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The broader Hang Seng Index is down 0. It was theirs. The confusion was set off recently when owners of the famous, fancy Japanese restaurant Sushi Yasuda decided they would no longer accept tips. Where do you live? Probably the most important thing a pharmacist can do is make sure that patients take their medications properly. That occurred after the raid early Monday, when the three were brought to a local police station.

Whereabouts in are you from? With one government employee for every fifteen 15 citizens there is a lot of fluff in government. There are few businesses that could operate at the same employee to customer ratio at the same fully-burdened cost per employee. A staff restaurant Pilex Tablets The ramification of this study for individual investors is profound. Presumably, if they had this expertise, it would be reflected in the returns of the portfolios they manage.

Because the evidence is to the contrary, why should you pay any attention to their musings? Representatives Sam Johnson and John Carter have worked for months to craft a compromise with Democrats, while Poe and others plan to push legislation on various issues. Very funny pictures purchase rosuvastatin The 21st Century Business Herald, a Chinese businessnewspaper, reported that Everbright was applying to cancel allits morning trades. Could I order a new chequebook, please? Cost Of Clozapine Many Portuguese are hopeful that the economic growth recorded in the second quarter — the first in two-and-a-half years — is the beginning of recovery.

Until August Order Diabecon In a sub-index ranking just the BRICS nations, which the watchdog said account for 20 percent of global economic output and 15 percent of world trade, the companies from first-placed India were followed by South Africa, Russia, Brazil, then China. Where do you study? Excluding a host of items, includingcertain legal settlements and a gain on the sale of Best BuyEurope, the company earned 32 cents a share, while analysts onaverage expected 12 cents.

The National Gallery seroquel xr high It may be one of the hottest evenings of the year, but Helen Mirren still managed to turn up the heat on the red carpet for a screening of her latest film, in this sizzling red bead and sequin embellished Jenny Packham cocktail dress. What do you do? It turns out the spongy yellow cakes may also be a little smaller than the last Twinkies people remember eating. Insufficient funds Buy Tadalafil Online The head of the Nuclear Regulation Authority has warnedTepco may face a tougher assessment for its Kashiwazaki Kariwarestart given its patchy safety record at Fukushima.

I was made redundant two months ago Cheap Depakote In Bardia National Park the army units need proper guard posts equipped with solar power, latrines and drinking water. New hardware that needs developing and maintaining includes a GPS system known as Mist Management Information System Technology to record sightings of tigers and their prey, and the use of drones referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAVs, to avoid military connotations equipped with time-lapse cameras to keep an eye on things from the air. There are pairs of camera traps distributed through the park, providing a tally of tiger numbers in yearly censuses.

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How they respond could have far-reachingimplications for their political legacies as well as the futurestability of the Middle East. The shortstop has been out since Saturday, when Girardi lifted him from the game in the sixth inning after watching him run. A CT scan taken that day revealed no damage to his surgically repaired left ankle, but Dr. The trailer is a Benson flatbed with anIllinois license tag of T Could you give me some smaller notes?

Buy Himplasia Online A preference in China for eating many parts of animals,including organs, is another reason why the country wants toensure meat free of beta-agonists. There are concerns thatresidues of these drugs remain in organs even after animals havebeen slaughtered. In tens, please ten pound notes triamterene Aug. Millions across the Middle East watch, transfixed by the sight of the former strongman behind prison cage bars. He becomes the first and only Arab leader to face trial by his own people.

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We just have less controlover it. Stolen credit card Nortriptyline Pamelor Miniature books — books of three inches or less — have been around for almost as long as full-size books. Within 20 years of Gutenberg printing his Bible in , miniature printed books were being produced and for several centuries afterwards religious books dominated the market. Book-makers worked with magnifying aids and miniature tools, binding their creations in leather, and adorning them with gold thread and precious gems. Free medical insurance Leflunomide Arava Looking for the next Russell Wilson, several teams brought in quarterbacks eligible to play right away because they had either graduated or were coming from a school that had been sanctioned by the NCAA.

The Patriots repeated a field-goal block technique used a week earlier against the Saints when rookie Chris Jones pushed teammate Will Svitek from behind to get an extra surge. This zoological fantasia also with strong echoes of Ashton has inevitably lost the novelty that it enjoyed back in , and one or two sections are on the long side. How do you know each other? What university do you go to? What do you do for a living? The mother, wearing a pink sari, sat just a few feet from the convicted men in a tiny courtroom jammed with lawyers, police and reporters. The hearing lasted only a few minutes, and the four men were quickly led from the courtroom by policemen after the verdicts were read.

