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Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the revolutionary war Massachusetts. Office of the S Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the revolutionary war Close. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the revolutionary war from your list? About the Book. Places Massachusetts. Times American Revolution , Classifications Library of Congress E M4 M4. Receipt dated Bolton, April 10, , for bounty paid said Whitney by Nathaniel Holman, Chairman of a class of the town of Bolton, to serve in the Continental Army for the term of 3 years; also , descriptive list of men raised in Worcester Co.

Whitney's regt. Isaac Gage's co. Joseph Webb; marched Sept. Dana's regt. Roll sworn to in Middlesex Co. Volume 17, page Whitny, John , Ashburnham. Daniel Wilder's co. Volume 17, page Whittney, John. Drummer, Capt. Volume 17, page Whitney, Jonah. Hezekiah Whitney's co. John Glover, at Springfield, July 22, ; age, 21 yrs. William Scott; also , pay roll for 6 months men raised by the town of [p. Certificate dated Harvard, Oct. David Moor's co. Jacobs's regt. Volume 17, page Whitney, Jonas , Concord.

Abijah Brown's co. John Nixon's 5th regt. Asahel Wheeler's co. John Robinson's regt. Volume 17, page Whitney, Jonas also given Jonas, Jr.

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Account dated Harvard, Jan. Whitney's or Capt. Hill's co. Nathan Fisher's co. Nathaniel Wade's regt. Ebenezer Belknap's co. Volume 17, page Whitney, Jonas. William Thurlo's co. Roll sworn to in Worcester Co. Volume 17, page Whitney, Jonas also given James. David Moore's co. Volume 17, page Whitney, Jonathan , Buxton also given Gorham. Tristram Jordon, sworn to at Buxton, Aug. Sewall's co. Josiah Jenkins's co. Volume 17, page Whitney, Jonathan , Conway. Sergeant, Capt. Robert Oliver's co. Volume 17, page Whitney, Jonathan , Hopkinton. Samuel Baldwin's co. Dike's [p. Baldwin's co. Dike's regt.

Volume 17, page Whitney, Jonathan , Lancaster. Joseph White's co. Volume 17, page Whitney, Jonathan , Mendon. Gershom Nelson's 2d Mendon co. Warrin's co. Baley's regt. Warren's co. John Bailey's regt. Isaac Warren's 6th co. Bailey's regt. Bailey's 2d regt. Judah Alden's co. Volume 17, page Whitney, Jonathan. Jonathan Sawyer's late Capt. Wentworth Stuart's co. Edward Fuller's co.

William McIntosh's regt. Roll dated Newton. Ezra Wood's regt. Thomas French's 7th co. David Field's 5th Hampshire Co. Benjamin Phillips's co. Elisha Porter's Hampshire Co. Wells; list of officers; commissioned June 19, Jonathan Reed's co.

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Samuel McCobb's regt. John Reed, dated Falmouth, Dec. Volume 17, page Whitny, Jonathan , Mendon. Volume 17, page Whitney, Joseph , Bridgewater. List of men raised for the 6 months service and returned by Brig. Volume 17, page Whitney, Joseph , Dighton also given Raynham. Zebedee Redding's co. Gamaliel Bradford's regt.

Volume 17, page Whitney, Joseph , Pepperell. John Nutting's co. Nutting's co. Volume 17, page Whitney, Joseph , Weston. Samuel Lamson's co. Volume 17, page Whitney, Joseph. Daniel Brown's co. Benjamin Simonds's Berkshire Co. Roll dated Hancock. Treasury pay roll of Capt.

Adam Henry's co. Tompson J. Skinner's co. Asa Banes's Barnes's Berkshire Co. Stark on an alarm. Volume 16, page Whetney, Joshua. Fortunatus Eager's co. Washington in the Jerseys. Roll dated Lancaster and endorsed "marchd to New York. Volume 16, page Whetny, Joshua , Lancaster. List of men raised to serve in the Continental Army from 2d Worcester Co. Fortunatus Eager, sworn to Feb. Hodgskin's co.

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Volume 17, page Whitney, Joshua , Grafton. Aaron Kimball's co. Moses Wheelock's co. Jonathan Ward's regt. Volume 17, page Whitney, Joshua , Lancaster. Daniel Robbins's co. Ephraim Richardson's co. Whitcomb's regt. Smith's co. Hodgkins's co. Joseph Hodgkins's co. Muster Master; also , Corporal, same co.

Houdin's co. Volume 17, page Whitney, Joshua , Medway. Joshua Partridge's 1st Medway co. Volume 17, page Whitney, Joshua , Presumpscot. Fifer, Capt. William Cobb's co. Jonathan Mitchel's detachment; also , Capt. Mitchell's detachment; pay abstract for mileage, sworn to at North Yarmouth, Nov.

Volume 17, page Whitney, Joshua , Worcester. William Gates's 2d co. South co. Samuel Denny's 1st Worcester Co. Ralph Earl's co. Samuel Denny's regt. Josiah Whitney's or Col. Nathan Sparhawk's regt. Volume 17, page Whitney, Joshua. Joseph Lovell's co. Eli Parker's co. Retrieved September 23, Peckham, ed. Fall American Heritage. Archived from the original on March 23, Retrieved November 29, Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route.

Journal de la societe des Americanistes. Archived from the original on June 5, Retrieved June 4, The New Republic. Marshall Cavendish. Retrieved January 7, New York, Retrieved April 21, Atlas of World Military History. HarperCollins, , p. Gibraltar — The Great Siege. Osprey Publishing. Archived from the original PDF on May 13, T Retrieved January 7, — via Books.

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Massachusetts Soldiers Sailors Revolutionary War

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Univ of South Carolina Press.


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By doing so, Cornwallis ceded control of the countryside to the Continentals. General Greene , Appleton and Company , p. This Destructive War. University of Alabama Press. Cate, Alan Note: Cornwallis wrote this pamphlet shortly after the war in explanation of his actions. Note: This lack of notification was one of Clinton's main arguments in his own defense in the controversy which followed the surrender at Yorktown.

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  • Smith, "Josiah Harmar, Diplomatic Courier. The final peace treaty was signed on September 3, and ratified in the U. Hostilities in India continued until July The lower figure for number of wounded comes from Chambers, p. June 5, Retrieved September 26, The American Revolution — The Results of a Survey on Forty Propositions". The Journal of Economic History. There is an overwhelming consensus that Americans' economic standard of living on the eve of the Revolution was among the highest in the world.

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    Stationery Office, , pp. London, p. Brewer, 13 Apr. On militia see Boatner , p. Digital History. October 18, Archived from the original on April 22, Retrieved October 18, However, this statement is referenced to a note on pp. Totals obtained by Cornwallis, dated 15 January, show that the whole legion had men, but approximately were dragoons". There would therefore appear to be no evidence for putting the total strength of the five British Legion Light Infantry companies at more than D August The North Carolina Historical Review.

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