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They also talk about what they are excited for on Free Comic Book Day. All of this plus a couple figure reviews. So kick back and enjoy a real episode of Star Joes!! No, your eyes and ears do not deceive you. Both of the guys grew up with younger sisters and these properties were plentiful in their homes, so they figured, why not cover them?? While they are covering a more gentile property, make no mistake, this is not an episode for the kiddies.

Have fun as the guys get in touch with the more feminine sides of their childhoods. MistyLook made free by Web Hosting Bluebook. Home Jedi Council. Joe, and everything in between.

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Issue 180

Feed on Posts. Star Joes. Loading Downloads. Joe special team Battleforce was introduced in time for Christmas. The toyline continued to sell well, despite its lack of multimedia support. A new enemy, Destro's Iron Grenadiers , was introduced. The new Cobra line-up was composed mainly of Viper -type henchmen. Issue 86 of the comic series celebrated the 25th anniversary of the G. Joe toyline in general. Another G. Joe sub-group, Tiger Force, a line of classic characters and vehicles re-colored with tiger-striped camouflage patterns, was introduced before the year's end.

Classic character played a factor in The lackluster performance of convinced Hasbro to scale back on production. They concentrated on the action figure line-up and reduced the number of new vehicles for that year. The logo for the toyline was slightly redesigned as well. Hasbro concentrated on action figures rather than vehicles and came up with new gimmicks for them. In the final two years of the line, characters who were not part of any sub-group were branded as part of the all-encompassing Battle Corps. The background artwork for the cards was replaced by a design featuring laser-like lines.

The Star Brigade sub-series was revamped with a more science-fiction storyline involving an extraterrestrial enemy, the Lunartix Empire. Joe line up in , as Hasbro bought the toy rights to the characters. Although the line would officially end in , design elements of the G. Joe figures and vehicles would continue in later toylines, such as a line based on the Street Fighter motion picture, as well as another based on the game's equally popular competitor, Mortal Kombat. Striker vehicle was also converted to accommodate larger figures for Hasbro's Stargate line.

In , G. Joe returned in a limited Toys "R" Us exclusive line. The Real American Hero Collection, as it is called, included Team Packs of three figures grouped together by a common theme such as Commando and Cobra Command, and Mission Packs, which featured classic figures packaged with a small vehicle like a Cobra Flight Pod or Silver Mirage motorcycle. The "Stars and Stripes" boxed set was also released, featuring members of the original thirteen Joes from The line continued as a Toys "R" Us exclusive in One of the rarest G. The PDD figure was so named for the fact that it had leopard-print accents on Destro's legs and his famous open collar.

Only a handful were released into the market, with only one verifiable version mint in box and two loose versions known to be in existence. It is believed that the versions of PDD that made it to market were production samples as opposed to true variants that were changed prior to release and thus and were not meant to be seen by the public. Figures were sold in two packs and continued using the original molds as well as 'kit-bashed' figures made from parts of various molds.

In , the line was limited to one wave, which was only available to online retailers. Hasbro announced the release of G. Joe 25th Anniversary Edition figures, which features figures primarily based on A Real American Hero designs but with updated sculpting. The line continued through and In , a new series of figures were released, including characters from the G. Joe: Renegades cartoon series, and modernized updates of older characters.

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Prototypes of the Hasbro Jurassic Park line used repainted 3. Joe figures and vehicles nicknamed "Joe-Rassic Park" among collectors. One view was that they were conceptual mock-ups and stand-ins for the real product being designed. Another is that it was part of a pivoting reboot of the Jurassic Park line using G. Joe -style figures that would be cross-compatible with the G.

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Joe line. A less-articulated 3. In , to celebrate the 50th anniversary of G. Joe, a new series of figures were released, featuring more updates and modernizations to characters. In when Hasbro relaunched their G. Joe franchise with G. The comic book history of G. Joe: A Real American Hero has seen three separate publishers and four main-title series, all of which have been based on the Hasbro toy line of the same name. The first series was produced by Marvel Comics between and , running for issues and spawning several spin-off titles throughout the course of its run.

The second and third series, published by Devil's Due Productions from to , totaled 80 issues and included several spin-off titles as well. Joe writer Larry Hama. In , a cereal based on G. Joe was released called Action Stars Cereal. There were multiple variations of the cereal box, each featuring a different character from the G. Joe collection drawn in an action pose. The cereal was said to have tasted like Cap'n Crunch. A television commercial for the cereal depicted a boy making his way to a bowl of cereal led by the character Duke.

After eating the cereal, the boy flies into the air following another G. Joe character named Starduster. Of interesting note to G.


Joe fans and collectors, this was the only time that the action-figure Starduster appeared in animated form. He was never part of the cartoon television series. In , the last wish of a West Virginia boy dying from brain cancer was to be a "G. Joe" for a day. Jeff ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see G. Joe: A Real American Hero disambiguation.

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Main article: G. Main articles: G. Chicago Tribune. Retrieved Joe 'series". USA Today. Joe Comic Book". Retrieved April 2, Jim Shooter. Archived from the original on 10 December Retrieved 28 July Joe: Order of Battle.

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