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Jeff Rake will write and executive produce. David Frankel will direct and executive produce the pilot. Robert Zemeckis and Jack Rapke also executive produce. Television and Compari Entertainment. The people who reside here have built a bonded family of friends and neighbors. Mike Daniels will write and executive produce. Minkie Spiro will direct and executive produce the pilot. Jessica Rhoades also executive produces.

She can see and communicate with the dead, helping them with their unresolved problems … whether she likes it or not. When her longtime friend Det. Moira Kirland will write and executive produce. Charlotte Sieling will direct and executive produce the pilot. David Heyman and Nancy Cotton also executive produce. Craig Turk will write and executive produce. Niels Arden Oplev will direct and executive produce. Dick Wolf, Arthur W. Forney and Peter Jankowski are also executive producers. Corinne Kingsbury is writer and executive producer, with Scott Ellis directing the pilot. Unwittingly, he becomes an agent of change in the lives and destinies of others around him.

Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt are writers and executive producers. Marcos Siega will direct and executive produce. Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter are also executive producers. The hour-long drama is produced by Warner Bros. Pam Fryman will direct and executive produce. Bergen also executive produces. Television and Bend in the Road Productions.

Peter Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim are co-writers and executive producers. Justin Lin will direct and executive produce. The cast includes Damon Wayans, Jr. Phill Lewis directed the pilot. The show is not based on real life experiences or characters. Caitlin Parrish and Erica Weiss are writers and co-executive producers. James Burrows is directing and grabbing an EP credit as well. ABC Getty Images. Alexi Hawley will write and executive produce. Liz Friedlander will direct and executive produce. Sam Swift Rachel Bilson , the former star of a hit cop series is fresh-out-of-rehab following a bender of epic proportions.

Desperate to restart her career, she talks her way into shadowing rough-and-tumble private investigator Eddie Valetik Eddie Cibrian as research for a potential comeback role. Though lone wolf Eddie resents the babysitting gig, high-spirited Sam proves herself to be surprisingly valuable, drawing on her acting skills and episodes of playing a detective.

Terri Edda Miller and Andrew W. Rola Bauer and Tim Halkin also executive produce. Doug Robinson also executive produces. Some have achieved success, others are struggling in their careers and relationships, but all of them feel stuck in life. Along the way they discover that friends may be the one thing to save them from themselves. The pilot was directed by Jason Winer, who is also an executive producer.

Charismatic Santiago Mendoza owns the hotel, while his glamorous second wife, Gigi, and their adult children enjoy the spoils of success. Wealthy and beautiful guests bask in luxury, but scandals, escalating debt and explosive secrets hide beneath the picture-perfect exterior. The show is based on the Spanish series. Check their letters — there is lots of history out there about their beliefs. Democrats who are Roman Catholic and approve of gay marriage and abortion are really not Christian in the opinion of the Roman Catholic Church. They have chosen a political party over their own beliefs and greed.

They will regret it when their time comes. Liberals try to sidetrack the truth with idiotic sidebars about war. What Bishop Burkd is referring to the doctrine of the Catholic church with respest to when life begins. We hold that life begins at conception, something which Joe Biden states that he believes also. Pelosi has no idea what she is taling about, trying to refer to St. Where is her degree in theology. This truth has existed in the faith for years. If you cannot respect life at it most elemental, what good are all your so-called programs. Also, I think it shows a degree of arrogance to want to kill a child, while you so smugly enjoy your own existence.

Whether you will admit it or not, Barack Obama fought the bill that would aid those children born as a result of a botched abortion. He promotes infanticide, not a very messianic stance to take. Also, you need to speak to those children who find out that their sibling s was aborted. They wonder, why not me? She is carrying a body within. These arguments are a case of misguided compassion. Quincy discovered that it was an abvious case of murder. In this episode there were children with that syndrome, acting and it was brought to light that they are not only trainable, but educable as well.

Baby Louise, the test tube baby blew a big part of Roe V. Wade, because she proved that the fertilized egg could be viable in a test tube as opposed to the womb. That was a huge point in R V W. It is easy to be smug when your parent chose your life. Part of the scandals of the Church arose out of the 60s and being told by the APA American Psycholigical Association that behaviors could be rehabilitated. Why do you think that we are still fighting against sexual predators. Plus let us put abortion into a more recognizable perspective.

