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District optional Select district Senate. Total raised. Browse top raising candidates. Data type Money raised Money spent. How much has been raised by Presidential candidates Senate candidates House candidates. Running in Commissioners Established in , the FEC is composed of six Commissioners who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Ellen L. Just about everything. The Supreme Court hangs in the balance. The future of our trading system is uncertain. We could see deepening divisions on crucial issues like immigration.

Executive power could be stretched to new limits. A growing and empowered government could raise spending, hike taxes, expand entitlements, and double down on regulations. If the polls are to be believed, Americans are choosing between two of the most unpopular presidential candidates in decades. But that cannot be an excuse to sit on the sidelines. Too much is at stake. Regardless of how voters feel about the presidential candidates, they can make a real difference by casting their votes in crucial congressional elections. The business community is working to maintain pro-growth majorities in the Senate and the House.

They can serve as a backstop against bad policies and help advance good policies—no matter who occupies the White House. To help Americans get up to speed and get to the polls, the U. Chamber of Commerce launched VoteForJobs. This digital toolkit contains information on voter registration, absentee ballots, early voting, and polling locations. After reading, I find myself wishing you had spent more time on your story, that interspersing it with disdain for others. And, perhaps, how you squared any possible indebtedness flowing from your tertiary education with your other commitments.

People who are far more interested in communicating with the wider-world than with regrets.

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After seeing how hard my Mum worked to keep us from relying on government for our housing or our jobs my disdain for those who do may well have shone through; hopefully to inspire others not to be trapped by their deep-rooted expections of government. Careful study of postgrad courses revealled to me that I could enrol in a MSc course for which I was qualified by experience.

But I had to pass that course well to prove I could study at that level before the university would accept me studying and reading for an MSc. So, the system required me to study for two masters before I was awarded one. It was state aided but I had to pay fees because I had worked overseas for over 10 years before in enrolled. By working overseas I also saved enough to buy a small home near the university.

But I agree with you that my fellow seniors mainly now want know to learn how to use their computers, phones and tablets to communicate with their distant children, many of whom live overseas. As my clients understand the wider usefulness of computers many regret their ignoring of the IT revolution. Our trades unions may still solve the first if more of them seize the opportunity and our technology to limit global warming may address the second.

For the poor, the capitalists and the customers. Nor for those who are currently navigating the Mediterranean Sea. Sans cruise ship. To name but 2 of the many groups of losers in globalisation. As for the customers, I have been sending repeated emails to Amazon regarding non-delivery of Christmas gifts, 2 out of 5 of which have not arrived and one of the 2 replacements will, today Saturday, also be classed as missing, it seems.

As a certain airline is constantly reminding us. What planet do you live on, I wonder. Have you set foot in a bog-standard thank you Alistair and Tony English state school within the last 40 years, I ask. So bad I experienced the excellence of my local Maplin store for my Thai-made Wi-fi server and very good it is too. We reward the Thai workers, in this example, who learned and applied new skills so they could bring a better life to their families by adding value to metal, plastic and silicon.

We can see why communist China adopted capitalism so the Chinese could learn and work their way out of poverty not necessarily by working for capitalists. Why, with highly predictable consequences, did the NUM fail its members in this regard? Having to learn lifelong is a fact of life. I learned this soon after I qualified as a year old paint sprayer and saw my work boots fall apart after six weeks.

Forgive me for not crediting my state education. A better life for all humans instead of just those living in our country, or those who may vote for us, is what I call progressive politics. Okay, if the election was call tomorrow who would I vote for to improve my life and the lives of Romanians simultaneously? Many of us, more than you know, I suspect, have no room for altruism at the ballot box.

Things are fucking desperate here and now. Voting to be rescued by any politician strikes me as desperate. Better for each of us to have a strong sense of purpose for our lives and to learn and to work to fulfill that purpose instead of relying on the government to care for our family, our community and ourselves. Leaving the EU fifteen years later may or may not help us to earn more by serving others through our work but I doubt we will keep much of it. This is not an exaggeration and there are hundreds of thousands — probably millions — more like me and worse of still.

Bear this in mind to avoid appearing so glib next time. People like us exist. We should never have let that many people in regardless of the readiness or otherwise. Immigration — amongst many other things, unemplyment, lack of industry and the proliferation of so many supermarkets and shopping centres included — has made many communities unrecognisable and changed them for the worse.

