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9780801413421 - Fighting for Life: Contest, Sexuality, and Consciousness by Walter J Ong

We also have a link to buy the Books on Amazon if you would like to. However, the European captivity of Christianity is over with. Hilaire Belloc's statement that "the Church is Europe: and Europe is the Church" sounds today not only chauvinistic but also quaint. And American Jesuits and many other American Christians of countless denominations are living as permanent members of dioceses or other ecclesial groups far beyond the United States and across the world.

The term "Catholic," already featured in the very early Church's creeds, today can refer more to present actuality and less to a promising future than it used to. Today Christianity is discernibly "through-the-whole"—a better definition of "Catholic" than "universal" is. Also today, together with the globalization of Christianity, we find a global enlargement of literature and of scholarship relevant to literature.

Today's multicultural study of verbalization through orality into literacy, typography, and now electronic culture opens ways for dealing with a far greater spread of various kinds of verbalization in worldwide cultures than was possible in the past, when we were more at ease with the seemingly simple term "literature" than we can be today.

Fighting for Life

Of its very nature, Christianity engages verbal art forms of all sorts in all these cultures—oral, literate, partly oral and partly literate, typographical, and electronic. We do not know how to describe and discuss such varied engagement perfectly or even adequately although we have better physical and noetic equipment for trying to do so than ever before. One of our problems is the dismaying overabundance of information here as elsewhere in our electronic information age.

However, if today we feel oppressed with our pullulating information overload we can turn from scholarship to the Bible itself. The human authors of the Bible did not have at all very circumstantial concepts of what God's creation as a physical whole added up to.

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But they did proclaim and still do proclaim clearly that everything in creation, however vast creation turns out to be, comes ultimately from God. God's creation, we are aware today, of course includes computers, which are not phenomena tacked onto God's creation, to be identified as something extraneous, gingerly labeled "the marvels of modern science.

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  • Interest in the study of Christianity and literature proceeds with a new and awesome particularity into a future which is still God's own. Ken Wilber - - Shambhala Publications. William James - - Harvard University Press. Sex, Gender, and Science. Myra J. Hird - - Palgrave-Macmillan. Todd K.

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