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Do you know the enemy? Do you know your enemy? Well, gotta know the enemy, roh-ay Do you know the enemy? Well, gotta know the enemy, roh-ay Violence is an energy Against the enemy Well, violence is an energy, roh-ay Bringing on the fury The choir infantry Revolt against the honor to obey oh-ay, oh-ay Overthrow the effigy The vast majority While burning down the foreman of control oh ay, oh ay Silence is an enemy Against your urgency So rally up the demons of your soul oh ay, oh ay Do you know the enemy?

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Well, gotta know the enemy, roh-ay The insurgency will rise When the blood's been sacrificed Don't be blinded by the lies In your eyes Say! Oh-ay, oh-ay Oh-ay, oh-ay Well, violence is an energy oh-ay, oh-ay Well, from here to eternity oh-ay, oh-ay Well, violence is an energy oh-ay, oh-ay Well, silence is the enemy So gimme, gimme revolution! Our military had to adjust both their techniques and tools to the enemy they were fighting. Today, whether we realize it our not, WE are in a tremendous battle every single day.

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And Satan disguises himself and adjusts his tactics for each of us individually to specifically target our unique areas of weakness and vulnerability. What works on the chink in my armor may not work on yours and vice versa. Satan knows our individual weaknesses.


They followed him, except a few believers. But we thus distinguish those who believe in the Hereafter from those who are doubtful about it. Your Lord is in full control of all things. You only have power over the strayers who follow you. His power is limited to those who choose him as their master, those who choose him as their god. He became a jinn, for he disobeyed the order of His Lord.

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What a miserable substitute! Nor do I permit the wicked to work in My kingdom. If one's companion is the devil, that is the worst companion. What a miserable companion! Thus, they end up incurring the same fate as the previous communities of jinns and humans, who were also losers.

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The deception and the illusion that comes with it must not be underestimated by the believers, otherwise God would have not stated the following for us in Quran:. They have taken the devils as their masters, instead of God, yet they believe that they are guided. Again, believers heed the guidance and reverence the warnings.

Satan would try to get the worst out of us just as he did with Adam and his wife in Paradise Any time we listen to him we allow him to remove our garment of righteousness and expose one of our weaknesses just as he did to our parents in Paradise and exposed their bodies. The following warning for the children of Adam wraps up the whole story for us in a clear and powerful allegory:.