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Callister has a gift for clear, easy to read prose, and the action scenes in Eden are well-rendered and realistic. Plenty of detail is provided about the robotic warfare that mankind has initiated, from naming the specific model number of each android to ruminations about the pros and cons of fighting heavy machinery or trying to outwit enemy A. For the most part though, this detail helps to enhance the setting rather than drag it down. Finally, one more minor complaint: the file as sent to me did not contain a table of contents or chapter markings on the progress bar.

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Hopefully this issue can be fixed in a future edition. Follow metanautics.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. In a few snappy minutes, Daly leads his crew into battle, tells the anxious blue-shirted first officer to chill out, defeats the bad guy, receives kisses from his adoring female crew.

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The colors are garish, the special effects primitive on purpose. There might actually be a brilliant, heavily-embedded joke in this opening. He walks into his office, and the camera stays close enough to him that we feel what he must feel. The intern is making coffee for everyone but him. He trips over a gym bag belonging to some cute brogrammer, who laughs at him behind his back. He retreats to his office, which is full of memorabilia of a TV show he loved when he was a kid, VHS tapes, DVDs, even those figurines you would read about in Wizard Magazine when you thought the whole point of growing up was getting to buy more expensive merchandise.

Ironically, this was his least impressive trait on Friday Night Lights. Landry was either a freshman or a sophomore when Friday Night Lights started. The timeline is fuzzy; Landry ages diagonally. The casting worked, because TV can always make more sense than reality. He was a great character, an entry-point everyman for anyone like me! But Landry was also a particular s archetype: The Romantic Nerd, a chatty brainiac questing towards some radiant local princess like every Link quests toward Zelda.

This was not a new idea. Here was a tale as old as time: The chemistry-loving weirdo and the hip drama kid, the public menace and the Broadway diva engaged to an astronaut aristocrat. But those first-and-still-best Spider-Man s defined a catchy new romantic plot arc. Call it Beauty and the Geek. Nerds can be sexy, said the s! The Landry-Tyra arc was weird, cursed with the only plot point Friday Night Lights everyone remembers hating. Suffice it to say that by season 3, they had gotten together and then broken up, and then Landry kisses another girl, and then she thanked Landry for self-actualizing her lesbianhood.

I chased her away. See what you think:. You are gonna go to some great college. You are a good person, and this is just the beginning. Dustin Gaten Matarazzo has struck out with every girl in school. She tells him not to worry, things will turn out okay, not just okay, dammit, great :. Girls this age are dumb. As we see Robert Daly sit in his lonely office, surrounded by the pop culture artifacts of his nerdy youth, you can almost imagine that he is both Landry and Dustin, all grown up.

He went to some great college. He has a great career — the CTO! Of his own company! A woman walks into his office. She praises him. The procedural algorithm is amazing. Just…some beautiful …code. A decade-plus of Romantic Nerd storytelling has prepared us for this interaction to trend somewhere cute. Here is Robert, a geeky cut off from the world, devoted to an old science fiction idea of far-out space adventure.

Even by the end she was trying to do the best she could to protect herself. The reader truly understands. It was a crazy read, not what I was expecting. Luke had me on the edge of my seat with joy, hatred, sorrow and omg It was quite odd how quickly the mood of the characters changed, it sometimes seemed unnecessary but it touched deep because a lot of persons are like that. Needless to say I loved the flow of raw emotions between the characters and how headstrong Dahlia was at the end when faced with Luke again.

Jul 28, J.

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Nicks rated it really liked it. This was such an enjoyable read. I'm always up for some diversity in my romance. The heroine had some awful self-hate issues going on, but aside from that, this was typical fare for the cowboy romance genre. I would have loved a sequel or extension to the book to work through some of the obvious family issues that were on the horizon.

Either way though, this was a solid romance. Love of a Cowboy Really good contemporary western. Luke and Dahlia overcome heartache, deception, and bias to find a way to the love of a family. Should be an interesting trilogy. Jun 22, Rogetwhi rated it liked it. I can't help but think that he wouldn't have ever went to her if there wasn't a baby in the picture Jun 01, Beth rated it did not like it. Dragged on. No chemistry. Forcing Dahlia to file for bankruptcy and move home with her father.

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Dahlia has settled into life with her Dad, helping him in his grocery store, when her best friend convinces her to go to Idaho for the summer to work for the Forestry service doing surveying. On her second day in town she gets bowled over by Luke Mcrae, after her experiences with her no-good husband Dahlia is not in the mood to start an affair with the sexy cowboy.

However, one thing leads to another and Luke and Dahlia are involved in one steamy affair. Luke has a lot on his plate. I liked that Dahlia is and she manages to survive no matter what life throws at her. This was a good read but I found it hard to concentrate on it. It seemed like there was lots of parts that were real dull and droned on and on and on.