Take the Kennedy family for example. Their sister Rosemary was born simple, I hate the word retarded. Her father had her lobotomized and made things much worse. Yet, she did give joy to her family in her simplicity. What if Rose Kennedy took the option to abort her, knowing how her daughter would suffer.

Segue to John F. We now have ways to identify the gene that identifies the disease. If Joe and Rose Kennedy knew, and that the disease would elaborate at the age of 13 in John Kennedy, they might have chosen to abort him, so that he would not have to suffer. And, lastly Ted Kennedy, the ninth child. Then, where would we be? Abortion is just a matter of women, relegating their children to the nature of a product.

The abortion result is referred to as the products of conception, no Janey, Tiffany, Dave, but a product. How is saline burning a child, therapeutic? And for whom? Or, shredding the curretage through curretage? The neural tube is developed in the 1th week. I gurantee you that the child feels pain. Plus partial-birth abortion. The child is delivered breach, feet first, which is a way that many woman died in childbirth in the past. Then the child in removed and the brain is crushed. Pleasant, huh. Women need to grow up and afford their children the same rights that they fought for.

That screeching argument that it is my body is idiotic. The whole thing in a nutshell is that they do not WANT the child. The sexual revolution of the 60s had led to irresponsible adults. For those of you: that is sexually transmitted diseases. How about teaching your children some personal responsibility? How about the baby boomers getting off the acid and acting more mature. This is my problem with organized religion. Given the Catechism of the Catholic church is about two inches thick last I saw it that is a lot to swallow while suspending your own mental processes.

When are we going to quit letting everyone else church, government, commercials with lots of boobies etc. Personally I think the people singled out should simply quit the Church. Much cleaner and more honest. You think you can force Mommy and Daddy to take good care of a child if they do not wish to do so?

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Unfortunatly, more cases that not, what will happen is that the child will be murdered by their parents after a while anyway. What parent could do that? Children are killed by parents every day… Homicide is one of the leading causes of death of children under age four. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other. It is both a good thing and a sad thing that the Catholic Church speaks alone on moral ssues when there is a deafening silence from all other quarters.

Killing a child because you cannot enact enough self control or have such a lax moral compass is beyond discusting. People in the country want to scream about freedom but are silent and resentful of the tradeoff that must occour, responsibility. For all no sex outside of marriage, no contraceptives plus a return to the office of the censor and the guardian of the public morals to make sure that all media and arts pass moral muster.

In addition, say bye bye to sunday shopping. You will be searched for porn and contraceptives on the way into the country, mass will be televised at least once a week, catholic church figures will be major celebrities and appear on the serious talk shows, and the angelus will be on thrice daily at the appropriate times. Why we might even estabilish facilities where the wayward women could work off their sins in this life….

How many of you want to sign up for all of this because this is what it means to live in a fully Catholic country? The absurdity of comments from both sides is pretty high. The anti-Catholic lies in these posts are appalling-especially in regard to the Holocaust. It looks like our new Pope Benedict has the spine that I kept thinking that the last one would find. It will be better for it. Are they leaders of the one true fairy tale cowards?

In response, what do you get from Democrats? Support for at-will abortion is seen as a clear moral violation without room for differing opinions on the life or value of an unborn child. It is an issue restricted exclusively to Faith and Morals. War is not. The invasion of Afghanistan was not protested by the Vatican.

The Holy See did venture forth a geo-political opinion that war against Saddam Hussein did not meet the criteria of a just war. It was not, however, judged to be a clear moral violation and Catholics are understood to have differing opinions on the Geo-Political realities leading up to operation Iraqi Freedom rather than Faith and Morals.

Sometimes I wonder why I am not Catholic. Their leaders take stands on issues that some protestants would not touch. I respect them for standing up for Church doctrine. I think it is a shame that such hateful speech is tolerated. Our country will be perfect when will elminate the ones who spread hate, and try to undermine our values from abroad. Abortion will go down in history as a crime against humanity, worse than any other. Is it so hard to either keep it in your pants, keep it out of your pants, put on a sheath, or pop a pill — instead of killing a kid?

