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Dar An-Nahar; , The main character of this novel is crippled and tries to find the reasons for his handicap in the war. L'Enfant Multiple Andree Chedid Librio The story of a child born in Lebanon, wounded the'absurd civil war' and by the death of his parents. And who will discover peace and hope through his friendship with thedifferent excentric characters of this book. L'Ecole de la Guerre Alexandre Najjar Balland After 7 years of absence, the narrator comes back to Beirut and remembers events of the war: tragic and comical ones, others atrocious and moving.

Le Prince des Cyniques Ramzi T. Des Mots et des Hommes Therese Aouad Basbous L'Harmattan Reconstitution with words of an almost vanished past, of a moving experience that took place. Dar al-Adab; , In an almost disused hospital of the Chatila camp in Lebanon, the narrator, in order to revive his spiritual father -a hero of the Palestinian resistance- from a coma, relates the Lebanese Civil War that has just ended, the most important events of his own existence and the often painful stories of men and women snatched by History after their expulsion from Palestine in Riad el-Rayyess; english ed.

L'Enfant et la Ville Georges N.

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Rubeiz Dar An-Nahar Beirut, beautiful and carefree before the war; disfigured and petrified in its military uniform, after the war. Londres, Mon Amour Hanan el-Sheikh , translated by Rania Samara Actes Sud Lamis -a young and beautiful Iraki woman who's just divorced-, Amira -a moroccan prostitute pretending she's a princess from the Gulf-, Samir -a Lebanese transvestite-, and Nicholas -an oriental antiques expert who works for Sotheby's-; all four arrive to London at the same time.

This novel is about their lives in cosmopolitan London where so many different people are.

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This book sheds light on the secrets and behind the scenes, the rivalries and manipulations dominating the life of double agents and spies. Lady Virus Alexandre Najjar Balland An espionage thriller dealing with terrorism: After letters containing anthrax contaminated people all over the U.

Le bus des gens biens Najwa Barakat Stock coll. La Cosmopolite In the deserted square of a city in the North of the Arabic peninsula, an old bus with a dozen strange passengers, a strange driver, starts a journey in the miidle of the night which encourages telling secrets.

Reality starts breaking up before his eyes.

While his initiation to the lies in the world begins, he runs away from home, beyond himself and, within a few days, alone and almost going mad, he'll experiment fear and beauty, with an underlying anger. She still finds the strength to write him a note telling him "I was coming" and give it to an old woman, Anya. Gorgio, a repentant ex-sniper promises to get an ambulance.

Each of the characters becomes a gardian of love in this land of massacre and hatred.

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Les Echelles du Levant Amin Maalouf LGF Le Livre de Poche Through the story of man, son of a turkish ottoman father and of an armenian mother exiled in Lebanon, and his relationship with a clandestine jewish girl, the author illustrates the dream of a peaceful non-sectarian Lebanon. Les Saisons de passage Andree Chedid Flammarion Documents In 80 short texts, the author describes her mother throughout various places and times.

Liban, le patrimoine de Beyrouth

Memories combining reality and fiction. L'Ombre d'une Ville Elie-Pierre Sabbag Buchet Chastel After the Lebanese Civil War, Athanase, the narrator, revives the past and the memory of this conflict through telling his story with his circle of friends to a young Lebanese immigrant, the daughter of one of these friends who committed suicide. Naaman 2nd ed.

Khawaja Mohammed Taan L'Harmattan Ecritures Arabes During the s in Lebanon when inter-sectarian conflict reached its peak; in a Beirut shelter, the Khawaja, a strange old man who is attempting everything to get his home back, tells a doctor he met and developed friendship towards the sacred task destiny entrusted him with and that war is threatening. La Vision Jean Salme Ed. The company is a success story, combining innovative technology and entrepreneurship, and it also has a connection to Lebanon.

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