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One thing I noticed is that everything tastes x better; stronger, I guess. Touch You're incredibly self-aware ; you have this warm feeling of security all around you. Cold things may not feel cold or hot things may not feel hot. Behavior People who are normally not affectionate are suddenly all over each other. Stoner hugs are commonplace. You might have deep thoughts or you might think total nonsense. You're often incredibly gullible, which makes it ridiculously easy to trip someone out.

Get The Right THC Dose

Some people have mood swings when they're high; they'll get paranoid or throw a hissy fit over random shit. Holding onto other people isn't just for the affection but to stay off your ass.

A New Way of Thinking

The ground often feels tilted to the right or left, or the world may seem to spin around you. Memory None of that , either. You'll often leave stuff places and forget where you put it, or think you left something somewhere when it's actually in your hand. It may be hard to remember what you did when you were high once you've sobered up. General Feeling A feeling of content bliss.

Time passes really slowly and that's just the way you like it. Nothing can possibly go wrong. You really don't give a damn what's going on around you; the feeling's all encompassing. Zombie invasion? Okay, then. Terrorist bomb? That's great. Not today , 'cause God loves you tokers! Some other terms are; baked, toked , stoned. I'm so high right now; I smoked three joints.

High unknown. High, it's pretty simple but with several twists and turns. Already, you can tell I am high and that is why I begin this with complete nonsense. However, high is when the most unrealistic things that occur seem completely real, and the real seems compltely unrealistic.

The Science Behind the High

In recovery, I have to be careful not to glorify or romanticize the times in life when I was getting high. I have to remember the darkness and life-threatening problems that it led me to in the end. But, I kept getting high for so long, despite the consequences that eventually came with it, because I loved the experience. I loved the euphoria that drugs induced, the way my mind opened to new ideas, how comfortable I felt around people, our philosophical conversations, and the connection that I felt to those people and the surrounding universe.

Drugs were something spiritual and meaningful to me , for a long time. After abusing drugs long enough, they lost all meaning and spiritual value—they became my way of coping with an overwhelming fear of life. Early in recovery, I was jealous of the people in the world who can indulge in substances safely , who can have that relief every once in awhile and carry on with a healthy life.

How I Feel High (almost) All the Time (Being Sober)

For me, running is therapeutic, a time when my brain gets meditative , less anxious, and I can lose track of my body and time. Sounds kinda like being stoned, no? Biologically, intense physical activity puts our body in a state of stress and mild pain, which causes our brain to release neurochemicals called endorphins. Studies have shown that endorphins make people happier, but they also act as a natural painkiller in our body. Endorphins are structurally similar to morphine, and activate our opioid receptors naturally to produce feelings of euphoria.

This can happen with any kind of physical activity , whether it be weight-lifting, dancing in your room, swimming in the pool, or even going for a walk. The more intense the activity and your physical strain, the greater your high. Much like meditation can relieve stress and anxiety , engaging in creative, hands-on activities can produce the same therapeutic effects in our brains.

When we are creative, our brainwaves slow down from their normal hamster-on-a-wheel speed and move closer to alpha waves—the state our brain enters just before we fall asleep. All of this has the power to quiet the external chaos in our lives and give us a brain buzz.


4 Women On The Highs And Lows Of Going Sober For A Year

With some creative exploration , you might find an activity you enjoy. Anytime we do something we truly enjoy, our brain releases a natural dopamine reward—the same neurotransmitter that gave us pleasure when we used a substance, just in a healthier amount. So start exploring! By all means, try your hand at coloring books, drawing, painting, writing, knitting, sewing, playing an instrument.

If you find yourself without a way to sober up after getting too high, just breathe. Focus on breathing as deeply as possible into your belly for a count of four.

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Hold the breath for a count of seven, and then release it slowly for a count of eight. Repeat until you feel yourself coming down off the ledge. Breathing helps circulate your blood, which helps move the cannabinoids out of your system. Breathing deep also sends more oxygen to your brain, which can calm you down and help you deal with being too high.

All the suggestions on this list will help you deal with the effects of a bad trip. In reality, though, the only thing that will really bring you down off the ledge is time.

5 Ways to Stay High On Life

And sometimes, just waiting it out is the best strategy for dealing with being too high. Try one, try them all. That can make the wait more feasible. You can never go wrong by starting small and increasing slowly. After that, you can measure how much your one-hitter holds and calculate how much pot you can handle in a single sitting. For more information on all things cannabis and to check out our percent all-natural marijuana products, visit HonestMarijuana.

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