Hartsock was snapped solo, with only the beach and a good book by her side. I work here purchase epivir-hbv Suning Appliance jumped 6. The benchmark rose 0. A company car Buy Abana Online There have been almost daily protests in the capital Rabatby groups of unemployed graduates, but in the past weeks theyhave gained support from the opposition Islamist Justice andSpirituality group.

I live here famvir cost uk The price the company charges per ad slid 12 percent in theApril to June period, six times the decline just a quarter ago -a fall that some say highlights how Yahoo has been caughtunprepared for the industry shift to automated, programmatic adbuying. I really liked that Eliza Gayle gave Eve a normal body type with all the self doub.

Okay, I never made a speedboat analogy for plots before but I quite like i. What could be better? But Chuggie? All he wants is a boat. Here is a man as sinful as he is attractive, a notorious rake, gambler, and pursuer of women, whom Nell has fancied since girlhoo. I would rate this book 3. Everything from frustration to joy to wonderment and amazement is encapsulated in the stor. Just finished this one, and what a great paranormal romanc.

Issues such as his divorce, his relationship with his kids, and his affair with a married woman are dealt with only briefly and as a tangen. Saling mencintai tapi tidak saling pengertian, pernikahan tetap terasa hamba. The details of these struggles, the friendships and solidarity that Maathai experienced, both in Kenya in internationally, supported her morally and probably saved her life more than once.

We see them struggling to adapt to the changes and failing. The book is very well written and easy to read and the characters are immensely likeable. Push through things! His telling comprehends a great variety of moods and modes — from the stark realism of the hunt-scenes tothe delicious and dangerous bedroom encounters between Lady Bercilak and Gawain, from moments of pure lyric beauty when he evokes the English countryside in all its seasons, to authorial asides that are full of irony and puckish humou. Beauregard, L.

The book appears to have been translated from Italian, so there are points where it is a little stilted, but altogether it flows well and is interesting and well-writte. Each and every chapter is incorporated with lots and lots of detailed observational points and how one may choose to steer ahead in making a paintin. I mean I liked him at first when he saved Kaitlyn but with what happened in the cold storage and the greenhouse? I began to dislike hi.

He has also created a fake band called Youforia through websites like YoFace and Yapper, creating fake personalities for fake members of the band, including a lead singer who is afraid to perform so he only does so secretly, wearing a mask and giving his band a different name each tim. I read along because of the topical interest but with not much enjoyment rather like reading a better textboo.

Jasper yet another hot alpha male these books are full of them…. But the book offers a good starting point It has some great references for other books! After reading what I thought was so, so book by Toni Blake I decided to give her another sho. The timeline is perfect, as everyone knows a bit about Michael Moore the filmmake. Driscoll loves Seattle and is committed to the mission he feels God set before him and if you can look past his weird, sarcastic sense of humour and see his heart, you will not be able to help catching his passion for the mission God has called you to be a part of.

With a story conceived by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves and written by Michael and Mallory Reaves, this mind-bending follow-up to the exciting science fiction novel InterWorld is a compelling fantasy adventure through time and space, in which the future depends on a young man who is more powerful than he realizes. Industrial civilization has regressed a good years, with a few minor exception. Shelley writes as a protestant evangelical, by I thought he made a fair effort to be objectiv. His first victim is happy to give up his souls for free—less tax burden for hi.

Perfection may sell well on the counter-cultural market, but it has so far proved impossible to attain in man or his institutions. He willbe sexually attracted to two women but his existence is not the search of the love one, as for Mathias.. MaryJanice DavidsonMaryJanice Davidson is an American author who writes mostly paranormal romance, but also young adult and non-fictio.

There could have been a lot more done with the main story and, as well written and fun as it read, I really wanted more to be don. I love the conversations and interactions between Maya and other character. Following quickly on the heels of the Blue Ant trilogy, and not having read the Bridge Trilogy for some time, I am struck by the vigorous naturalism of this book. If the Blue Ant trilogy feels more like a Vermeer, with its cool, elegant, very much in control adults, competently and impressively going about their smart business, Virtual Light is filled with Boschian characters and almost Neimanesque sense of hyperreal color and a surface textures going gloriously sideway.

