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I had a dream i was on the toilet and had went number 2 but i wasnt home it was somewhere else at someones home but i was so embarrased and they were needind the restroom i think and i ran out of toilet paper i was so embarrased. I had a dream that my granddaddy died at Tompkinsville hospital and came back to life and said I got to see my baby girl one more time but before that dream my mamaw his daughter died. Before my dream my cousin had one and after my dream my other cousin had one.

My dream was that I took a dump and started wiping, but I could never finish…. I kept wiping and wiping and there was still mess on the paper. I did get some ideas from other responses you gave, but that was such a weird dream. Recently I have been remembering my dreams more clearly. Hi Michael, Last night I had a dream about me pooping in the my backyard and tried cleaning up my self with my bare hands while a stranger stood watching me without saying a word.

Please what does this mean? What about dreaming my husband shits then gets it and wipes it all over me?? I thought wtf am I dreaming this is disgusting but I curious to know what it means. I had a dream as I was in a storey building and stool came out my anus so I managed to carry paper and pack them but people were there looking at me. In that dream I tried to come down to throw the stole but could not since the storey did not have stay case.

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So I woke up with the shit in my hand. Lol… I posted the dream right before I saw your above post about not interpreting them…. Your email address will not be published. Your comment:. You also sign up for my newsletter containing great inspiration for effective dreamwork. Category: Dream Symbols Dreams about feces — what do they mean? Dream interpretation feces and excrements. Carol says:. September 20, at Michael R Olsen says:. March 5, at Poopebutwhole says:. December 20, at Abby says:.

July 28, at Velma Murillo says:. July 26, at Thabo says:. July 12, at Crystal says:. July 4, at Emily says:. June 24, at Craig says:. May 11, at As the humpback mothers and babies swim together it might be associated with trying to grow spiritually. A humpback whale in dreams can also be associated with moving fast in a situation, this is due to their powerful tail fin known as a fluke. What does it mean to dream about a killer whale?

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Seeing a killer whale in the ocean could mean that, in the recent past, you received a chance to improve your life. There is a problem that is trying to hinder you from grabbing an opportunity. What does it imply to dream about more than one whale? Seeing multiple whales in your dream could be a sign that, you value your family or friends. Whales are symbols of gentleness and kindness.

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If you have not shown your family members enough attention or spent quality time with them, then this is a sign to pay them more attention. What does it indicate to dream about swimming with whales? Swimming with whales in your dream could be a sign that, in the coming days, you need to make significant important decisions in your life regarding your social relationships with others or about a new job.

Rely on your intuition to make the right decision. What does it mean to have a dream concerning seeing baby whales? A whale swimming with babies in your dream could denote that you will encounter a maternal instinct.

There is also a strong focus on feeling happiness in your life. Normally these types of dreams occur when one is feeling a strong desire to ensure that the family is protected from negative happenings. What does it mean to dream about a whale jumping in the water? A whale jumping out of the water in your dream could mean that you are feeling relieved because, at long last, you have overcome your emotional challenges.

Such a dream can indicate suffering a drawback in life. This could be the reason why you are feeling stagnation as far as success is concerned. This dream indicates that you should utilize the opportunities that come your way to ensure you make friends. An emotional wall can be a hindrance to socializing with others. What does it imply to dream about whales communicating?

Whales communicating in your dream could be an indication of your desire to say or reveal something to those around you. After this dream, you should focus on inner courage and ensure that you can communicate well with others. What does it indicate to dream about seeing a whale swimming by a boat? A whale swimming by a boat in your dream could denote that, you are currently preparing yourself for some important event in your life.

If you are not sure of a positive outcome this dream can indicate your worries in life. The good thing is that you will eventually overcome them by confronting all your worries. What does it denote to dream about killing a killer whale? A dream about killing a killer whale could imply that you are currently in denial of your spiritual guidance and spirituality.

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If you were fishing or hunting and then this resulted in killing the whale, the dream is indicative of being able to accomplish a major goal. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you have just made the right decision that will see you achieve your success in life. What does it mean to dream about a killer whale close to you? Dreaming about a killer whale close to you is negative, especially if you are currently in a relationship. It could be a family member or just a friend whom you had some kind of disagreement or an argument about something. What does it mean to dream about a whale attacking you?

A whale attacking you in the dream could signify that, in the recent past, you have encountered a somewhat stressful situation and now you are reflecting on this through your dreams. We all make crazy decisions at some point in our life.

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To dream of a whale chasing, you indicate a feeling that you were trapped and pressured by something which you cannot seem to fix and you try to fix this. Although the situation is over, the feeling is still lingering on and that is why your brain is still expressing it in the dream.

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Alternatively, the dream could mean that you have an argument with someone who is close to you. If you are feeling negative, then this often causes a dream of a whale attacking you. What does it mean to dream about a whale in the ocean? Dreaming about a whale swimming is a representation of your progress - which could be in business or personal life. This dream is a result of your dedication and hard work. On the side of your personal life, you might start enjoying good relationships with those around you: your partner, friends, and family members.

What does it mean to dream about a dead whale? A dream where you see a dead whale could represent your inner feelings. You could currently be feeling abandoned and alone, and this dream is manifested in your inner thoughts. What does it imply to dream about a killer whale turning your boat in the water? In ancient times people use to go whaling and these voyages probably resulted in catching whales.

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They were so valuable that the money obtained from the whales would pay for being at sea for years. It could be an indication that, a major event is about to happen in your life and you are not sure if you want to get involved or not. Alternatively, the dream could mean a run of good luck but with it: sorrow and sadness. Sorry, it is not more positive.

Overall though overarching good luck will follow anything negative in the days to come. What does it mean to dream about killer whale swimming in the sea or the ocean? In Japan, there is a story of a whale and a sea slug. This follows the same type of story of the hare and the tortoise. The whale moves quickly from place to place, but sees another sea slug and thinks it is racing the same slug.

In connection with your dream to see a whale swimming at speed in your dream could mean you are not thinking about what should happen long-term. In spiritual terms to dream of a whale swimming in the ocean denotes, you are currently being connected to your spiritual guide.

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It could also be an indicator of great changes that are going to happen in your life which at first you could be skeptical. Whales can be spiritual or a sign of great things to come. What does it mean to dream about chasing whales? A dream where you see yourself hunting or chasing killer whales could indicate that you are feeling ambitious. This is a positive dream to encounter if you wish to achieve your goals. What does it mean to dream about a beached whale? You have most probably seen reports of beached whales.

Beached whales in dreams relate to us feeling stuck or blocked in life. It is rare to encounter a beached whale in real life. Thus, translating this into the dream state indicates that you may be feeling worried about something unnecessarily. There are many myths and legends regarding whales tusks. The Haida people believe that if a Haida chief is killed by an enemy the spirit becomes a whale. In Europe, narwhal tusks were often thought of as magical tools.

Seeing tusks on the whale in a dream can indicate that magic will enter your life, positive energy! In summary, when we dream our brain provides us with many images. Whales can often enter our dreams when we are undergoing and emotional problematic times. Wales are often beautiful creatures can symbolize various aspects of our own life's, depending on the details of our dreams. Skip to main content. Dreams About Whales What whales mean in your dream. Dream Dictionary A-Z Explore.

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