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You might sometimes get stuck trying to solve a puzzle before the plot has advanced sufficiently to let you do so, for example.

Diluted bitumen unsafe in any waters and should be banned

Item combinations that should work produce no meaningful effect. And some puzzles are a bit silly at one point, we have to search the whole town for a dime to use in a payphone. All the action takes place within the town of Thimbleweed Park itself, but the game world is big enough to keep you engaged.

The level of detail in the game is astonishing, and much of it is in service to the fans and backers of the game. For example, the in-game phone book contains the names of all backers above a certain level, and each of them had the option to record a spoken! That said, beyond details and Easter eggs, the replay value of the game is limited.

If you enjoyed the point-and-click games of the late s and early s, then buying this game is a no-brainer. It stands on its own and delivers an interesting story and a lot of classic adventure puzzle fun. The game might have been better with fewer playable characters and a more coherent story to connect them to each other — Day of the Tentacle got that balance exactly right, while Thimbleweed Park falls a little short in that regard.

You can play the originals through ScummVM and in some cases buy modern remastered versions. My personal recommendation would be to play in this order:. As this list shows, I consider Thimbleweed Park to be a proper addition to this ensemble of games. Sure, markdown is pretty easy to learn , but the more complex a document gets, the higher the cognitive load of translating mentally between markdown and the formatted result.

There are lots of neat little tricks that make the editor pleasurable to use. While this may initially be confusing, as you anticipate this behavior, you can adjust your workflow and get a small productivity benefit:. The editor supports markup extensions such as math and tables. You may have to turn off some of these features if they interfere with regular writing. With 2. Science News has been in print since by the Society for Science and the Public.

As the name suggests, Science News focused on giving updates on the latest scientific discoveries, but that includes some in-depth feature stories, as well. A print edition is issued every two weeks. Unlike the main site, its articles never get paywalled. Ajmera brings impressive nonprofit credentials to the job: as a year-old, she founded the Global Fund for Children , which has since grown into a large international grant-making organization.

Despite the growth in digital readers, the magazine operates at a loss. Its articles are typically written in a lighthearted tone, e.

Dengue is a bit of a homebody. The articles are typically short and illustrated, making the key conclusions easy to grasp. Some might find its approach here a bit anemic and suffering from false balance , especially when considering the planetary stakes on issues like climate change. Then and now: Science News in vs. The color scheme is a bit too low-contrast; some of the grey-on-grey text is difficult to read even without vision problems. The site works fine without JavaScript and on mobile devices.

Each story features a Disqus -powered comments section, and the Science News staff does moderate comments that violate its policies. Its coverage avoids controversy, meaning that you may need to look elsewhere for background science on highly politicized topics like abortion, or for debunking pseudoscience. Organizationally, the Society shows all the signs of a well-run traditional nonprofit, and its Annual Reports give a good overview of its activities.

It would be good to see the organization experiment with models that enable it to keep more of its articles freely available. The final rating is 4 out of 5 stars — Science News offers good summaries, but for depth and breadth, you may want to complement it with other science-focused sources. The small crew of the International Space Station is tasked with analyzing a sample returned from Mars. The sample contains living cells capable of developing into a multi-cellular organism, and said organism quickly starts causing trouble. The first half of the movie works reasonably well, but the careless actions of the main characters and the predictable use of various horror tropes turn the movie into forgettable fare.

The creature itself is interesting enough; the battle of wits between it and the bumbling astronauts that man the station makes one wonder whether Earth might not be better off being taken over by the critters. I found Ariyon Bakare most memorable as biologist Hugh Derry, but the script stopped short of giving him anything interesting to do. There are many stories about alien life that still deserve telling; this one we could have done without. One of its most amazing features is that you can basically throw at it anything, and it will try to help you: voice, drawings, English words, Japanese words either in any Japanese writing system or using the Latin alphabet and even full phrases!

But for this reviewer, perhaps this most interesting aspect is how Jisho pulls together a bunch of free culture projects to deliver an amazing product. Jisho is a great testament to the power of a free commons. Having said that, it is with a heavy heart that one realizes that Jisho itself it not free-as-in-freedom. The developers have freed some related tools used in the making of the website, but not the thing itself, which is quite disappointing.

Which regions will be hit hardest? Which natural disasters can be attributed to climate change? Do positive effects outweigh negative ones in some regions? To tell this story accurately requires grappling with the latest scientific findings. Sometimes the truth gets lost in translation, and important findings may be missed. Moreover, traditional media prefer reporting on the human drama of the moment crime, politics, etc.

Is there a better way? Climate Central combines climate science and climate journalism in a single nonprofit organization. It is less focused on the politics of climate change than, say, InsideClimate News review , but it does cover policy interventions, as well.

  1. Please, Step into my Office.
  2. Vancouver voters dodged their own disaster.
  3. How to Win in the 21st Century and Win Well: Rule the Zeitgeist!;
  4. Im All Alone.
  5. With Sacred Honor Chapters 25-29!
  6. Keep Environmental Journalism Alive;
  7. Artificial Believers: The Ascription of Belief!

Most of this funding comes from foundations, but the organization also lists government agencies such as NASA and the US Department of Energy among its supporters. Granting that Climate Central is an unsual organization, the Union of Concerned Scientists based in Cambridge, MA — not much less expensive than Princeton may serve as a useful additional benchmark. Importantly, it highlights some landmark EPA settlements and the complexity of cross-state pollution by large corporations, which refutes the idea that a state-level regulatory approach is sufficient.

Again, the article is neutrally written and cites multiple voices, largely focusing on expert opinion. Climate Central includes its own simplified version of the NOAA chart see below and adds useful additional data and context.