What the hell is the matter with people? Why not just kill anybody cause you are lazy? WTF people! Wow, there are some great responses in here, especially for a link from the drudge report. Corky rules. Catholic Leadership is asleep at the altar. Over It! Thank God for ArchBishop Burke!!! It is wonderful to see a Bishop speak out and defend Church teaching — especially to defend Our Lord in the Eucharist. We are seeing now that more and more Cardinals, Bishops, etc. Abortion is not a religious issue, any more than burglary, assault and battery, or perjury are religious issues. Abortion involves the taking of a human life.

This is not a matter fo faith, but of scientific fact. That is precisely why those who support legalized abortion are so angry when photos of an abortion are publicized. When someone has sexual intercourse, they are inviting life to start and take hold.

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To allow the unborn child to be killed, because the child represents an inconvenience to those who sought the gratification of sex, is the epitome of evil. It is akin to child sacrifice at the alter of hedonism. We want to engage in sex without consequences. Being against abortion is no different than being against any other form of murder. By making murder illegal, we are not imposing a religious view on society — we are protecting innocent life. The same is true on the abortion question. It is a matter of fact and logic.

For those catholics out there…. If you want to be pro-choice, leave the catholic church. Hey Michael Cecil, at least Republicans allow everybody a chance to be born, grow up, and then become a terrorist before wiping them off the face of the earth. So many things to address. Many people think taking religion out of society would bring peace. If you look at your own personal life, you do not live up to the standards you profess. You have lied, cheated, protected yourself for your own aims. Also, the church answers to God.

If you find that hard to swallow I would encourage you to look into the history of our country and see how many of the founders were ministers, held seminary degrees, that the Bible was used as a text book in schools, that the universities were based on the Bible. To become more informed, I would encourage you to read the works of David Barton, historian.

Or, check out www. I hope the democrats take a lesson from this.

They are full of hate, greed and operate out of spite. I know many democrats and republicans and I believe republican moral standards are by far more spiritual. Amendment 1 of The United States Constitution states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peacably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Please tell me how Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Hillary, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama can go into black churches and preach their politics, but a priest cannot condemn Catholic politicians who violate the tenets of the Church, yet want to partake in the sacraments. Murder of the unborn my be legal, but is still murder. Abortion is an act that haunts a woman for life. They are either pro life, in which case I as a Catholic can vote for them, or they are pro abortion, in which case I absolutely cannot vote for them.

Either way is fine. I understand that rubs some people the wrong way. Again, no problem. For those that are saying that if a politician helps to legislate a pro-life law that would be like imposing their religious beliefs onto others,. Do you feel the same way about other laws legislated by politicians such as laws against murder? Is that imposing their religious beliefs also? And if the U. Your hypocrisy is astonishing to me.

As it is, we Americans are so without conscience, that we should just keep our mouth shut about the immorality of other nations. Should the Democrat Party force the removal of the tax-exempt status of the American Catholic Church, as they have been threatening for decades, because the Church condemns the slaughter of innocent human life in the womb, I shall be happy to make up the difference. I am confused. Almost all of the responders are trying to argue from a bad position. So if we are going to have a debate, let us be sure that we are on the same page.

Yes, indeed. The Republican party represents life, as long as the body is a US citizen. Just war theory by St. Thomas Aquinas clarifies what is in reality a very sensitive issue. Our fighting against terrorism began as a just war, and at this point, it would be morally irresponsible for the United States to up and leave.

The situation left in our wake would be far more dangerous than the even extremely dangerous situation that existed when we entered Afghanistan and Iraq. But also, I do not deny that the idea of abortion in cases of rape is very sensitive as well. Even in the case of rape, the moral justification for having an abortion is very weak and does not carry much water.

Maybe if we spent more time reading the Bible and less time listening to the media opine and whine, we as a country facing financial doom would be living in better times. Humble yourselves America! There has never been a Constitutional separation of church and state. Only a requirement that congress shall pass no law establishing a state religion, in fact it requires a free expression thereof.

If the dems want to think they can be good Catholics and still vote for abbortion, they are only fooling themselves. Kudos to Archbishop Burke for speaking out on this fundamental moral issue. Catholics in public office who publicly put themselves in opposition to clear church doctrine are not Catholics in good standing and should be barred from the sacraments. It is a simple matter of church discipline. If such persons persist in their public positions contrary to the faith, they should simply leave the church.

