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Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Yankey marked it as to-read Jan 18, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Donna White-Davis. Donna White-Davis. Books by Donna White-Davis. No trivia or quizzes yet. Demons of the past force the boy to make the most difficult decision in his young life. Kolkata, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, is also inhabited by tens of thousands of stray dogs. For four eccentric protagonists, saving animals is a life mission and a test of humanity.

Face pace, suspense and one take. Thanks to its precise form, this seemingly trivial story grips the viewer as if it was a vortex. An actress is in a rush to a rehearsal when she discovers that her son stayed home alone. The woman must deal with the crisis situation using only her phone and fast pace while walking through a dangerous district of Athens. In a small hotel in France, there is a man who tries to stop his hunger for love by eating excessively.

Unexpectedly, his left foot transforms into his lost lover, Susanne. Still, this is just the beginning of a surreal story, made of plasticine, about loneliness, jealousy and love. In a small village in the north of Finland, the family of reindeer breeders tries to deal with the influx of tourists who use the pasture land to ride their snowmobiles. An inconspicuous street survey on young people presents the spectrum of manipulation available to television. Thanks to image and sound edition it is possible to turn the original picture and message of contributions around.

Ideological indoctrination begins as early as in elementary school when pupils receive instruction in a form tutor period. Children, however, do not succumb to this kind of propaganda so easily. Golden Dragon What does it mean to be a stranger in your own home and country? A film about contemporary Belarus, freedom and art. A mysterious artist appears on the streets of Minsk and starts to paint. Passers-by, intrigued, want to know what he is creating, but the artist will not reveal his secret.

Step by step, the viewers learn more about him.

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His name is Zahar Cudin and he is one of the most promising Belorussian painters. A young man occasionally plays the accordion in the harbour bars. Unexpectedly, he is denounced by a barman and falls into the hands of a dangerous policeman. The representative of the authorities wants to find out about his life.

This is the beginning of an extremely melancholy puppet animation which abounds with magic, although the protagonist struggled with poverty, deaths of family members and the civil war in Spain in the past. It would have been an ordinary day in the life of the corporation employees if not for the man who suddenly started falling from the roof of the tall office building.

An extremely well-organised and intelligent community of rats and a man who is uncompromising in exterminating them wherever they are. A dystopian vision of the world destroyed as a result of a mysterious disaster. The protagonist, who survived, devotes his time to incessant electricity generation and remembering old habits. The continuous repetition of activities becomes his escape from emptiness and, at the same time, a prison from which he cannot free himself.

On this train, couples demonstrate their feelings for each other without restraint. Observing others, a young stewardess tries to dampen her own loneliness. Will another journey change her life? A melancholy animation about the need of love in the atmosphere of the 19th century Paris, old cinema and red lanterns of Asia. Living with a partner and a younger brother under the same roof is no longer possible. Anouck has to take some drastic measures. In , two brothers who are miners represent two different attitudes towards communist oppression. While Janek chooses active involvement into democratic opposition, Tadek wants to remain neutral.

The conflict is inevitable. Guess, who is coming for lunch today? He will go to any lengths to dissuade the girl from her love choice.

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This time, Sakamoto presents himself as a musical experimenter as well as a man struggling with a serious disease. He is looking for new sounds in nature ranging from the North Pole to Africa, the cradle of humankind. Full of suspense, the film is a story about responsibility and courage in a crisis situation. A group of primary school students finish their classes. Shooting sounds can be heard from behind the door. Their calm life together is disturbed by the sudden appearance of a wolf.

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The boy and the animals will have to unite forces to chase the beast away. A job interview is one of the most stressful experiences in human life. Elegant apparel or extensive professional experience does not help. Even the best prepared candidate applying for a dream position must struggle with tension and nervousness unless they have no interest in the job.

The documentary reveals consecutive layers of the post-war trauma that go far beyond the single story of Tereska. On the frontiers of the former Soviet Empire there are conflicts that the world public opinion forgot about a long time ago. People living there wish for one thing only: a peaceful life. It is a common denominator for Alexei, Timur and Alexander's stories, even though their homelands are miles away from one another. Macho is a poor boy, who skips school to work on a construction site.

The only ray of light for him is his girlfriend, Donna. Yet, she is ashamed of his mother, who works as a janitor in their school. Macho has to choose between his mother and his love, and he finds his own way to deal with his emotions. The younger sister was irritating, but when she grew up a little, she turned into an excellent companion to play with.

What would have happened if she had never been born? The film is a sad and poignant story about the Chinese policy of one child presented by charming characters made of felt. Humiliated, demeaned, made to work from dawn to dusk, forcibly separated from their families — this is what the everyday life of slaves in the American South was like before the Civil War.

