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Living a double life can be perilous. Especially when you find a man so intriguing, Especially when you find a man so intriguing, so compelling, that his very presence leaves one shaking with desire and emotions never before experienced. Antonia Attracelli experiences this, plus so much more, on Seducing his Wife. Love at first sight I wanted all of the ending.

Axel did surprise me though as he had learned something from his previous experience and Kiera did as well. One person found this helpful. What did you like?

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I really like this series. The brothers have such a great relationship between them. The heroines are a great support group for each other. This is the second book in the series and I can't wait for the next book. The hero and heroine were seperated for six years which is hard on their hearts. I will say that I am glad that they were because they owed it to themselves to pursue their dreams and grow into their own. Now that the heroine was able to prove herself she is ready, wherea before she wouldn't have been.

I love the way they argue, it's hilarious. The alpha attitude is especially cute when thwarted. What did you not like? There was some grammar and spelling errors, not enough to detract from the story, but they were noticed. Would you recommend this book?

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Absolutely, while you can read this book as a standalone, the characters are very interconnected and the series would be better enjoyed together. I already reviewed the entire series of books by Elizabeth Lennox I purchased Kindle version to be boring, juvenile, predictable, did I say boring? I'm deleting them without reading any more from my Kindle. I gave two stars instead of one only because there must be some redeeming qualities I'm missing?

Others, including my friend, seem to like her writing. First let me say that I loved traveling along with Kiera and Axel. It was wonderful watching a love that seemed lost become a love found again. Axel is big, strong and imposing. Kiera is not a doormat, she is no fluffbrain. She gives as good as she gets. This adds to the rebuilding and fireworks.

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This couple is perfect for one another. Second, I highly recommend this book. It is part of a series but can stand alone though a warning - you may end up like me and become obsessed with this author. Unfortunately, proof reading was not used. Sentences are written with words missing or incorrect, his brothers suddenly become hers, and my favorite: during a yoga move Kiera's but was up in the air.

Yes, her but not her butt. Maybe this is a new portion of the anatomy previously unnoticed.

Anyway, getting past the typos is the only reason I did not give this book a full five stars. I suggest you read past them and enjoy. The Thorpe Brothers novels each stand alone. I enjoyed both of those books more. Kiera and Axel had fallen in love in Washington DC but separated Keira to get her Law degree and Axel to join his brothers in their law firm in Chicago. Now 6 years later Kieran has joined the firm.

I think the story needed more time it was rushed in parts and as a result lost the rhythm. Kiera is a rising attorney who just joined the law firm. Axel is one of the partners of the firm. Both chose their careers over a life with each other six years ago, will they make the same mistake or will love win out this time around?

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This is a good romance with very likeable, strong characters, and light sex scenes. I would love to rate this story higher because it has moments where there are great conversations between characters but there is too much of the book that is descriptive or in the characters' head for me. Falling For The Boss. Billionaire's Terms Prison or Passion. The Sheik's Unfinished Business. The Sheik's Sensuous Trap. The Italian's Bedroom Deal. The Tycoon's Seduction Plan. The Sheik's Missing Bride.

The Billionaire's Runaway Bride. The Intimate Intricate Rescue. Risky Negotiations.