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Occasionally, we met British soldiers who provided us with transport, found us refuge and treated our blistered feet and bruised bodies and fed us. By the time we reached Dibrugarh in Assam , our group had been reduced to half. Some had fallen ill and been left behind, some had died of starvation and disease.

My mother miscarried along the way. The survivors were admitted to the Dibrugarh hospital for treatment. Mother and I had been virtually reduced to skeletons and my brother's condition was critical. We spent two months in hospital. When we recovered, we moved to Calcutta, and sadly my brother died there due to smallpox". She quit her schooling to support her family because her mother's salary as a nurse was not enough to feed a family of four. Helen was introduced to Bollywood when a family friend, an actress known as Cukoo , helped her find jobs as a chorus dancer in the films Shabistan and Awara She was soon working regularly and was featured as a solo dancer in films such as Alif Laila and Hoor-e-Arab After that, offers started pouring in throughout the s and s.

During her initial career, Geeta Dutt sang many songs for her. The Bollywood playback singer Asha Bhosle also frequently sang for Helen, particularly during the s and the early s. In Helen was given India's Filmfare lifetime achievement award. Helen officially retired from movies in , but she has since then appeared in a few guest roles such as Khamoshi: The Musical and Mohabbatein She also appeared in Humko Deewana Kar Gaye in She performed onstage in London, Paris, and Hong Kong.

Anthony Korner directed and narrated the film. Helen appeared as a judge in the semifinals and finals of India's Dancing Queen television series. In , Helen married Salim Khan , a prominent Bollywood screenplay writer. Khan was already married and the father of four children; Helen joined the Khan family and had a large role along with Khan and his first wife Salma in keeping the family united. All of Helen's step-children have bonded closely with her, and Helen is almost invariably accompanied in public appearances by Salma Khan, Salim's first wife. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Rangoon , British Burma now Yangon , Myanmar. Salim Khan m. They say that this Polyxo desired to avenge the death of Tlepolemus on Helen, now that she had her in her power. So she sent against her when she was bathing handmaidens dressed up as Furies , who seized Helen and hanged her on a tree, and for this reason the Rhodians have a sanctuary of Helen of the Tree. Tlepolemus was a son of Heracles and Astyoche.

Astyoche was a daughter of Phylas, King of Ephyra who was killed by Heracles. Tlepolemus was killed by Sarpedon on the first day of fighting in the Iliad. Nicostratus was a son of Menelaus by his concubine Pieris, an Aetolian slave. Megapenthes was a son of Menelaus by his concubine Tereis, no further origin. In Euripides 's tragedy The Trojan Women , Helen is shunned by the women who survived the war and is to be taken back to Greece to face a death sentence.

This version is contradicted by two of Euripides' other tragedies Electra , which predates The Trojan Women, and Helen , as Helen is described as being in Egypt during the events of the Trojan War in each. From Antiquity, depicting Helen would be a remarkable challenge. The story of Zeuxis deals with this exact question: how would an artist immortalize ideal beauty? The ancient world starts to paint Helen's picture or inscribe her form on stone, clay and bronze by the 7th century BC. Her legs were the best; her mouth the cutest.

There was a beauty-mark between her eyebrows. Helen is frequently depicted on Athenian vases as being threatened by Menelaus and fleeing from him. This is not the case, however, in Laconic art: on an Archaic stele depicting Helen's recovery after the fall of Troy, Menelaus is armed with a sword but Helen faces him boldly, looking directly into his eyes; and in other works of Peloponnesian art, Helen is shown carrying a wreath, while Menelaus holds his sword aloft vertically.

In contrast, on Athenian vases of c. The abduction by Paris was another popular motif in ancient Greek vase-painting ; definitely more popular than the kidnapping by Theseus. In a famous representation by the Athenian vase painter Makron , Helen follows Paris like a bride following a bridegroom, her wrist grasped by Paris' hand.

In Renaissance painting, Helen's departure from Sparta is usually depicted as a scene of forcible removal rape by Paris. This is not, however, the case with certain secular medieval illustrations. Artists of the s and s were influenced by Guido delle Colonne 's Historia destructionis Troiae , where Helen's abduction was portrayed as a scene of seduction.

In the Florentine Picture Chronicle Paris and Helen are shown departing arm in arm, while their marriage was depicted into Franco-Flemish tapestry. Helen is also conjured by Faust in Goethe's Faust. In Pre-Raphaelite art, Helen is often shown with shining curly hair and ringlets. Other painters of the same period depict Helen on the ramparts of Troy, and focus on her expression: her face is expressionless, blank, inscrutable.