Dialogues and characters were quite bad,the end of the story was predictable. What a frightening thought! A very sharp and fast paced story from A.. So Robin Maxwell left me a comment on my blo. He could have left that part out. Overall an excellent book which should be read by every America.

It was great to watch her realize who her real friends were, and get over her anger as the night went o. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who has read Ellis before, or to anyone who wants to know how to dispose of a body. Bisa dibilang mungkin agak jarang, plus blurb di bagian belakangnya yang mengundang orang buat bac.

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It was up to us to stop a thief and make the roads safer for everyone. Showing the pack as supportive here worked for the story, but I felt that Fallon was gyppe. Father Brennan deepens into a three-dimensional character who struggles to do what is righ. Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. When I watched the episode, I was a bit confused about what was happening.

More like 4. The Heiress of Winterwood was interesting enough for me to read in less than two day. After secretly sleeping with both of them, Justin announces his decisio. Against a thrilling backdrop of explosive combat, ruthless power struggles and exotic lore, Eona is the gripping story of a remarkable warrior who must find the strength to walk a deadly line between truth and justice.

Mudah marah, mudah sedih, mudah jatuh cinta, mudah berbelanja, mudah dramatis, mudah cembur. She is shocked when she takes the trash out and finds one of the rugs from the exhibi. Along with them are other families, old and new, that help shape the history of the cit. A very quick and engaging read. Lizzie was a great protagonis. Thanks, Jane…I will try to get a hold of that intervie. I especially like that Piggy and Ducky read books while they sit on the pott. I listened to the audiobook version that was splendidly narrated by Todd Haberkorn who deftly handled the many character.

From the Trade Paperback edition. It brought I think a lot more life and movement to the text, makes you picture it a different wa. There are many issues that overweight people face, and this book addressed them all, in a sometimes overly frank manne. During the book he starts out as a loyal patriot of the Empire, but after a series of events starting with the execution of a Czech deserter he has to make a number of choices between his sense of military duty and his loyalty to his own peopl.

The cruel owner took him for a car ride, pulled the dog from the car and hurled a piece of meat into the weed. I mean, what the fuck, man? I love the whole world of Faerie that Maggie has created. Is a nightmare of a friend better than no friend at all? If you want to know more, read it yoursel. But what happens in that house, will change the minds of everyone involved. Which places him in clear opposition to both Jaynes and Cochran and Harpending, the latter of whom see genetic mutations as the basis for nearly every development in hominid histor.

And the last third of the book felt like Kaylee Ryan saw the light at the end of the tunnel and booked for i. Bei diesem Werk handelt es sich um eine urheberrechtsfreie Ausgabe. Finding out the truth at a time when she did, caused Amber to spiral down into the darkness, depression sets in and she starts cutting for releas. And please d. Despite all the insults and the hurt Gracie had been through, she had all the suppor.

Why did I not like this one? Ah, the most obvious answer would be that it was just plain stupi. En kvindelig canadisk maler vender tilbage til barndomsbyen Toront. Unfortunately, a lot of the fiction Wallace wrote seems unable to eschew the very same type of cynicism and irony he cautions so fervently against in these essay. As painted by Rowland, this land of samurai codes and strict caste system is simultaneously devoted to honor, yet exceedingly corrup. Then there is Ted Tubberman, a very unhappy man, and after the dead of his children in the first Fall, he has gone mad with grie.

Overall a very well put together stor. Although, at the out-sketch the story may appear to be another a fairy tale wherein the good men undergoes trial and disaster to be rewarded with the triumph at the end, the witty quotes of Voltaire almost in every page which throws a deeper meaning upon every aspect of life makes the reading thoroughly enjoyable and too worthy. What a fine balance maintained between the theme, style and the plot!!

Voltaire had never compromised one for the othe. A careful reading of this book shows that in the case of the K2 disaster, it is unfair to jump to hasty conclusions and point the finger at anyon. I think the skipping back and forth through time contributed to every single movement of the characters seeming to take foreve. My main struggle with this book was a sense that I had heard it all befor. Either way this is a solid story that is steeped in romance and the search for a happy ever afte.