No big deal; the church can get along without them! The argument is that the Dems are being targeted by a group that at one time supported the Nazi Party. Killing people that are fully coherent and not undeveloped fetuses the have not truly known life. They Kill the fully concise in the name of God. They are the ones that will be in hell if there is one. Have fun in hell greg! How many children did Khomeni send into the mine fields in Iran-Iraq war? Biden is a liar and I cannot stand Cafeteria Catholics. Raymond Burke is a loon, and as a Catholic it disgusts me to see the Church getting involved in politics like this.

Otherwise, they should lose their tax exempt status. First of all, there has been no suggestion that the US should wage nuclear war with Iran. Secondly, you equivocate the taking of innocent life to that of legal self defense and warfare. What crime do unborn children commit that deserves the death penalty?

Anyone who gives the impression that Obama will NOT commit our armed forces to a conflict is either a liar or very foolish. If Obama is president, there will be plenty of scenarios where his advisors will lead him into a conflict that would prove unpopular. Besides, what is your beef with the Catholic Church politically? Are you a buffoon? The US Catholic Church is riddled with social justice hypocrisy which you should just love. Get a grip.

My beef with the church is in regards to this social justice crap which very literally uses the threat or actual use of violence by law enforcement to take property from one citizen and give it to another. For the US Church it is hypocrisy, for the Democrats is further proof of moral bankruptcy. Dave, old man. You are conflating multiple issues and have obviously been listening to the worst anti-Christian publicists.

First, there is nothing in orthodox Christianity or church canons, or even the Gospels, that says go out and commit unprovoked violence. Much as many leaders and individuals have abused religion for their own ends, that hardly nullifies any truth or benefits of the institution.

That is like claiming the terrible behavior of Congress or the Clintons somehow refutes the institution of democracy and the Presidency. Second, the Crusades were a pinprick inresponse to hundreds of years of Islamic expnasion over formerly Christian and peaceful territories and direct attacks against Europe.

If anything, they were a rather anemic response. Even Islamic extremists have stopped dragging that one out. And many of those battles were fueled as much by poitically ambitious rulers as anything. Last, the wars and genocide in the name of secular-atheist ideologies in the 19th and 20th centuries make the numerical death toll from anything else pale by comparison Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Nazism,…. So by your logic, we should silence all secular movements.

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Your argument is self-refuting. Good day! They are a death cult,no doubt about it,and they get elected on the backs of dead soldiers,dead infants,natural disasters,and who knew the stock market crash Which They Created would be A boon for them? Hollywood has launched an anti church film that could add to the death cult Liberalism even more.. There are so many misconceptions. Good people can debate whether or not the War on Terror is just or the best way to help the needy. Science shows the unborn child has a heart beat at 22 days — that is not debatable.

With care and nurishment that unborn child will make it. Just like you and I — if someone withheld our care and nurishment, we to would die. Do our mothers have the right to end our lives because we may be inconvienent? All this stems from the relativism. Relativism just does not work. Choosing your own morality does not work. What if some crazy dictator came to power and decided based on his own ideals that all people of a certain ethincity or faith were not fit to survive and subsequently exterminate them? Wait, that happened, his name was Hilter.

The same is happening to our unborn. The right to life is guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence — remember that old thing? Choose death receive cursings. Just as they imprisoned Galileo for speaking the truth, the Catholic church today imposes itself on the secular world as though it is an authority. How dare the Vatican call the democrats the party of death. The blood of hundreds of thousands of innocents are on the Vatican and the pope for their support for the true party of death: the neofascist neocon Republican party.

Yah, Its to bad the Democrats use to be a good party that really beleived in helping people. The liberals have destroyed that party. Make government so hugh that it will take away our freedoms and Liberty. This true if you follow a History book and can read. Oh, and kill innocent babies. Pelosi has the worst Congress in History. I have read it and it is true. How sad! You and the others took the hook.

Who said that saving the life of a child is a religious issue? There are more laws in this country to protect the eggs of Eagles than to protect the unborn. So, are the eagle protectors religious wackos? Oddly enough most of the teachings of the church are just plain common sense. Probably in the back pocket of some rich Republican. It is our law that it is legal. Support a democrat — support abortion? And I like all the comments on people going to hell. Catholics think everyone goes to hell but them. Some indigenous person who never heard of that religion…oh he is going to hell.

