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The book is illustrated by Robert Lawson.

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Adam is an eleven-year-old boy who wants to become like his father, Roger, and to do so he tries to be the best minstrel in England. At the beginning of the story, Adam and his friend Perkin are in St Alban's Abbey , where they go to an old lady's house to visit Adam's dog, Nick. They return to their home at the monastery and go to the roadside to find Roger is coming back from his long journey as a knight's minstrel.

Roger tells Adam that he is going to London to follow in the knight's train.

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Adam is allowed to come, but he must hurry because the knight leaves the next day. While on the road, Adam meets Margery, the daughter of the knight, in a beautiful carriage. In the morning, following a night of feasting and partying, Roger tells Adam he lost his warhorse , Bayard, in a bet with another minstrel named Jankin.

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One night, while Roger and Adam are sleeping, Jankin steals Nick. Adam worries that Jankin will mistreat Nick. When Adam sees Jankin in a crowded marketplace , he pursues him and is separated from Roger.

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Now Adam is separated from both Roger and Nick and he has to find both alone. Adam makes friends along the way and with their help, finds Nick with Perkin. Roger, Adam and Nick are eventually reunited in Oxford.

Adam is offered a place at an Oxford college , but decides to be a minstrel, like his father and with his father. There she "found the inspiration that she later tapped" for Adam of the Road. Adam of the Road received the Newbery Award for "the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children". A good yarn, well told". Vining's careful handling of history continues to receive praise from reviewers.

Children's literature expert May Hill Arbuthnot calls the author "a careful historian From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Adam of the Road First edition. Children's literature portal.

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