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She plucked at the fringe of her shawl, and Colonel Ferrers waited, though with a kindling eye. Earlier "a setting alight" c. Figurative use from c.

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Intransitive sense "to begin to burn, to catch fire" is from c. Related: Kindled ; kindling. Influenced in form, and sometimes in Middle English in sense, with kindel "to give birth" of animals , "bring forth, produce" c. Nearby words kindjal , kindle , kindless , kindlessly , kindliness , kindling , kindly , kindness , kindred , kindred spirit , kindu.

Origin of kindling Middle English word dating back to —; see origin at kindle 1 , -ing 1. Synonym study 1—3. Kindle, ignite, inflame literally mean to set something on fire.

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To kindle is to cause something gradually to begin burning; it is often used figuratively: to kindle logs; to kindle someone's interest. To ignite is to set something on fire with a sudden burst of flame; it too is often used figuratively: to ignite straw; to ignite dangerous hatreds.

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Inflame is most often used figuratively, meaning to intensify, excite, or rouse: to inflame passions. Origin of kindle 2 —; Middle English kindelen, v. These preferences are largely invisible to others and even to ourselves. Each of us has ways our brain works when thinking and working on problems. You need to place them incrementally and strategically upon the kindling and then nurture the fire until the largest pieces of wood are burning. The bigger pieces of wood are what make the flame burn bright and dance for our eyes.

They provide sustainability. People need to be nurtured and led to success.

The Fire Within

They need to understand many things, including:. Oxygen: Oxygen is fuel for fire. Firefighters gauge the wind on an hourly basis — the higher the wind, the higher the flame. And part of the reason for the invention of the bellows was to bring oxygen to fire.

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They are the things that will determine if the group is motivated throughout, or only in starts and stops. The oxygen of groups include many elements, but especially these three things:. Goals — Show that what the group is doing is important and making a difference. Set goals that matter both to the organization and the group.

Leadership — Have the leader or leadership be an asset: support and motivate the group. Culture — Make it visible. What is the culture of the group? How is it conducive for motivation? If necessary, how can we shift the culture?

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