A good Christian…oh that person is going to hell. Finally, It is a breath of fresh air to see the Holy See finally publicly and politically stand up for what it believes. God made the beasts of the earth after their kind, and the cattle after their kind, and everything that creeps on the ground after its kind; and God saw that it was good. And, why does Leviticus use a Polynesian word? To Dave, Michael Cecil, et al: Equivocating the article about abortion and the theoretical nuking of Iran is not apples to apples at all.

Abortion is a decision to take a defenseless life when the child does not threaten the life of the mother. The decision to nuke Iran will be based on saving the lives of over 7,, Israelis. While I am confident that the Almighty would not be happy with either, everybody knows theres a difference. The Demon-crats are evil. They created the holocaust through the millions of babies aborted in our country. Democrats have pushed through legislation all of the way through 9 months with the in human partial birth abortion. Demon-crfats are sick and evil! Obama is the Anti-Christ! This article is right on target!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God there is at least one Church that refuses to bow to corrupt politicians and their hacks. As for those who would like to silence the voice of the Catholic Church, be assured that you have legions of comrades in Cuba, Venezuela, China, Iran, N. I am a Catholic. I believe that life begins at conception. This tells me that the church is not serious about abortion. They pay it lip service. All you have to do is follow the money. Bottom line the church does not want to loose the money by taking a solid stance.

I guess some people look at it as getting rid of the child before they grow up to be poor or disabled. The culture in this country is becoming more and more a culture of death. Planned Parenthood. Roman Catholic Democrats have a choice to make. To hear many Democrats talk about the issue, if a child is still in the womb, she is fair game for abortion. Even worse, now Sen. Obama has lent his support to infanticide by tacitly supporting the denial of medical attention to a child if she survives the abortionist and somehow manages to be born alive.

Feminists, secular progressives and liberal Democrats like Sen. Do they choose Obama and his philosophy of death, or do they listen to their consciences and choose life for the unborn. Take a look and check it out too. Using charity and discussing these issues with a clear unemotional mind always is best. Again, look at facts not your own perception of the facts. Although I am a devout Catholic, I can take the religious aspect out of the discussion and look at what we are doing the weakest of the weak — the unborn.

They do not have a voice. Our job as humans is to stand-up for the weakest of the weak — that is true kindness, charity and love for others. Hello, The Catholic Archbishop taking to task Catholic Democratic lawmakers is perfectly within his right.

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I was raised Catholic. The Archbishop is doing his job. I notice many complaining that because he went after two Democratic Catholics, his rights to free speech, and his church needed to loose their tax exempt status. I still have to tolerate your views, so what is the difference? I applaud young people that do the right thing when an accident occurs. I pray for the young people that choose otherwise. Russel, I think you might want to go back and re-read what I posted. If you read more closely you would see I agree with you.

I provide an argument justifying warfare and further argue that abortion is morally inexcusable. Ahmadinejad and Iran only want power plants and not nukes? I know this is off subject, but are you a raving lunatic? Ahmadinejad has publicly declared his desire to destroy Israel and see America run into the ground. If there is even the slightest possibility that a person with this mindset could be in control of even ONE nuclear weapon, everything that can be done MUST be done to stop them from acquiring one.

And if you think these kind of people do not live in Iran and even run parts of the government, you need a reality check buddy. Just open up the newspaper or search somewhere else on this website and you will see the evidence. Peaceful huh? I bet there are quite a few soldiers in Iraq that were blown up by IEDs made from materials exported from Iran that might disagree with you.

Come back down to Earth, I really do wish that we all could get along too, but even if America just completely disappeared from the middle east and left them alone, people with these kinds of ideologies would still want to kill everyone that disagreed with them. Wake up. Fine let all the liberals and pro-choice abortion lovers have their Roe V. Just change the law to state that if you want an abortion you have to perform it.

You want abortion you kill your own child. They are also the same people that make the killing of a pregnant woman a double homocide. However it is ironic that liberals are so against capital punishment but also pro-abortion. The one thing that confuses me is this. Nobody seems to have a full handle on when, exactly, life begins.

On both sides of the equation. So, if one is not sure when life begins — is it not better to err on the side of caution? We go to great lengths to allow PETA and other animal rights groups get vulgar in order to advance a position. However, pro-life groups are positioned as religious nuts — because of pro-choice? Joe, Joe, Life beginning at conception is not a religious principle its a scientific fact.

