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Debt Buyers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Dave actually used to believe the myth himself and could repeat it very convincingly. He even sold rental property that was losing money. He would show the investors, with very sophisticated internal rates of return, how they would actually make money! It was a reach. He could spout the myth with enthusiasm, but life and God had some lessons to teach him. Only after losing everything he owned and finding himself bankrupt did he think that risk should be factored in, even mathematically.

It took this painful wake-up call for him to realize how dumb and dangerous the myth is. Are you ready to break free of debt and get to where God wants you to go? Sign up for Financial Peace University! Pay off debt.


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Did Everything But Think: D.E.B.T. by Joseph Lorick

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A few years ago, a friend of mine and I started talking about money. I was honest with him when we were talking about my intense ambition, my ambivalence about my then-relationship, my attraction to a writing workshop classmate, the near-constant foghorn of shame I felt at the beginning and end of every day, my I thought, extraordinary insecurity, my fear of my graduate school professors, my intense desire to be loved and my belief that I was somehow an inappropriate and unqualified candidate for human intimacy, my sexual problems, my familial challenges, my thesis, my qualifying exams, my scheduled and then experienced brain surgery, my scheduled and then experienced heart surgery.

I had no problem outlining, in near-vicious detail, how I had been cruel or selfish that day. It felt easy for me to recount where I had gone wrong and where I had gone right.

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Where I could have done better. What I could have done instead. Adding a financial inventory felt like the next logical step, and also, I thought my financial behavior needed improving.

See a Problem?

I asked him if we could start tracking money with each other. I thought practicing honesty with him might help me start practicing honesty with myself. The format was simple: We would each send a couple of lines indicating money we had invoiced, money coming in, money spent, money in savings, existing debts, etc. His snapshots were remarkable to me. He was precise down to the cent with what he had in his checking account.

10 beliefs keeping you from paying off debt

Meanwhile, I did my best. And I realized, doing this exercise, that my best was still riddled with tiny dishonesties. Because no matter how much I tried to force myself to tell the truth to this person who had, so far, absorbed every single shameful fact about my life with nothing but compassion and love, I could not. I looked at the line in my bank statement. I tried to type the same numbers into the email. Not quite. I applied potential incoming payments in two different places, both as cash on hand and as payment to a credit card.

I told myself I was just spinning a lot of plates. That what matters is how I feel , not what the balance sheet says. After a few months, we stopped sharing our financial information.

Did Everything But Think: D.E.B.T.

I told myself it was because I was too busy. Working on other things. After I started consulting on the side, my income rocketed. I had enough to cover all my debts. All I needed to do was move money around. I was fine then. I am fine now. A few years ago, I almost died. An unknown cyst in my brain ruptured, hemorrhaging blood and protein into the center of my skull. I could barely read.