Claire Shipman and Katty Kay have pulled together a well-researched, readable guide for professional women seeking to create a reasonable balance between a successful career and a fulfilling family lif. You can write her at mallory mallorykane. The New Mutants issue was one I enjoyed back in the day, as it was part of the story where Cable takes over the New Mutants and transforms them into X-Forc.

The upcoming years will be an interesting study in the validity and viability in the views expressed here. The art is pretty darn goo. Nicola Haken manages to not only let her characters learn those lessons, but the reader as wel. This also relates to the question of freedo. An online acquaintance suggested he try Fort Knox — and Carl breaks in successfull. After 6 months of being a glorified secretary, her boss Patrick Collins, gives her an opportunity to show her skill.

A point which The Redeemers by Suresh Taneja harps upon is the role of yout. Still, they and the heavy subject were not enough to take away from my enjoyment of the boo. And guess what — the hero then goes on to illustrate one of the very best reasons why I hate that idea so muc. Also, Entreri— Dead? It is like a train wreck reading about these children and all they went through, but I know that I for one could not look awa. Sy MontgomeryPart Indiana Jones, part Emily Dickinson, as the Boston Globe describes her, Sy Montgomery is an author, naturalist, documentary scriptwriter, and radio commentator who has traveled to some of the worlds most remote wildernesses for her wor.

Phillip MargolinThe horrors this woman endured at such a young age is unrea. Lots of people liked this book…. Middle school sucked. Through it all is the voice of the slave Tait. And of course you, Justin, and whoever else are welcome to come here and stay for however long you lik. I would like to say that i have listed them in the order of their importance to me, but their pecking order is subject to change without warning.

Abraham Lincoln was great not because he was born in a cabin but because he got out of it. I endured every form of torture anybody with a white coat and a clipboard could devise for a fat girl who really liked fried pork chops. My favorite, I think, was Joyce Carol Oate. Hopefully this book can be the start of making this mind-set a common practice in our society.

Heck I know a great many people who would be more terrifying than her, this includes mysel. If it sounds interesting, you really need to start with either book 1 or. Dust Devil is a tall tale as big as the Montana sky, filled with delightful and humorous illustration.

Gradually Scudder learns that Holtzmann had a secret past, having been a sort of professional snitc. For all there are a lot of explanations about characters, I want to know more about the kind of power they all have, Caleb especially because he has heritage from more than one parent and his maternal side is just as interestin.

Most of the things discussed here happened so long ago that we cannot nor does the book claim that we can know exactly what happene. The vernacular and use of certain words would have changed over the course of time as things d. I really like the character Daven — Pogue sets him up well with his fierce tenacity to always survive; it makes the character a bit dark and gritty but that is completely fitting given the arc he goes through here in the first boo.

Readers were first introduced to the town and shop in the prequel novella, Color Me Ba. Sean is single minded in his pursuit and uses every skill he has honed while boned to make her his! How am I supposed to assign something as concrete as a star value to this thing I just read? A 5-stars or 5 tissues read however you want to look at it! The Hot Rock follows 5 lifelong criminals as they make plans to steal a famous emeral.

Since then I have grown yeah, right! Haar vrienden zijn stuk voor stuk boeiende personages met eigen persoonlijkheden. But could also turn to warmth and emotion with a gasp, nuzzle, or soft kiss on each eyeli.

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Jeweler Mogul family and plain Jane and how the family revolves around he. BUT…it is a book that I intend on revisiting again, because I miss them alread. The Skeleton Man. I feel like inspirations behind this story may have included Silent Hill the creatures described and the way they make their appearances remind me of tha. Bad guy is impatient wanting to get Tia out of the store and takes Tia to the offic. Plus, the group runs up against a roadblock in Arizona where the female remains of the Sons of Arizona militia have cut the interstate to keep out any vestiges of the U..

Because Jane Gardam wrote it, it is beautifully written, evocative, immensely sensitive and almost always wonderfully controlle.

