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He keeps this to himself, because he knows the other children would be very upset if they found out he was there under false pretences. They'd also be horribly jealous, understandably. It doesn't occur to him that Mother Minka also keeps schtum for another reason entirely: Felix is Jewish and it's Poland under Nazi occupation in the s.

Many other things don't occur to Felix: to doubt that his parents will ever come to collect him; that Adolf Hitler is remembered in prayers because it's dangerous not to; that Adolf Hitler has anything to do with the Nazis; that it's Jewish people, not the books they burn, that Nazis really don't like. But when the Nazis do come to the orphanage and they do burn books, Felix knows he has to do something.

His parents are booksellers, you see. And so he sets off for home, completely unaware of the danger he's in Oh my, but this is a heartbreaking little book. It's told through Felix's eyes and the prism of a ten-year-old's world view.

He's a kind-hearted little boy and he's trusting and truthful. He expects the same from others, as children do, and he interprets their words and actions as benign, even when the evidence tells him it's not.

He loves a good story - Richmal Crompton in particular, since William has the same optimistic outlook on life - and he writes a lot of his own. Then he had a wonderful experience.

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Girl Underground. Now The Felix Series : Book 3. Maybe The Felix Series : Book 6. But many members of his family stayed in Poland and most of them were killed by the Nazis.

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So researching and writing Once became a personal journey. It took me to Poland for the first time. To the streets of Kazimierz, the ancient Jewish area of Krakow, and to the Jewish cemetery where I found a memorial with my family name on it. And it allowed me to meet, in my imagination, a boy called Felix. I meet all my characters in my imagination, but never before had I encountered one who stood as an ambassador for so many real children, for so many young lives shattered. I also met in my imagination a man called Barney.

Over many years he helped run an orphanage for two hundred Jewish children. In , when the Nazis murdered these orphans, Janusz Korczak was offered his freedom but chose to die with the children rather than abandon them.

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Janusz Korczak became a hero for me. His story sowed a seed in my imagination, and as I worked on Once that seed started to grow.

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That way readers could experience the terrible and dismaying parts of the story through his eyes and his feelings, never far away from the joy and hope of his friendship with Zelda and the protection he receives from Barney. And so the story could be about the worst we are capable of as a species, and the best, side by side. To the place where all history is made, by people just getting on with it, minute by minute.

I thought long and hard about whether I had permission to write this story. But seventy years have passed.