The major centers of Helen's cult were in Laconia. At Sparta, the urban sanctuary of Helen was located near the Platanistas, so called for the plane trees planted there. This practice is referenced in the closing lines of Lysistrata , where Helen is said to be the "pure and proper" leader of the dancing Spartan women. Theocritus conjures the song epithalamium Spartan women sung at Platanistas commemorating the marriage of Helen and Menelaus: [70]. We first a crown of low-growing lotus having woven will place it on a shady plane-tree. First from a silver oil-flask soft oil drawing we will let it drip beneath the shady plane-tree.

Letters will be carved in the bark, so that someone passing by may read in Doric: "Reverence me. I am Helen's tree. Helen's worship was also present on the opposite bank of Eurotas at Therapne , where she shared a shrine with Menelaus and the Dioscuri. The shrine has been known as "Menelaion" the shrine of Menelaus , and it was believed to be the spot where Helen was buried alongside Menelaus. Despite its name, both the shrine and the cult originally belonged to Helen; Menelaus was added later as her husband. Clader argues that, if indeed Helen was worshiped as a goddess at Therapne, then her powers should be largely concerned with fertility, [72] or as a solar deity.

Nilsson has argued that the cult in Rhodes has its roots to the Minoan, pre-Greek era, when Helen was allegedly worshiped as a vegetation goddess. Helen frequently appeared in Athenian comedies of the fifth century BC as a caricature of Pericles 's mistress Aspasia. In Faust: The Second Part of the Tragedy , the union of Helen and Faust becomes a complex allegory of the meeting of the classical-ideal and modern worlds. Lewis includes a fragment entitled "After Ten Years". In Egypt after the Trojan War, Menelaus is allowed to choose between the real, disappointing Helen and an ideal Helen conjured by Egyptian magicians.

John Erskine 's bestselling novel The Private Life of Helen of Troy portrayed Helen as a "sensible, bourgeois heroine", [80] but the silent film of the same name , directed by Alexander Korda , transformed Helen into "a shopaholic fashion maven". It was filmed in Italy, and featured well-known British character actors such as Harry Andrews , Cedric Hardwicke , and Torin Thatcher in supporting roles.

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Helen is caring and enthusiastic. She was the most popular girl in the academy and Adonis' girlfriend. Helen tries her best to keep Adonis from behaving stupidly, but mostly fails. She likes Hercules but as a friend. She is a princess as in the myth but is not a half-sister of Hercules in the series.

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She was voiced by Jodi Benson. A television version of Helen's life up to the fall of Troy, Helen of Troy , in which she was played by Sienna Guillory. In this version, Helen is depicted as unhappy in her marriage and willingly runs away with Paris, with whom she has fallen in love, but still returns to Menelaus after Paris dies and Troy falls. Helen was portrayed by Diane Kruger in the film Troy. In this adaptation, as in the television version, she is unhappily married to Menelaus and willingly leaves with Paris, whom she loves.

However, in this version she does not return to Sparta with Menelaus who is killed by Hector , but escapes Troy with Paris and other survivors when the city falls. Jacob M. Inspired by the line, "Was this the face that launched a thousand ships? In the episode, Helen is an anachronism and appears in s Hollywood. She lands a job as an actress and unintentionally starts a war between two film studios. The Legends travel to the s and try to get Helen back to the Bronze Age.

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She regretfully goes along telling the team she wishes to stay away. After analyzing historical records of her impact on history, Zari Tomaz finds the best time to take her away from the fighting of her time and takes her to Themyscira. In it he addresses many aspects of the Helen myth and contrasts her with the seer Cassandra. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Helen of Troy disambiguation. For the play by Jacob M. Appel, see Helen of Sparta play.

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Main article: Suitors of Helen. See also: Judgement of Paris. This parallel is suggestive of a Proto-Indo-European abduction myth. On the other hand, at Corinth , there is evidence of Helen without a digamma. Skutsch Helen , f. The relation with Selene is quite possible. Retrieved The athleticism of women was exaggerated.

The Walters Art Museum. The New York Times. Retrieved July 11, The New Yorker. Washington, D. Iphigenia in Aulis. Helen of Troy. In Herodotus' account the Trojans swore to the Greek envoys that Helen was in Egypt, not in Troy; but the Greeks did not believe them, and laid siege to the city, until they took it. II, 2—4. III, The Tragedy of Hector. XXIV, — Metamorphoses of Helen. VI, —, — See, inter alia , Aristophanes, Lysistrata , ; Little Iliad , fr.

Cicero De Inventione , 2. History of the Fall of Troy A short prose work which purports to be a first hand account of the Trojan War by Dares, a Trojan priest of Hephaestus in the Iliad. For a criticism of the theory that Helen was worshiped as a goddess in Therapne, see Edmunds, Helen's Divine Origins , 20— Meagher, University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst See also Edmunds, Helen's Divine Origins , 26— Meagher The Meaning of Helen , 43 f.

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