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Theory of games and economic behavior. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Contributions to game theory: analyses of conflict and cooperation.

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Replicating online yankee auctions to analyze auctioneers' and bidders' strategies. Information Systems Research, 14 3 , Barkhi, R. Information exchange and induced cooperation in group decision support systems. Communication Research, 32 5 , Bichler, M. Introduction: Theory and application of electronic market design. Electronic Commerce Research, 1 3 , Methodologies for the design of negotiation protocols on E-markets.

Computer Networks, 37 2 , Butterfield, J.

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Analyzing information system investments: A game-theoretic approach. Information Systems Management, 18 3 , Chiang, W. Direct marketing, indirect profits: A strategic analysis of dual-channel supply-chain design. Management Science, 49 1 , 1. Clemons, K, E. Limits to interfirm coordination through information technology: Results of a field study in consumer packaged goods distribution.

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Annals of Information Systems

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Annals of Information Systems

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