It is no more a religious belief than the law of gravity. I would question the ethics of a man who claims to believe that life begins at conception yet consistently votes opposite to these beliefs. Do we want him a heartbeat from the top? Who could trust him? Seems the good Archbishop has touched a nerve.

Its a nerve that needs touching. Time for Catholics to wake up and realize they are being used, as Catholic immigrants have been used since their arrival in the US. Not that the Republican party is any better. Oh suuure. Our conservaive base will want to bring kids into this world as fast as possible but will kill em off with the death penalty or perhaps will vote against safety nets which might save poeple of mental stress and then physical disease and death, perhaps as a result… and or duh.. Citizenbronte is ill-informed. Cardinal Burke does love life.

He loves and respects the life in the womb. Love the sinner but hate the sin. It is fortunate that Ms. Crow has borne no children and has safely for the sake of the unborn passed the age of fertility. Seams to me Pope your practices have destroyed a lot of lifes too. I love all these guys running around in their dresses convincing slow learners that there is a sky fairy so you will hand over your money for ever lasting life. How dare the Catholic religion criticizes the Democrats, shame on you after all the pedophiles you have running a muck in the church, still today.

You have a lot of nerve after all the lives you have fractured to put it midley. You are like the Republicans, you think that no rules apply to you, wake up! Slavery was also thought of at one point to be a personal choice. Blog Archive? Vatican official attacks U. Not correct. Actually quite stupid comparison. War against Hitler is justified.

Stop this silly distraction. Or are you too stupid to stay on topic? Raymond Burke speaks falsely in this matter. If he were a man of God, he would be calling for donations to Catholic Relief for starving Haiti, but instead uses his position to steer US catholic sheep to conservative politics. Political clergy have learned nothing since.

It is not a matter of being left or right or politically central. Christians, Jews, Muslims and i presume some Hindus and Buddhists have deeply entwined their beliefs with political positions, overtly on principle, covertly for greed of power and influence. Moneylenders at the steps of the Temple! Religions cannot help humanity. The leaders are lost in building the tribe and dangling dreams of heaven.

This is the Age of Confoundment, where all the religion, education, and prosperity of humanity counts for nothing. You did nothing for them. If the Catholic church wants a voice in US politics, then the US Catholic contingency can give up their tax exepmt status. Personally, I think all of the people who say all abortion should be banned and say all babies should be wanted and loved, should line up to adopt all the unwanted babies that come from unplanned and unwanted pregnancies… Put your money where your mouth is.

That is analogous to abortion, so if one wants to comapre abortion to anything, that is what you compare it to. God bless this great man for standing up for the values of the Catholic Church. Abortion is the greatest evil being committed on earth. This topic is about a head of the Church of Life saying the US Democrat party has lost its way and is rapidly becoming the party of death. The pope may talk like hes serious but he leaves the teeth out of the bite….

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He did not. Murderers should be punished by thier own murder for supporting murder. So I believe in an eye for an eye. The whole premise behind being pro-life is that the baby in the womb is a living human being and aborting, or taking the life of, that human is murder. These people who claim to be Catholic but also support abortion puzzle me, so its interesting to see one of their prelates actually take a stand.

I simply presumed they were, in the main, hypocrites. That is my opinion, as opposed to those with other opinions. May I have my opinion? I want to know what politicians believe, to which faith they subscribe,and to what degree they share my own views. O-blame-a will silence the Catholic Church. There will be no religion…except Rev Wrights version.

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The Church, and all religious leaders, need to teach the public of their responsibility. The values of Christians are not in line with the Democrat party and the Church needs to raise her voice and make this known. As Christians we cannot continue to be apathetic and let puffed up speeches and nominal Catholics sway our vote. Most of you people are incredibly stupid. Now we are a nation of old people, really incredibly STUPID old people becasue now there are not enough smart kids out there to provide support for all you old stupid people when you retire..

Man created his greatest sin shen he created the birth control pill.. I have to agree with the Vatican. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and many of the Kennedy families have forsaken the teachings of the Lord, yet call themselves practicing Catholics. A true Catholic does not violate the teachings of the Lord! Yes, the Democrats are the party of death and a lot of other bad stuff…greed, totalitarianism, poverty of the soul, cultural amorality, Godlessness, etc. First of all, if you are not a woman who has carried a child in your womb, then you should not have a say. You have NO idea what you are talking about.