The animation presents scenes from the lives of African Americans at that time, who dreamt about freedom quietly, late at night. An old-school, funky and camp animation about being different and striving for perfection. Tanya, using genetic experiments creates an ideal lover — a gigantic, metallic slug. Will it meet her expectations? A psychedelic trip to the world of weirdos in which anything can happen. The main penitentiary in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, has implemented a programme of rehabilitation through music. Criminals of various types become artists, performers and producers of reggae, music that soothes the soul, which is of great importance in the environment full of violence.

In their songs, prisoners strengthen their sense of identity, express penitence for the crimes committed and, at the same time, warn those who have not broken the law yet. Breathe in, breathe out. Each immersion in water evokes fragments of memories. Chaotically combined shots show two intertwining stories. What happened in the swimming pool? Only the camera knows it and it is lying smashed on the bottom of the pool. An intriguing animation with long, leisurely shots and the sound of a ticking bomb in the background. How did it happen that the leader of a hard rock band, Aerosmith, ended up on the stage in Nashville?

In , almost year old Steven Tyler started his solo career by recording a hit country music album. His brilliant performance shows the picture of a free and restless spirit that has found a new place for himself. Do you reveal your dreams to anyone or do you prefer to keep them for yourself only? A group of people of various age get together deliberately for the purpose of telling others about their dreams.

They do not have any prophetic inclinations, they do not want to work through traumas or find some hidden sense. They are open, ready to understand others and have the need to listen to one another. We can observe artists who work in virtual reality or children for whom a mobile phone is more interesting than a playground. The film is an ironic take on the world full of likes, Internet friends and loneliness. The life of the main protagonist could become the basis for a feature film script. The ambitious boy spends part of the day picking strawberries together with his father. Yet Hubert wants to become a disco polo singer, as famous as Zenek Martyniuk, so after work he focuses on his musical passion.

How are veterans of recent wars trying to find themselves in civil life conditions? The film is a recording of their traumatic memories and alienation from reality. A double portrait set against the background of the landscape of Suwalszczyzna. For Maria, several decades his junior, the visit is an opportunity to experience a different way of life. After Spiderman and Superman, the time has come for Supermars! Emilia is a nice and sensitive girl who cares about nature. She has a bit unruly guinea pig that by coincidence bites her in the finger.

A suspenseful, gloomy documentary about the virtual world of players to which the brutal reality unexpectedly demands access. A young man calls the police station to inform them that he has just killed his family. The frightening call must have been one of the pranks made by bored Internet users, but a special police unit, SWAT, is sent to the place. Does doctor Jan Terelak belong to an 'elitist' group of the most unethical experimenters?

The Polish scientist tested boundaries of human mental resilience in extreme conditions of solitude in Antarctica. The starting point for Piotr Jaworski's documentary is the psychologist's journal. Picturesque and idyllic Tirol has become the stage for the changes occurring in the European Union today.

In , the borders between Austria and Italy were closed in order to stop the influx of immigrants from the south. The accounts provided by the residents of the region as well as tourists reveal a different picture than the one presented by the media. He was a lawyer, politician, mayor of Saint Petersburg and a mentor of Vladimir Putin. He witnessed and participated in the most important political changes of the s, created the new post-communist constitution but also contributed to the growth of corruption.

The portrait of Anatoly Sobchak is created by his family members, friends and collaborators. The preparations are progressing with difficulty at times, but new quality is being developed at the contact point between life and art. The process of joint creation becomes an autotherapy.

The enclosed space of the yacht provokes reflection on the future as well on what has passed. In the evenings old melodies resound. Alice is happy, although she is at the hospital, just out of surgery. She is very ill and totally bald. However, she is in love with her surgeon. He is her savior and comes to see her every evening. Each of his visits is a magical moment for Alice and helps her forget her unbearable situation.

Alice escapes into her own dream world and makes her life over into a sweeter, love-filled one They toil from dusk till dawn but, at the same time, are very happy. The film, which was inspired by a famous photographic exhibition two photographs make the background for the opening credits , has no music or commentary. Several outcasts whose American dream has never materialised itself live their lives among tons of used plastic in the suburbs of New York. While sorting waste, they reflect upon the nature of the universe, dwell on their own weaknesses and failures, nurse homeless kittens and continue to dream.

A young boy has fun shooting animals he accidentally encounters with a bow. He gradually becomes more and more fascinated with hunting and his arrowheads get increasingly sharper. In this disturbing animation, brutality is contrasted with religiousness and the beauty and peace of nature with human aggression. A story about ups and downs of one of the most famous figures in the contemporary history of Finland — the eccentric hypnotist Olavi Hakasalo aka Olliver Hawk , who, following his long and successful career, was charged with fraud in The director invites the spectators to the journey to Kaprysia, a planet invented by herself.