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Alurnya juga kebanyakan sangat mudah terbaca, tapi dirangkai dengan inda. Es waren einfach die Dinge, die man nicht vorhergesehen hat, die einen so unvorbereitet getroffen haben, dass ich dachte, ich kann nicht meh. Fast paced novel, with brooding hero, strong willed heroine and Intrique! I received a copy of Just My Luck from the publisher in exchange for an honest revie. No strings. This erotica short story is for adults only and contains graphic descriptions of sex and explicit language. A sexy little short story with words of desire, lust and hot, steamy sex. Eleusis By: Genevieve Fairbrother 32 reviews Grab your copy here Eleusis by Genevieve Fairbrother is one-of-a-kind contemporary paranormal adventure novel that narrates a unique perspective on women and relationships using the life of one immortal woman moving through time Artful Dodger Maggie Kean Mis-Adventure By: Nageeba Davis 4 reviews Grab your copy here Artful Dodger Art teacher and sculptor, Maggie Kean, thought she was having a rotten day, burning her toast, stubbing her toe, all before eight in the morning.

At least, until the dead body clogs up her toilet. To make matters worse, Maggie becomes the prime suspect. Now all she has to do is evade the police, clear her name, and trap a killer…and deal with one mouth-watering, hunky detective who drives her crazy while making her hormones do the happy dance! She will never love again. So when, halfway across the ocean, she is stuck in an elevator with Tom Gallagher, a roguishly handsome and very unavailable Prohibition gangster, she has nothing to fear where her heart is concerned. Or does she? Erin Jacobs is making a name for herself in the sports world.

Drawing on her own life experiences, she encourages and inspires athletes to recover from career ending injuries. So why would someone want to hurt the good doctor? Detective Logan Sinclair is determined to find that answer. Since that night their lives have never been the same.

And if so, what impact will those answers have on their lives? Then her new husband, and also highschool sweetheart, gets discovered while theater acting and gets swept away to Hollywood. Once there, things change. Liam throws himself into the Hollywood life and ignores Katy. Four years later, Liam goes to Georgia and crosses paths with Katy again. Question: Are you tired of working out and not seeing results? Feeling lost or unsure if you are performing your workouts correctly? Solution: My CrossFit book will not only provide you with a solution to those common problems, but it will change your life as well!

Weird Sharks takes a look at just a few of the most unusual sharks there are. Some are nice looking like the leopard shark. Others are ugly, like the goblin shark. All of them are special — and weird — in their own way! Words and short descriptions are given for each scene. Parents can read to their children and ask them to point at the pictures to find the objects. Zombie Jokes: Will Work for Brains… these hilarious jokes for kids age , are Zombie Approved so get ready to laugh out load with your kids! Zombies are the latest craze with all the kids and what a fun filled way to get your kids to read more.

A mob of funny Zombie jokes is about to invade your home. Get it now — Zombie Approved! The same activities they have wanted to do time and time again — and get so much joy from.

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  • If you ever find yourself stuck for something to entertain the kids on a rainy day, then this little gem of a book will give you a whole host of ideas just ready to go. I hope you enjoy playing as much as your children will. Soon the whole farm turns out to watch them compete. What happens when friends no longer think alike and who will win the great race? You might be one that believes all fun activities must have a steep price tag.

    Finally, a book written on how to get organized written by an expert—an expert in disorganization. Use this book to avoid another mistake and to bring you closer to those you love. Sometimes drama becomes a way of life, and our constant need to be validated can rule all that we do, say, and think. Surely, there must be more to this life than this endless cycle of resisting life, of control, and of being controlled? In Tunnel Vision, we will explore this very question, taking a close and unflinching look at our own tunnel vision, which keeps many of us going through life with blinders on, always hoping, struggling, waiting, and wondering.

    As you begin to be aware about what you believe and see, you will discover a new possibility to create a more positive and life-affirming reality. Ultimately, you will learn not only to recognize your current reality, but also to release the past in ways that unravel its myths and give your life a deeper and more wonderful meaning.

    Home About Blog. Lost your Password? Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. By: Brandon Berntson. Grab your copy here. Meet Red Joe, a superhero made of blood, who longs to usurp the Throne of Entertainment. A Humorous Action Adventure Novel. By: Billy Stephens. By: Samantha Johns. Prince Charming. By: Harma-Mae Smit. A Cape May Diamond. By: Larry Enright. Dancing Lights. By: Inge Moore. In this short story, a young woman, Carla, finds herself pregnant. Trails in the Sand. By: P. When environmental writer Caroline Carlisle sets off to report on endangered sea turtles during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the last thing she expects is to uncover secrets — secrets that threaten to destroy her family, unless she can heal the hurts from a lifetime of lies.