Not once, in either of my two pregnancies, was I in control of the human inside me. Anyone who says it is a womans choice because it is HER body is ignorant of the truth. They my children were not me, nor part of my body, nor under my control. AND God knew them before he placed them in my womb. Just like he knew you and loved you. You want a choice??? Choose a condom! Choose abstinence! Murdering a child because you are not responsible enough to have safe sex is pathetic, disgusting, and should NEVER have been made legal. But honestly, that is neither here nor there.

Abortion within the first trimester will never be illegal. What is important is to look to the moral character of a man who whole-heartedly believes that it is ok to murder a child who is perfectly capable of survival outside of the womb. A man who would deny medical treatment to infants born alive. Children of God, left to die in a trash can.

If you support this, then you are guilty of murder too. And may God have mercy on your soul. NO ONE is risking their life for their country by force. They know the risk when they sign up for the armed forces, and they are proud to take that risk. I have several friends and family in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ask them who they are voting for in November. You will only find a handful of democrats over there. The numbers are staggering. The only ones whining about war are the ones sitting over here on their asses hoping the goverment delivers their welfare check on time and that their foody card has enough on it for pizza tomorrow. Those comments here trying to muddy the waters about Iran and nuclear war are just missing the point and also hoping to divert attention from the moral bankruptcy of the Democrat party. The facts are that the Democrats place no value on the most innocent lives among us; the unborn.

There is a difference between personal beliefs and the secular public policy that governs a multicultural, multi-faith society. Get it straight: we believe in separation of church and state. Nobody forces any politician or anyone else to be a member of the Catholic Church. But stop trying to make the Church bend to your political agenda. Prof HMC. But a woman can abort murder her baby and the abortionist put a baby fighting for its life in a trash can and leave it to die, and she or the abortionist is not arrested for taking a human life. Life begins at conception, no logical arguement can deny this.

In the USA we are guaranteed the right to life, yet we contradict this right with abortion. Right to life or right to death? The choice should be clear, logically speaking. The issue here is about abortion. The church says life begins at conception because biologically that is when the existence of a human life does begin.

It is the clearest most scientific fact. Egg and sperm merge and life begins. Americans need to be educated about abortion. Like it or not, the democratic party supports this. If you want to justify abortion other than the killing of an innocent human life then tell me when life begins. The only answer is conception. To deny that is simply a non-answer. One wonders what demons Burke must be battling that he needs to lash out at others…. To fbla: Do a little bit more research on your 3 questions for Sarah Palin, instead of just swallowing what the Democratic humps put forward as their analysis.

I sure hope this Vatican official makes the same judgement call on politicians throughout the world who support abortion. European countries are more pro-abortion than the US, for example. Archbiship Burk was born and raised in Central Wisconsin and brings with him grass roots midwestern values. As Biship of the Lacross Diocese he was firm and fare.

Former native of Central Wisconsin who played Kick the Ball with Burk as a pre-teen in Stratford Wisconsin when visit friend and relatives who lived there. The Catholic leader is correct. The Democrats have been taken over by mixed nuts and assorted fruits, religious fanatics who are Humanist-indocrinated whether they understand the source of their new, Christianity-replacing faith or not.

Their First Commandment is that there is no God, and their sacrament, the body and blood of living human children, practiced 1. But they ARE just as religious as the Catholics! And for the record, the Vatican is opposed to the Iraq war, a doctrine of preemption, etc, ya crazy rabid liberals! And how come you never hear of the sex abuse in the San Francisco public school system? If there is a chance that that life does happen to begin at conception and If by chance your eternal resting place, i.

Nancy Pelosi? Barack Obama? But be sure you are right. Eternity is a very long time. The Church should stay out of expessing opinions of politics and scientific technology. Recently, after some years they have apoogized to Galileo for having stated that Earth revolved around the sun. Religion has always been a stumbling block for progress. As far as abortion is concerned church prelates take vows of chastity pity they are provided everything and are not aware of what it takes to support a family, put kids though school, pay all sort of bills,etc.

Cardinal Burke, get involved in Italian politics and give opinions and see where they send you. It is best if you stay out of politics and expressing your opinion on stem cell reserach, you really know nothing about it and how many humans it would help. You that have such scorn for those that are not perfect enough for you — and choose life — must not really cherish life at least as much as I do.