Category: Environment

The NOAA version of the chart vs. To simplify it, Climate Central removed tick marks, labels for in-between years, and year average bars, and highlighted the most recent years. The most idiosyncratic of these changes is the removal of the year labels; most publications show at least some in-between year markers for time series data NYT example , Vox example , Bloomberg example. Beyond its news feed, Climate Central makes efforts to translate its own research into explanatory journalism.

The Dilbit Disaster: Inside The Biggest Oil Spill You've Never Heard Of | InsideClimate News

Sea Level Rise is one such example project. Perhaps to make up for that, a large story carousel features the latest headlines. While much more visually appealing than Climate Central, it does not appear to have much of an audience yet. Also the rupture with kinder morgan a few years back when an excavator punctured the line. How many times does it take to wake up and realize the potential loaded gun here.

Very well done Rafe give em snoose as my old Grampa used to say! Never say whoa in a tight spot! Thumbs up Rafe , time to get this province back on track and put the respect back in to what we have. The province and environment first , whatever government we may bitch at or dislike should be made to swear to it. You nailed it again Rafe! Says you. Judging by the tide of comments here and on social media, your opinion on Rafe is in the minority.

Thanking you from Alaska, Rafe. Cordova, Alaska. Prince William Sound, Alaska. Spills… what an insipid little word to use for such a life and soul-sucking poisonous sludge when it escapes containment in toxic massive quantities. All for political survival. Or so it would appear.

A recommended source of daily watchdog journalism on climate change and green power

Rage on, B. One Coast, One People. All the way to the Arctic Ocean. And Beyond. Rafe your one of a kind,you speak the truth, which is more than can be said for Christy,Justin and Ms Motley. You were a good honest politician and a great talk show host and dam good friend on our nights out at the Brew Pub. You carry the flag for all those who want to hold those politicians accountable for there incompetence.

No toxic, tar sands for Vancouver. The tanker corporations have no world-class equipment to clean-up a spill. Vancouver will lose tourism jobs and future businesses, as tourist and companies tend to shy away from contaminated areas and companies will not locate in Vancouver. Some pollution messes cannot be cleaned-up. They can only be stopped, before they happen. The tar sands should not be permitted to reach Burnaby.

A major spill in Vancouver harbour, especially in hot weather, would cause a large cloud of diluent vapour in a basin in a dense urban area. It always brought a smile to my face along with serious thought at the honesty of it. Respect always Rafe! Rachel Notley has a long history of progressive politics. She was a union organizer here in BC before her career in Alberta. That was the previous Conservative government, and you know it. Notley is in an impossible political situation. She has the most vicious right wing in Canada breathing down her neck, insulting her, and literally threatening her life, to the extent that she has to have physical protection that no other Premier needs.

She deserves credit for resisting the mindless calls by that same right wing for austerity that would harm the most vulnerable. She is trying to bring Alberta in for a soft landing, to eventually get them off fossil fuels, which may be impossible after 40 years of Conservative misrule. Rachel Notley is the most intelligent Premier in Canada now. Everything you say in defence of her right to defend herself surely applies to those of us who fight for British Columbia. Of course she had nothing to do with the 80s but the policy of that time changed with Ms Notley.

The Alberta government reeks with hypocrisy so who do I give the gears to? You missed out the elephant in the room. Notley campaigned on reforming the royalty rates which the AB NDP had been complaining about for years were too low. The first thing she did was set up a royalty commission and stacked it with bankers and oil company executives. The result was to lower the royalty rates even more in some cases.

Rachel Notley talks a good talk, but when push comes to shove, she is completely utterly spineless. She caved in to Big Oil and sold the province out. This sad excuse that Notley is under tremendous pressure from the right-wing is also true for every political party. Thank you and all who follow your great writing. You give me hope and you have a great way with words and speak the truth. A Panamax freighter would likely require 30 of these removable tank cars. Each could be connected to the fuel system by an electrically operated solenoid valve such that in the case of loss of power or impending disaster, the valves would secure the fuel.

The very same fuel containment system must be made mandatory on all vessels. Sealed, removable fuel modules. Just like a family going out for boating trip on a boat with a small outboard motor, the fuel is generally carried on board in a specially designed fuel tank.

Oil Spill in Kalamazoo River

The hose is connected and with a couple squeezes on the fuel ball, the motor is ready to start. Presently most vessels are unsafe in any waters. An added benefit would be the reduced need for importing condensate to make toxic nerve gas and bombs. Dil-Bit needs to be completely banned. British Columbia is just lucky to not have a disaster on its shores. And this is long before more tanker traffic arrives. As a chemical engineer with over 50 years in the energy sector in several countries, I suggest this article is a work of fiction, and a great disservice to your readers.

Let me give you a few examples:.

Desmog 2015 Main Menu

It is in tanks of steel, aluminum, plastic, etc. Some fuel can leak through vents if the vessel sinks. According to Crude Monitor Google it , it has about four volume percent benzene, toluene, xylene and ethylbenzene total, or about a tenth of that in gasoline. There is always some gaseous phase above any light product, but that is normal — it is not added.

It has been pipelined for over 40 years with no deaths to my knowledge. Immensely more dangerous are the gasoline and propane tankers you see unloading at local service stations. Gases are not used as diluents for safety and logistical reasons. Only liquid diluents are — condensate, naphtha, or synthetic crude. Government reports describe this. Not one government report that I have seen refers to neurotoxins. Dilbit has to meet the same spec. We consumers or taxpayers, at the end of the day, would bear the cost and risk of this ridiculous proposal proposal.

In my opinion, publishing articles like this totally undermines the credibility of your magazine. John Hunter, P. Canadians need to have an in depth examination of all possible dangers made public. We have a right to know and to decide. We all do.