My first impression of Luke was that he was a jerk and it took awhile to warm up to him. But when I finally did warm up to him, it was hard not to fall hard for him.

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He was sweet, romantic, and attentive. Even when he couldn't commit because his family and the ranch came first, it was still hard not to love him because he was honorable and deticat This was a good read but I found it hard to concentrate on it. Even when he couldn't commit because his family and the ranch came first, it was still hard not to love him because he was honorable and deticated.

The first quater of the book was getting to know the characters and Luke and Dahila meeting.

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After they start up a relationship, it takes a nosedive into erotica and romance. About halfway through the book things come to a climax and Dahila ends up leaving Idaho and Luke to go back to Texas after hearing her father had a stroke. It takes a sad turn reading how Dahila is taking care of her father, trying to keep the family grocery store afloat and learning that she is pregnant with Lukes baby and doing all of this completely alone.

The last couple of chapters was well worth reading the book. Luke finds out about the baby and rushes to Texas to meet the child he didn't know he wanted and women he realizes he's in love with. He fights to keep this little family together but also convince Dahila to move her and the baby home with him to his ranch where he has his parents, two teenage daughters and mentally handicap son. Very much worth the read if you can manage the dull parts. Sep 20, Maureen Hoar rated it it was amazing. This was a great romance novel. It involves two very stuborn people that need each other.

Dahlia is a recently widowed woman who found out on her husban's death bed that he was cheating on her. She escapes with her friend to Idaho to start a new page in her life. She meets Luke who is a ranch owner and recently divorced and in the middle of a nasty custody battle. They are not exactly the most ready for love couple at the time they meet. But both of them need a little love and understanding. The This was a great romance novel.

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  7. They find solace in each other even though they know Dahlia is leaving for Texas at the end of the summer to return to her father. Luke's parents get in the way and he freaks and pushes Dahlia away. She once again feeling less than loved by a man. She returns to Texas only to discover her father is ill and she has an unexpected twist in her relationship with Luke. Time and space don't do much to heal the rift between Luke and Dahlia, but it was so worth it in the end! You get epic love and a great story in this book. Aug 26, Peggy Purser Freeman rated it it was amazing. Excellent Writing, Great Plot After a bit of a slow, but intriguing start, author Anna Jeffrey weaves a magical wordsmith spell from the time Dahlia Montgomery and Luke McRea meet, until the end of this memorable love story.

    I do label it with a XX rating and had to skip a few more pages than usual. However the plot and word-craft is so well written, that I must give it an excellent review. Jeffery's talent is clearly superior to the average writer as she paints the characters with real-world pro Excellent Writing, Great Plot After a bit of a slow, but intriguing start, author Anna Jeffrey weaves a magical wordsmith spell from the time Dahlia Montgomery and Luke McRea meet, until the end of this memorable love story.

    Jeffery's talent is clearly superior to the average writer as she paints the characters with real-world problems. From a husband who cheats, to a wife that drinks and a child damaged by both, Dahlia and Luke are more than discouraged by commitment. Finding their way across country and love hampered by family-responsibility, their passion engages the reader. Sparks ignite and burn into happy-ever-after. I would love to see this author stretch to a more mainstream love story without the explicit details.

    But that's my opinion. The facts are: excellent writing and great plot. Oct 23, GeckoEcho rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-angsty-breaky-heart. But the young widow's dreams of tranquility are shattered when she encounters Luke McRae--a long, lean cowboy who'd like to charm Dahlia into book blurb should read Jun 19, Trish rated it it was amazing. Over 15 years ago I was addicted to romance novels, this is my first since then.

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    I really enjoyed this book, I couldn't put it down; I was drawn in immediately. Luke was definetly not the average hero and I enjoyed that. A lot of unusual fmaily twists and turns. This is a very refreshing romance story, very believable. I could've used a little less of the sex indepth details and a little more put into the story details but it is a romance novel and I still loved it.

    If you're into romance fictio Over 15 years ago I was addicted to romance novels, this is my first since then. If you're into romance fiction I highly recomend this one! Sep 30, Pam rated it really liked it. Her marriage was not a happy one and she is hesitant about men. They have a lusty summer together but is it love. Good debut! Jan 09, Luci O rated it liked it Shelves: freebies. A long book. Longer than I expected it to be. Because of that, for me, it dragged a bit at times. But I do have to say, I didn't really like Luke.

    He never really grew on me. He was chauvinistic at times and pushed my buttons with the was he acted towards Dahlia. I honestly don't know what was so all pealing about him to her. In spite of that, and the few grammar mistakes, it was an enjoyable read. I loved reading the story and the characters in this book. I loved the character developement and would definately recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romance novel. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Anna Jeffrey. Anna Jeffrey. Her most recent book is "The Cattleman.

    Anna is a fifth generation Texan.