    Using real-life events as the backdrop, Trails in the. Country Girls. By: Blake Karrington. A Thistle in the Mist. By: Megan Denby. Unable to reign in her spirit, Meara finds herself catapulted from Scotland to Nova Scotia where, guided by her strength of will, she will fight her way back to the remains of her family; her heart and soul,. What he did to her.

    By: S M Mala. The Myth of Sparta begins with the death of Leonidas, the Lion of Sparta, and the famous three hundred Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae and culminates in a dramatic retelling of the battle of Sphacteria, a battle which dramatically dealt with the question of Spartan invincibility.

    Virtually Perfect. By: Sadie Mills. By: Sandra Balzo. Worse Than Being Alone. By: Patricia Clark. Worse Than Being Alone is a riveting tale involving multiple cons, a vicious murder, romance, betrayal, and escape as it vividly explores just how far all of us are prepared to go to avoid being alone. The story moves from the salsa clubs of St. The red-hot thread of the dance runs through a novel that explores the Russian mob, slavery and prostitution rings, and the art world, as well as love, loss, revenge and the strength of family ties.

    When Nickolay Panov left. Delivering Caliban. By: Tim Stevens. By: Dennis Yates. While waiting for his girlfriend in a mall parking lot, Doug witnesses a suspicious individual scoping out cars. The Last Summer of Ordinary Times. By: Deborah Jaeger. Then the miracles begin. By: Alan Bricklin. As the agent struggles behind enemy lines to fulfill his mission, he must enlist the aid of a beautiful German woman while he plays cat and mouse with a German general and enemies within the OSS itself.

    Son of a Serial Killer. By: Jams N. Adult Content. By: David Jester. Evergreen is the peaceful, idyllic home for a bustling traveler community. By: Geraldine Evans. By: Danica Wallenberg. A somewhat controversial topic nowadays the gun control debate has become increasingly prevalent in the media as more and more incidences of not only adults, but children, being killed with guns have come to the fore.

    It delves right into the current situation in the United States and also compares it to the United Kingdom. By: Terry Ravenscroft. Household names such as Heinz, Ryvita, Tesco, Cadburys and of course the Coca-Cola Company are the targets for his entertaining epistles, resulting in a laugh-out-loud letters book with a difference.

    The Great Leap Forward. By: Armand Burke. The year is China is an isolated empire of conspiracy, deception and delusion. As They Slept The comical tales of a London commuter. By: Andy Leeks. His friends disagreed. By: T. Extremely England. By: Patricia Ann Browne. The true story of a successful business woman and Chairman of the Board of a multi-million dollar corporation is emotionally compelled by a book about childhood sexual abuse that she discovered to reveal her own traumatic childhood where she became the sexual plaything of a vicious brother and his friends.

    A gripping, dramatic, heart-rending recital of the evil that sadistic men and women can visit upon 4 year old innocent child, virtually an infant. By: Loraine D. Divorce and remarriage are statistically on the rise in the United States. The rate of divorce increases with each remarriage that a person goes through. The odds are heavily stacked against the success of a remarriage. We are a Christian couple that has been successfully remarried for ten years. Six Miles from Nashvill. By: Elaine Littau.

    Betty Barnes finds herself hundreds of miles away from her Guymon, Oklahoma home. Since leaving for a large Bible College in Missouri, her life has been twisted around. By: Maddie Alexander. The Wheat Belly Diet has become extremely popular, taking the diet world by storm! Not entirely sure what it consist of? It will explain everything you need and set you on the right track. By: Cleone Blackshaw. This is a quick read for any pregnant woman who wants to know what to expect and how to solve the problems encountered during pregnancy.

    Teens Run. By: Charles Findlay. All they know is if they want to live… they need to run. The Book of Phinn. By: Frank Anjakos. Phinn is a 16 year old immortal. Use support. Use love! Her journey through that experience has interesting emotional value for women today. Meggan Watterson is a brilliant author and an incredibly intelligent teacher through her words.

    Angela Garbes, herself a new mom, debunks common pregnancy myths and answers questions about everything from miscarriages to complicated labors to postpartum pelvic-floor injuries. Still thirsty for recs? These 10 wellness books will change your life, according to industry insiders. Plus, this book will inspire you to totally upend your life—in a good way! How I finally got myself to stay hydrated, even though I hate drinking water. Cool off with a cherry lime smoothie that packs a secret health-boosting twist.

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