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So why do you think that, as I specifically highlighted earlier, so many learners in bog-standard English state schools are resolute non-learners? And that is in what are almost certainly for the majority of them quite the most favourable of learning circumstances they will encounter on their life journey.

Resolute non-learners may have themselves, their parents or teachers to blame.

Together may amount to an anti-learning culture. Dare I say that we used to have the same culture with respect to work? Nudge theory gradually removed the barriers to work and we may need our government to take a similar approach to learning for better more rewarding work and lives. Sorry, for using the NUM as an example but former mining communities are still hurting. Trade-specific unions hinder lifelong learning and this is where Unite has an advantage in taking care of the long term interests of its members. Why the TUC has not facilitating the strategic planning of its unions so they have a broader outlook and become sustainable in doing a better job of serving trade union members for their multi-career lives is a mystery to me.

Of course globalization has pros and cons but growing and sharing the available work around the world must reduce the desperation, conflict and payments made to the operators of barely seaworthy boats. Sorry if I seem a little thick,I am only working class. Did I dream that a large amount of people voted to come out of the EU. Because everything I hear about negotiation is telling me that we are still being ignored and that nothing is going to change.

As far as I can tell, negotiations are still very much underway. Negotiators are now scrabbling to cobble something together that is obtainable, because some of them really do care. Not the likes of Johnson and Rees-Mogg, who will profit from any outcome. The EU are constrained by their own rules as to what they can offer us without self-destructing.

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We are all collateral damage of an internal power struggle in the Tory party. Lazy Dave put no safeguards in place to determine how, or even if Northern Ireland we could exit if Leave won, because he fully expected the status quo to continue. The actions in government of the Tory party over the last ten years have been short-sighted, irresponsible and often cruel in the extreme. Most of the problems people voted leave over originated in Westminster in areas where Brussels has no say.

They need to be solved from Westminster. Fully expecting the status quo to continue, he set up no parameters or safeguards that would prevent a close result from descending into the chaos we are now dealing with. Over the past ten years I have been aghast at the short-sighted, immoral and cruel actions of successive Tory governments, who have left those who were already badly off in now often desperate circumstances.

UK now needs to choose between embracing economic earthquake, hurting the poorest most, or politicians owning up to their lies and prevarication.

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Most of the problems people voted Leave over can only be addressed from Westminster, Brussels has no say in them. Holding a grievance towards a political system which […]. Brexit to me is a pure catastrophe, a self-inflicted wound, the result of ignorance, carelessness, surliness and, no doubt you are right to suggest, despair. Bring it on. Prove the hit to the economy you state-you cannot.

I can mine. Less people. I voted leave for many reasons and spend some time on pro EU Facebook pages trying to dispel the many myths about the benefits of our EU membership. I have been rather shocked by the amount of bigotry that has taken hold amongst some Remain supporters who lump almost all Leavers into derogatory categories such as racist, xenophobe, stupid, bigoted, backward-looking, etc. With one vociferous post I could almost take out the words Leave and Remain and substitute them with black and white to uncover attitudes that should have died out decades ago. Sadly this could go on for several years.

Remain are trying hard to scupper Brexit and the likelihood is we will end up half in, half out. The tug of war will continue until somehow the issue is resolved. Some Remain voters fit your description but by no means all. Many of us including me. I suspect have no room for altruism at the ballot box. The ones made in Bangladesh?

Neither fish nor fowl, neither salt of the earth nor particularly talented nor particularly passionate, they bring self satisfied children in to the world as if it is the most natural thing in the world;. Thank you for this. Thank you so so much for this. They keep things working, keep the lights on as it were and the better off call them names for daring to want the tiniest modicum of recognition for doing more than the scornful elite will ever manage to do.

My mum has always struggled, so has my granma, so has most of my family. My older brother is struggling right now and he might not make it out on the other side. But nobody wants to acknowledge us. Who cares about the cost of food or getting a job when the colours of passports are on line? Whether you do it hard, suffer or live in poverty through their actions its irrelevant, you are there to feed the machine, oil the cogs- the machine infernal of the EU.

