

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Topic Showcase May 02, Where does one begin when planning visuals for projection? Google searching images for a service can be daunting task with so much stuff to sift through. Topic Showcase April 13, This showcase will explore resources to help you think in new ways about your worship environment, the architecture and the permanent or temporary visual installations that can not only enhance our praise and prayer but be praise and prayer.

Topic Showcase February 29, Vertical Habits is a name given to the process of connecting words used in our relationship with people with words used to express these emotions to God. The biblical Psalms are the foundational mentor and guide in this vocabulary and grammar for worship. Topic Showcase January 10, The Psalms are a font of inspiration, encouragement, and instruction in the life of both public and private prayer.