Deal With Murder by Peter Cornish - Radio Drama (1964) - Mystery

That is not an abortion issue. Get your proportions in order, or quit grasping for straws. Pointing out that pro-life proponents are not perfect — ergo can never be wrong on the abortion issue — is ridiculous and illogical. Nobody is perfect, and neither are you — therefore — the argument regarding perfection of proponents of either side is wholly irrelevant. Who, BTW, has since admitted she lied, and is pro-life now. And even with the invention of the ultra sound, and all that it shows, including a nearly fully developed baby at 11 weeks, the Democrats STILL obssess about aborting live babies, then support selling their body parts to ghouls who would research them.

A woman if free to take the pill, wear the patch, or have an IUD. I would like to see Nancy Pelosi take communion. Does she even go to church? Number of abortions per year: Approximately 42 Million Number of abortions per day: Approximately , In less than two years, the number of human lifes extinquished is greater than all the people killed in WWII. Raymond Burke is making his home state of Wisconsin proud. How many Christians throw away their morals and vote for the worldly democratic party. Recently, after some years they have apologized to Galileo for having stated that Earth revolved around the sun.

People seems to shrink from moral absolutes as if moral absolutes were toxic. There can be no moral absolute if there is not a final arbiter of right and wrong. It is amazing to me how so many people have such poor biblical scholarship. They think they know what the bible says, they view Christ as a kind of Ghandi figure. Essentially they dictate what the bible says, they do not allow it to speak for itself, if you will.

No where does the bible in either old or new testament prohibit killing. What is however consistently prohibited is the taking of innocent life, life that is unable to defend itself. Words have meaning and killing and murder are quite simply not the same-all murder is killing, BUT not all killing is murder. I believe it was January that the Democratic majority Supreme Court ruled that a woman could have her child in her womb killed in the most horrible and cruel manner possible. Then,6 months later this same Court?

Try learning a little history. The concept directly challenged the widely accepted model of the world that was held at the time. The Pope, and many others in the church knew that the solar model was very likely but there were political reasons that put them in a difficult position at the time. For all its faults, the confrontations with apostasy and the extremely close relationship between the church and political centers of power, the church has been a powerful force for scientific development.

His seminal work little joke or two there was largely ignored because he explained it in mathematical terms quadratic equations, etc. I like to know what I am talking about, rather than blathering abusive slogans and insolent rubbish. First of all she is a flaming democrat — and, for the uninformed outside of the USA, Sheryl had a long-time ta-da-da-frolicky with little Bubba himself — our former President. My ex-husband well-loved still was abused by a Catholic priest.

Spare me your pro-life platitudes, you idiots who espouse this position. Try seeing the other sid, for once. Catholic priests, bishops, archbishops, popes — these MEN have no right at all to spout their ridiculous, pathetic views on the subject of whether the Democrats are in their favor. Catholic or not, the people will make up their own minds, which is as it should be. I believe the Archbishop has spoken truly, and is not out of line. I would like, in the interests of balance, for him to, at some point, address Republican apathy in doing anything to stop wrongful bioethical practices other than give lip service to it.

Gee Michael, and I thought this was a non-political article by the head of a Church and his view of those that pretend to be Catholic. Morals are a very slippery slope for the left when you consider Obama and his votes for infanticide. Democrats are responsible for their own actions. God does not judge us in the light of what an opposing political party did or did not do, He judges us in the context of our own actions and inactions.

What Pelosi has said and done is very dangerous. Biden is trying to capture votes by throwing his religion to the wind. Glad to see the Vatican finally stepping up. We have already heard about how they feel about Bush and war. Apparently Democtrat Catholics only have to support certain parts of the Bible.

Any thing else would be above their pay grade. Political hacks and left wing lunacy does not get the support of the common American. Arthur McVarish, Houston. Would it be so difficult for the church to excommunicate Democrats?

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  • It is a centralized hierarchy after all. Just to the make a Biblical distinction for unbelievers. War is an altogether different matter than the premeditated murder of the innocent unborn. The democratic party is the party of pro-choice in this country. The letter instructed the US bishops to deny Communion to Catholic politicians that supported abortion publicly.

    The letter was intercepted by the now retired cardinal of Washington and intentionally hidden from the council of bishops. Later when this Cardinal submitted his 75th birthday resignation to the new Pope Benedict, it was accepted promptly.