The Lamb of God, or Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons forth four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. Although some interpretations differ, in most accounts, the four riders are seen as symbolizing Conquest, War, Famine, and Death, respectively. The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the four horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment.

I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest. Revelation Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword. Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand.

Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine, and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. I am not religeous in any way means or form, but i can see likeness without digging far in the Eu 4 freedoms and their result. I suppose that well it is true that the Eu has always had a political objective to create a United States if Europe. This is because the Roman Empire or the dream of the Roman Empire as an idea was never destroyed. I also think both sides of brexit have been telling lies.

The SNP have not helped either Republic of Ireland has made it clear it intends to spoil the clean sheet with it and the uk. The political institutions are a sinking ship. And we would rather go down with it then be exploited any longer. So so with only 8 billion people there is no excuse for people starving. That institution is responsible. They are running a circus they bastardize everything we eat, and control everything we do for what they call progression and a peaceful Society for the status quo. Let me tell you something, what we call progression is progressively moving off in the direction of destroying everything, and all your political institutions and ideologies are only enforced through the instruments of power and violence.

Anything that grows out of this institution will end up in violence. I maintain the political institutions are nothing but a warty outgrowth of the religious thinking of Man. How many men women and children have we killed in the Name of Love Thy Neighbour as thyself. Britain managed without the common market prior to right? Working people had a steady job and a living wage and an affordable place to live and a good work and leisure balance.

What happened after Britain entered the common market there were strikes, the 3 day week and uncontrolled unskilled immigrantion into the UK. E Brits to get priority over housing instead of someone from Iraq or Sudan where ever. And introduce a minimum of Most Brits work far too long hours. And create more jobs where people answer phones instead of automated messages. Things will and can improve. I can imagine that a lot of WC people like myself voted for others rather than themselves, I voted for my son as I see EU policies of free movement and the intolerable levels of movement from ex communist countries now in Europe to the poorer areas of the UK was the tipping point after decades of industrial deinvestment in these communities.

Labour and the Tories wrestled from the early sixties regarding membership of this project called the EEC, a tight vote in paved the way for where we are today. But after 10 years of austerity and nearly 40 years of de-instrustrialisation people were losing hope that things would change for the better. These areas are now homes to […].

This is an insightful article, but it misses the point that we also have decimated working class communities in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Even as a five year old kid I knew that our government hated us. I firmly believe that the problems start in the UK at the top of the civil service, we have seen from TV programmes and books from ex political leaders how difficult a job they have implementing the policies they want in their departments because of the very nature of the mandarins in the civil service, it is sickening to think that the least democratic aspect of government puts the most obstacles in the way of progressive policies any enlightened politician wants.

I am for one hugely disillusioned by the whole political process as it delivers little in comparison to what is needed. No, we are not a population of scroungers as the government sometimes perceives us, we are in fact a people of high tolerance whose expectations are rarely met in the people we vote for in parliament, unlike the French we remain stoic that our tomorrows will be better then today but in reality we all know this to be foolish but optimistic we remain, however difficult this is at times.

Brexit is a thorny problem for Westminster, on the one hand we have a deal that favors our friends in the EU, a shambolic isolated PM must sell this deal knowing fine well that it will never pass muster as yet again the parties and s muster in the house, so the next few weeks will be interesting if not painful to witness as the parties again rip themselves to shreds over the vexing issue, party loyalty will mean nothing and daggers will be drawn as we enter a fortnight where the stakes are so high and the consequences so unknown, the mandarins in Whitehall will be shaking with contempt no matter which way the axe falls.

None of the assumptions made in this article occurred to the working-class Leave voters. It was their chance to say simultaneously ya-boo to Cameron, Osborne, and Johnny Foreigner. For decades, even arguably centuries, the working-class had been brainwashed into accepting their place and lot by being taught that they had some people and countries that they could look down on, because they were not British. At the same time, the propaganda allowed them to assume therefore that by definition, other non-British would see them as superior — something they had not experienced in purely British life.

This scenario gave the pride by looking down, and acceptance of place when looking up! Human conditioning at its best! That the EU were innocents in their stagnation did not occur to the working-class Leave voters, but it will do when their poverty arrives…. I am working class and I did not vote either in or out.