Kaprysia, however, is soon to be invaded by aliens coming from the land of geometric figures. The film is a wild animation affirming joy and good fun. In January , the Polish expedition to K2, one of the last eight-thousanders not summited in winter, began. The film shows the veterans of Himalayan mountaineering climbing in extreme conditions and the spectacular rescue effort at Nanga Parbat.

Rather than a typical biography, the film is a portrait which was made using film material and recollections from film sets only. A journey through the land of the dead with the Soul that left its decomposing body. This ugly animation is full of references to painting, religious beliefs and ancient symbols, which may cause discomfort for the viewers at the same time engaging them into the dark, albeit fascinating, world of death. An intimate portrait of a young girl who escapes into the world of fantasy to deal with her trauma.

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Performing different parts in the world of LARPs and adopting different identities, Veera tries to define her own. Will it help her in the relationship with her disabled brother and the father who abused her in childhood? The supporting act before the concert of Black Sabbath in Norway in was to be delivered by a choir made of 25 middle-aged men. It turns out that one of them is diagnosed with cancer. The film tells the story of a shared passion, brusque male friendship and being together in the most important moments.

You Are NOT in Good Hands (Donna White-Davis Political Commentary Book 2)

When Mr Samsa woke up one day, he was surprised to learn that he turned into an awful worm. The protagonist is rejected by his family and his life turns into a labyrinth from which is it hard to find a way out. A surreal story, full of absurd, about helplessness and exclusion. A film about a brass band rehearsal. Portraits of people, no longer young, for whom close contact with music must be something so important they devote their spare time to it.

The life of the owl that fell in love with a goose is not easy. Although the birds are joined by true love, they are divided by much more. Despite anatomical differences, the owl wants to accompany her partner at all costs — even in the middle of a lake. For a number of years, sister Davida and father Jan have been working in Papua New Guinea where poverty, diseases and lack of education hinder the development of the young state. Although missionaries struggle with numerous difficulties, faith and good humour help them to survive the most difficult moments.

A symbolic image is combined with the alphabet and a poem entitled ,,Who Are You? Golden Hobby Horse She had been a true opera star and popularity had been an element of her everyday life until everything suddenly ended. She encountered growing criticism and was considered difficult to collaborate with.

Siv Wennberg withdrew herself but never surrendered. The viewers can witness her preparations for a stage comeback after many years. The camera shows the emotions and uncertainty on the faces of the people about to be reacquainted with their loved ones and their long-lost country. A captivating film haiku about the search for harmony between man and nature where Patrick McCormack serves as a guide.

This Irish poet and farmer stands up in defence of a wildlife enclave, the rocky Burren Plateau, where the natural is linked with the mystical. When a grandma begins to die, the only thing you can do is wait.

The slow process of passing away is observed by her grandson who does not understand much yet. Marcin Polar's film is a journey into the inside of a mountainous cave, somewhere in the High Tatras. The foehn wind in Podhale leaves destroyed houses and forests behind. It also impacts the well-being of people and animals. Fascinated with the mysterious element, the documentary authors have captured how a destructive windstorm can change the lives of several local residents.

The film is a thriller immersed in the incredible highlander culture. A woman gives voice to Annie Ernaux The years's text. Neither the words, nor the images, drawn from the family films, are expected to complete the narration of her story: places from her past. The mountains on the cost, a seascape, gardens, scenes of a life lived amongst family, reassembled and freed from their original context, become expressive elements of a confession that is both personal discovery and collective narration.

Please, meet an Afro-American vocalist called Rudy Love whose biography is a story about a rare talent, very unlucky career, racial bias and great scams. In the south of Spain, a race of colorfully painted pigeons, will reward not the one who flies the fastest, but the one who will have known how to seduce a female pigeon, and to fly the longest time at its sides. During the Cold War, the only way to escape from the world divided by the Iron Curtain seemed to be a space flight.

Thousands of people wanted to go to the moon, the land of apolitical utopia, including the protagonist of this warm ballad about unfulfilled dreams. A portrait of three generations of one family painfully afflicted by history. Who is one of the most eminent and the most mysterious Estonian composers? Melancholy meets the mysticism of nature, which is reflected both by the sound and the visual side of the film.

An unexpected return of her husband, who is a pilot makes, the protagonist happy. Her happiness quickly disappears when it turns out that the man's face has transformed into an airplane turbine. The woman has to compete for her husband's affection with A surreal retro animation about searching for new experiences in a relationship and sacrifice for love. Marie protects her sister, Viola, against the entire world by locking her in their dark flat. Their seemingly peaceful life is interrupted by the sudden appearance of an intruder.

Will Viola be able to break free from her sister? An animated story about toxic family bonds, otherness and manipulation. Obsessive thinking about diseases paralyses the protagonist and fear of death has practically moved into his house. A journey into the human body during which fluorescent internal organs pulsate in slow motion to electronic sounds.

