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Monday to Friday, or 9 a. The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed civilian component of the U. Coast Guard and supports the Coast Guard in nearly all mission areas. The Auxiliary was created by Congress in For more information, please visit www. All tasks were successfully completed by Coxswain Jim Thomas.

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On board was QE Wally Jachimski. At this time, QE Jachimski, switched hats and became a member of the crew. Since the location of the PWC was a little uncertain, a second trackline search of the day was performed. First one was part of the recertification and the second was for the SAR case. Again, no disabled PWC. The PWC had taken on water which disabled their electrical system and left them stranded. It was a long day for the Auxiliarists, who did not realize that they would have to convert to a SAR mission after a Coxswain checkride.

So the QE did his job observing all the tasks of recertification and then was able to participate as crew in a real mission. However, there is another twist to the story. Talk about a team effort.


After conclusion of the ceremony, based upon the American Legion recommended procedure for disposal of unserviceable flags, members of Flotilla 33 began the process of disposing of flags. Umphlett in opening remarks. In the five years that this ceremony has been held, over 1, flags have been respectfully retired. Bobby "Boog" Powell decided to go for a swim. A day, mile swim! In addition to raising awareness Powell is hoping people will donate to the Fitch Foundation. Three Auxiliary Facilities from Flotilla 33 provided a safety zone on the Chesapeake Bay over 2-days.

National Safe Boating Week kicks off the start of the busiest part of the boating year. In Virginia last year, you would think that maybe PWCs or swimming was the main activity that resulted in a fatality. No, fishing was the activity most people were involved in and most of those occurred in an open boat. To arrange the free safety check, contact Schwab at winschwab gmail.

Coast Guard reminds boaters to “Boat Responsibly” during Labor Day weekend

Boaters who have all the right equipment in good condition receive a decal for their boat, kayak, or PWC to display on their vessel. Kilmarnock Va. That person may have been U. This effort permitted station personnel to perform additional duties, training and patrols resulting in increased readiness and proficiency. Contributing to the success of the United States Coast Guard missions is what the Auxiliary is all about. Flotilla members contributed an average of over hours per member in Team had one last shot at 1 st place and tried running the outside lane and leaving the throttles wide open and to take the turns as fast as they could and try to carry as much speed coming out of the turns without flipping the boat, coming out of turn 4 with just a little over a 1 mile to the finish line the Y.

Team found themselves within 7 seconds behind 1 st place and in a drag race to the finish with slower boat traffic in front of both teams, Team Wanted took the inside and Y. Cloud, FL. The 40 Team has made a number of changes to the boat since last years 3 rd place finish in the OPA. We will needed to make a lot of changes to find out what this boat likes, its taken a lot of time to get her were we are today and we still have a lot of work to do to get us running up front said driver Gino Marrone.

The boat will still under go a number of changes before the Miami race this month. Cloud race Marrone said. This was with Mike Gordon, a veteran Offshore racer on the throttles for the first time racing with Gino Marrone. The comfort level of having Mike in the boat is a huge plus said Marrone. We will be posting the racing season schedule for the 40 You're In Command Racing Team very shortly.

Racing Team spent a large part of the season making changes to the 39 foot Dragon race boat in Tarpon Springs, FL for the upcoming Worlds event.

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On the first day of the World Championships the Y. Racing team took the lead going into the 1 st turn but found out the gremlins had returned half way threw the first lap. With the boat loosing horsepower for intervals of 10 to 20 seconds before returning to its normal RPM's the team fought back and forth just to keep the boat in contention.

Coast guard reminds boaters to be safe this Memorial Day weekend

At the end of the mile race, the team still managed to finish in 3 rd place for the 1 st race of the Worlds. The team returned to the pit area and had a day to work on the boat to find the problems before the 2 nd race on Saturday. After spending 7 hours of tracing electrical wiring and changing all fuel lines and fuel pumps the team went out during happy hour testing on Friday to see if they found the problem.


While the boat was still a little short on power it would have to do for the final race on Saturday. On race day the Y. Racing team found themselves leading going into turn 1 again and fell back to second coming out of turn 2 and maintain that position till lap 3 when the Team WANTED came up to challenge them for 2 nd place, the battle was on and on lap 4 Team WANTED got by but the battle would continue for the remainder of the race. Team would have to settle for another 3 rd place, which gave them an overall 3 rd place for the Class 3 World Championships.

Myers Beach , FL. The team encounter a major problem with there steering which would not pass inspection for testing on Saturday, The team work all day and thru the night on Saturday to fix the steering along with the assistance of the Mercury Racing technicians. The team decided to race a new set of props that have not been ever run on the Dragon, with the bigger diameter in the new props, it was a good set up for the gear ratio in the 1 to 2 foot seas for Sunday's race.

After the start the 40 Team fell back to 7 th place and on the 1 st lap on the 6 mile course the race went to a full course caution after the 37 Twisted Metal Racing Team flipped over going into turn 6 and found themselves upside underwater, within 15 seconds the divers were deployed from the helicopters and assisted the 2 crew members to the surface, On lap 4 the green flag dropped again and the racing resumed, the 40 team found themselves moving threw the field and on lap 6 moved into 4 th place and in a battle for 3 rd with the 30 Miccosukee Indian Gaming team, after some deck to deck racing on lap 7 the 40 You're In Command Racing team made the pass and took over 3 rd place and putting some distance between them and the 30 boat, On lap 10 the team had the gremlins return to there boat, coming out of turn 5, Marrone notice a large amount of steering fluid at his feet and running out of the back of the dash.

With the steering becoming harder to turn the team was losing its lead on the 30 boat and on lap 13 of the 15 lap race the team could no longer hold off the 30 racing team for 3 rd place, The 40 team tried to make a number of attempts to close in on the 30 boat but was unable. The 40 You're In Command team finished just 11 seconds behinds the 30 Miccosukee Indian Gaming team which finished in 3 rd place. The race boat is back at the Factory in Melbourne, Fl.

Racing Team will be promoting the importance of wearing life jackets while canoeing and recreational boating. The Race boat will be on display along with the Coast Guards new foot patrol boat, with both vessels being available for hands on tours. This is a great opportunity to promote the importance of wearing life jackets when canoeing, the fatalities involving caners has been on the rise with the large increase in popularity of the hobby said driver Gino Marrone.

Racing team will kick off there race season at the end of March in St.

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Cloud , FL. Beach , VA. During this time the boat has under gone a number of changes to improve the boats speed and handling for the upcoming racing season, which starts in April. The race team has also added a new testing facility that's located in Washington , NC. The race team will be doing a number of appearances between there testing schedule prior to this years racing season, you can get the dates and locations in the events section of our website which is updated weekly.

The United States Coast Guard announced today that it is entering into a partnership, in support of recreational boating safety, with World Champion Racers, Gino Marrone and Craig Barrie for the race schedule. Boat Responsibly!