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This album meditates on this experience that we all share, when a wellspring of thoughts inside you drowns your ability to articulate them — when words fail — by both considering existing repertoire in the context of 'wordless song' and through two new works by Michael Gandolfi and Timo Andres that highlight this never-ending, timeless struggle. Felix Mendelssohn - Songs Without Words arr. Friedrich Hermann 1. Gustav Mahler - Adagietto from Symphony No. Robert Wittinger. Timo Andres - Words Fail Listen. Fritz Kreisler.

Sergei Prokofiev - Five Melodies Op. I - Andante 9. II - Lento, ma non troppo IMSLP does not assume any sort of legal responsibility or liability for the consequences of downloading files that are not in the public domain in your country. Naxos Javascript not enabled. Duration 13 minutes Composer Time Period Comp. Melodies ; Songs ; For voice, piano ; For voices with keyboard ; Scores featuring the voice ; Scores featuring the piano. Contents 1 Performances 1. Part 2: "A-a Tableau 1. Tableau 1 - Scene 1. Tableau 2. Tableau 2 - Scene 1: "Na cto mne ray".

Tableau 2 - Scene 1: "Net! Epilogue: "A-a Elegie in E flat minor, Op. Melodie in E Major, Op. Polichinelle in F sharp minor, Op. Serenade in B flat minor, Op.

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Bacarolle in G minor, Op. Humoresque in G, Op. Prelude in G Minor, Op. The Star-Spangled Banner Arr. Sergey Vasil'yevich Rachmaninov. Vladimir Ashkenazy, Rob Cowan. English French. One of Ashkenazy's first projects as conductor was the complete symphonies with the Concertgebouw Orchestra: Fabulous recordings that have rarely been bettered and they still sound glorious. His feeling for this music goes deep and gives the set a wonderful consistency.

A really rewarding collection and a real bargain.

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Albums correspondants. Release 01 Sep. Theme andante 2. Variation 2 l'istesso tempo 4. Variation 3 tempo di menuetto 5. Variation 4 andante 6. Variation 5 allegro 7. Variation 6 l'istesso tempo 8. Variation 7 vivace 9. Variation 8 adagio misterioso Variation 10 allegro scherzando Variation 11 allegro vivace Variation 12 l'istesso tempo Variation 13 agitato Intermezzo a tempo rubato Variation 14 andante Variation 15 l'istesso tempo Variation 16 allegro vivace Variation 17 meno mosso Variation 18 allegro con brio Allegro agitato Non allegro - Lento Allegro moderato 3.

Lento 4. Fragments Piano by Rachmaninov 1. Preludio 2. Gavotte 3. Rachmaninoff 4. Rachmaninoff 5. Rachmaninoff 6. Rachmaninoff 7.

Words Fail

Rachmaninov Franz Behr - Arranged by S. Rachmaninov for piano Arr. Barcarolle Scherzo Russian Theme Waltz Romance Barcarolle 2. A night for love 3. Tears 4. Introduction Alla marcia 6. Waltz Presto 7. Romance Andantino 8. Non allegro Nocturne Morceaux de Salon, Op. Valse Morceaux de Salon, Op.

Barcarolle Morceaux de Salon, Op. Humoreske Morceaux de Salon, Op. Romanze Morceaux de Salon, Op. Mazurka Three Nocturnes 9. Nocturne in F Three Nocturnes Nocturne in C minor Three Nocturnes Nocturne in F sharp minor Song Without Words D Minor Fugue D minor Four Pieces originally Op. Romance Four Pieces originally Op. Prelude Four Pieces originally Op. Gavotte Prelude in F Morceau de Fantaisie in G minor "Delmo" Fughetta in F Oriental Sketch Lento - Allegro moderato 2. Allegro scherzando 3. Andante 4.

Allegro mosso Heinrich Schiff, Elisabeth Leonskaja 5. Melodie on a theme by Rachmaninov Sergey Vasil'yevich Rachmaninov - 8. Lied in F Minor 9. Quasi variazione 4.

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Romance String Quartet No. Romance 5. Allegro moderato String Quartet No. Rachmaninoff 8. Prayer Molitva Ne poy, krasavitsa Six Songs, Op. Uzh ty niva moya Twelve Songs, Op. Zdes khorosho Six Songs, Op. Nochyu v sadu u menya Six Songs, Op. K ney Six Songs, Op. Margaritki Six Songs, Op. Krysolov Six Songs, Op. Son Six Songs, Op.

Muza Fourteen Songs, Op. Burya Fourteen Songs, Op. Ty znal yevo Fourteen Songs, Op. Sey den ya pomnyu Fourteen Songs, Op. Kakoye schastye Fourteen Songs, Op.

Dissonans Fourteen Songs, Op. Vocalise Six Songs, Op. V molchan'i nochi taynoy Six Songs, Op. Davno l, moy drug Six Songs, Op. Polyubila ya na pechal svoyu Six Songs, Op. Son Twelve Songs, Op. Ya zhdu tebya Twelve Songs, Op. Ostrovok Twelve Songs, Op. Eti letniye nochi Twelve Songs, Op. Tebya tak lyubyat vse Twelve Songs, Op. Sudba Fourteen Songs, Op. Veter perelyotny Fourteen Songs, Op. Arion Fourteen Songs, Op. Voskresheniye Lazarya Fourteen Songs, Op.

Muzyka Twelve Songs, Op. Nad svezhey mogiloy Twelve Songs, Op. Sumerki Twelve Songs, Op.

Argerich and Kremer play Prokofiev Melodies Op.35bis

Oni otvechali Twelve Songs, Op. Siren Twelve Songs, Op. Odinochestvo Twelve Songs, Op. Na smert chizhika Twelve Songs, Op. Melodiya Twelve Songs, Op. Pred ikonoy Twelve Songs, Op. Ya ne prorok Twelve Songs, Op. Kak mne bolno Fifteen Songs, Op.

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K detyam Fifteen Songs, Op. U moyevo okna Fifteen Songs, Op. Fontan Fifteen Songs, Op. Noch pechalna Fifteen Songs, Op. Koltso Ya tebe nichevo ne skazu Opyat vstrepenulos ti, serdtse Smerkalos Six Songs, Op. Utro Six Songs, Op.

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Kak tsvetok ty prekrasna Six Songs, Op. Duma Six Songs, Op. Molitva Twelve Songs, Op. Davno v lyubvi Twelve Songs, Op. Ya byl u ney Fifteen Songs, Op. Yest mnogo zvukov Fifteen Songs, Op. Vsyo otnyal u menya Fifteen Songs, Op. Pokinem, milaya Fifteen Songs, Op. Ona, kak pol'den khorosha Twelve Songs, Op. V moyey dushe Twelve Songs, Op. Vchera my vstretilis Fifteen Songs, Op. Prokhodit vsyo Fourteen Songs, Op. V dushe u kazhdovo iz nas Fourteen Songs, Op.

Khorugv svyashchennuyu U vrat obiteli svyatoy Pesnya razocharovannova Uvyal tsvetok Noch' Stanislavkomu Vivace 2. Andante 3. Allegro vivace Piano Concerto No. Allegro vivace Alla breve 5. Largo 6. Allegro vivace Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. Theme 9. Variation 2 Variation 3 Variation 4 Variation 5 Variation 6 Variation 7 Variation 8 Variation 9 Variation 10