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I was two years old when we entered into Europe. To young to remember or have a say. I managed to find only Volutary work which lead to paid work after 12 years due to a change in government rules and permited work whilst in recipt of benefits. In that time I struggled to find work and also I had difficulty holding down full time jobs and this was having an effect on my mentsl health.

Since I was made redundant from my part time job and since had to live with Mental health and have been let down by these services. Hi I am and always have been a lover of Europe. The European Union came together after the 2nd world war. There are many ideals of which we should be proud of. My concern when I voted and I was so border line. I understood everything the different sides pledged for and I thought they were both very ridiculous.

Everyone wants to fight for their vote stubbornly especially parliament; and the powers of Europe are quite confident that we will grovel back to them. Then we have even less power. When or if but probably when we return we will not have the same power or threat of a referendum. So Europe will not be inclined to listen to our views. They are the most powerful capatist regime in the world.

‘We don’t exist to them, do we?’: why working-class people voted for Brexit

They need countries like the Uk to calm them down so they will have respect for the weaker members that also might leave. I would like a Europe that does have a multi partnership honouring and working together. Encouraging peace harmony and prosperity but the European Union of today needs a little bit of old fashion democracy.

They are so far away doing what ever they do. The European Union needs to be more transparent and needs to encourage a closer connection with each population in each member country; and we the people should have a say in the members of the European Union. Then I would trust them, my vote was not about race or the NHS — it was about protecting our democracy.

I voted to leave and I am just an ordinary person. I care about my fellow man. Please work together and protect democracy. I supported the EU project, but if even we remained the vote would forever change our position in Europe. Europe is coercive, leaderless, our voice is diluted, democracy is smothered. I have no objection to immigration but I detest the exploitation we have witnessed by UK companies from mobility of cheap labour. I now support Brexit, it brings self determination and the potential to value worker rights and well-being regardless of where they come from.

I think this article is spot on. It has clearly captured the core reasons for Brexit — they felt they had nothing to lose. The disconnect between Westminster and decent ordinary folk was clearly manisfest on Brexit night by a comment from Ian Duncan Smith. I thought how incredible it was that he had no idea they were voting for his side.

Of course the elephant in the room, which has nothing to do with Brexit, is globalisation. When we leave the EU I fear that its effects will bite even deeper. The recent Parliamentary chicanery to stop Brexit proves that. The only thing both parties will agree on is to remain in the EU at any cost. However, it clearly demonstrates that we have a Democracy In Name Only. The many years in the EU has diluted our political ability to, create laws, negotiate trade deals or even exist as an independent country.

Politics in this country have been changed forever and drastic Parliamentary reform is essential, but, the damage has been done. We have long memories. The days are numbered for both the Conservative and Labour parties. They really are taking us all for mugs. As a life long conservative voter sorry my opinion of May could not get any lower.

What has our parliament achieved in days? They have proved what we have suspected for a long time. Back in , it was this attitude which lead to the state of affairs that the UK currently finds itself in.

How is power divided in the United States government? - Belinda Stutzman

Suppose then, that the […]. An underclass crushed under the heels of austerity, desperate for change. The silver lining, if we do leave on the lack of terms the sell everything millionaire spivs, New Victorian elites, Russian brexit bankrollers and right wing media cheerleaders peddled to the adoring flag waving herd of gullibles, is that it will be the gullibles alone that will suffer the very worst of it all and rightly so. No prizes for guessing who their handlers new scapegoats will be.. They can and will get a lot worst, that delusional bubble will burst.

Poetic justice if nothing else. The unfortunate casualty.. Irony abounds. A myriad flag waving fantasies held dear, evapourating as unleashed reality bites. Remain in the EU and your dream will become a nightmare. The rise of populism, mass immigration, economic downturn, protectionism, the Euro, European Army, etc, etc, and, your Parliament reduced to a Council Chamber in the United States of Europe. Careful what you dream for.

The goal of the Eu is for all countries to cease to exist and there will only be Federal Europe run by the Commission in Belgium, there wont be governments in countries that no longer exist. Think about everything else that will also cease to exist if your country no longer exists. And it might be that celebrating anything from what country you were from might also be considered a criminal offense under Federal Europe.

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Brilliant analysis and what can be done about this misrey? Phil Dutton March 20, at am - Reply.