Mystery and tension. One day, Anna, an ordinary resident of a gated housing estate, takes a look inside an unfinished house opposite her own and decides to stay there. Observing her family members, she discovers their lesser and greater secrets and, above all, learns more about herself. The motels known from American TV series and films do not have a good reputation.

They give shelter to murderers, lost travellers or embarrassed lovers who meet there in secret. Who are their true residents? An interesting, albeit dismal, portrait of people who tend to dream the American dream less and less often. A poignant directing debut of Kobas Laksa, a visual artist and a photographer.

Larysa and Boris, immigrants from Ukraine, try to balance their private and professional life. When they seem to have luck on their side, an accident that happens forces them to redefine the vision of the future they have had so far. An empty set on the table, a place in the bed and empty hangers remind the character about the recently lost love.

This is a portrait of a woman, nostalgic and full of passion, who has to deal with her loneliness. An attempt to show the unknown face of the Norwegian youth. Two young men have had a difficult past. Today, each of them tries to cope with reality in a different way. One seems to continue the bravado by drinking himself unconscious, while the other is searching for another solution.

A few years ago, because of the refugee crisis, the eyes of the entire world were focused on Lampedusa. A Finnish director decided to visit this little Italian island. His short documentary, instead of sensational photographs and cheap moralising, includes an essay on an exceptionally beautiful place that became witness to and an involuntary participant of a global problem. During shooting breaks, he devotes himself to his greatest passion — photography. Two brothers on the threshold of adulthood are still under the custody of their mother who is strongly supported by their grandmother.

In a cluttered flat, they fight for every smallest bit of autonomy; each of them applies different tactics to manoeuvre in this difficult territory. A n un romantic story from the countryside.

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She was almost 12 when she met him and two years later became pregnant with their first child. She did not want to get married, but her family decided otherwise. He married her because they were equally poor and unhappy. They have had 8 healthy children. They live and work in a village, next to each other but separate. Only seldom do they meet to meditate together. Going on a safari is a dream for many. For middle-aged couple Linda and Troyer, it turns into a horribly real adventure when they get left behind in the wilderness.

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A centre for women with addictions in Helsinki. The documentary protagonists have lived through a tough experience: many years of struggling with alcoholism.

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Excluded, ostracised by society or even rejected by their families, today they are trying to find peace and accept themselves. The eponymous holiday is an excellent opportunity for them to celebrate a new life. Wongar, calls the spirits from Aboriginal beliefs. As a researcher of the native Australian culture, he is looking for close contact with nature and those who passed away. In a couple of symbolic scenes showing women preoccupied with their work the author reveals his attitude towards the stereotype of a working woman that is accepted world-wide. A collector and a smoker.

She collected paper souvenirs and he smoked consecutive packets of cigarettes. Their life together is documented by old tickets and labels flashing at the backdrop of empty cigarette cartons. This collage is also a poignant diary of a progressing disease. An Israeli director unexpectedly finds out that there lived a man in Innsbruck who claimed to be his grandfather. Who stole the identity of Ernst Bechinsky and held the most important position among the Austrian Jewish community for a few years?

Yair Lev decides to carry out an investigation that will enable him to discover the motives of the mysterious man. Quantum cinema noir set in oneiric Tokyo which involves kidnapping, an eccentric scientist and a private detective, beaten by life, who is tailing him. This film experiment combining the genres of fiction and documentary presents one of the greatest paradoxes of science. Why is Poland sometimes so tiring? What does it mean to be Polish? Are we a tolerant or xenophobic country? Anne Azoulay France fiction 25'.

Tomek Popakul Poland animated 27'. Foued Mansour France fiction 30'. Alba's Memories Memorie di Alba. Notes from the Dark Aleppo. Iiti Yli-Rinne Finland documentary 4'. Kosuke Katakura Japan animated 12'. Ana Moreira Portugal fiction 17'. David Ofek, Tal Michael Israel documentary 51'. Ashes to Ashes Tuhkaksi. Tuuli Teelahti Finland documentary 6'. Dekel Berenson United Kingdom, Nepal fiction 16'. Kelly Holmes France, United Kingdom fiction 23'. Emmanuelle Antille Switzerland documentary 94'. Mahdi Bakhshi Moqadam Iran documentary 70'.

A Lump of Sugar Kostka cukru. A Watch Zegarek. We still had our mainframe, you know, being managed, being remediated. I was scared. We were under attack. He doesn't know that because he didn't have access to your servers, he shouldn't have said that. I was hoping to get it from you. All right. It wasn't just the Democratic Party.

Our democracy was under attack. I used the word 'Cancer. Donna Brazile defended sending Hillary Clinton a debate question by saying she did not want the candidate to be "blindsided.