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My dad used to cane me, slipper me, use sticks, belts and wooden spoons on me. I hope I never hit my daughter. I got the wooden spoon at primary school. I was caught laughing my socks off at a nun who had fallen over and broken her glasses in the playground. Five sharp smacks to the hand, and the information that I was 'a nasty, heartless little girl'. I got the slipper once. It was undeserved but the teacher made a genuine error he thouight it was me doing the wrong but it was my mate and was otherwise one of the fairest teachers I've known so I didn't bear him a grudge.

Mistress Samantha’s Gym Session

A friend of mine described his family situation, "dad hits mam, mam hits the eldest, the eldest hits the youngest and the youngest kicks the dog". Not at school, no, although we had a horrible maths teacher who would through the blackboard eraser at anyone who wasn't paying enough attention. My ex got ten lashes with the cane at school for mooing at the headmaster. We had the slipper at my primary school must have been just before it was banned.

I heard about it and was under the impression that the head had some machine in his office that made you slip over and hurt yourself! I don't think I got canned though that was more by luck than anything else. I think corporal punishment was banned as I was about to leave school in the late 70s or so. We had one teacher at my primary school who was rumoured to use the slipper a lot. Someone once drew a cartoon of him wielding a slipper and saying "you miserable child, bend over! I'm only aware of him giving one person the slipper in my time - somewhat embarrassingly for making fun of me.

I thought at the time that it probably wouldn't do much to improve relations between us! The headmaster had said they were behaving like animals. We had this teacher at secondary school who was well known for having a massive temper. Not a cane but a strap, green flash trainer or the leather cover at the end of the climbing ropes in the gym. We had a french teacher who used to come into the class and smash his books down on his desk as hard as he could to stop everyone talking.

His desk was up on a raised platform at the front of the class, so one day we moved the desk forward until it was only on the platform by about 2mm of its front legs.

So. Who got the cane at school?

He came into the class and did his usual and the desk fell off the platform. There was paper and stationary and stuff everywhere.

He never did it again after that. I went to a school that was populated by kids who where too problematic for main stream schools, or had simply been excluded from all schools in their area. These days most would be labeled with some sort of syndrome. Talk about throwing down the gauntlet. He lasted one day. Had absolutely no control.

Replaced by a really nice supply teacher who worked on mutual respect and fairness. She was great and became a regular. Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 of 89 total.

Did you ever have the cane at school?. | Birmingham History Forum

DezB Subscriber. Who did and did it effect you? Posted 5 years ago. BigDummy Subscriber.

SaxonRider Subscriber. Oh yes, and people. Beaten to it by BigDummy. Liftman Member. CheesybeanZ Subscriber. Dibbs Member. Never got the cane but did get the slipper once. Do you think kids should be caned?

LoCo Member. I suspect the punishment structure has changed Not just in NZ mate. Flying board dusters anyone?? Can you imagine that these days!!! NornIrn :roll: In secondary for various practical jokes, usually involving stacks of books, furniture or equipment falling over when teachers walked into classrooms. Detention x 2 Once for getting poor results in a test I kid you not. Flying chalk and board rubbers was also a regular occurance in our classes. The previous head master had a reputation for making pupils kneel on dice in his office. So it really makes me wonder why kids these days are so bone idle.

This is a low priced, short example of Annie Bee's corporal punishment stories. There are several longer stories for sale as ebooks on Amazon as well as other short stories. Find them all on Annie Bee's author's page. Get A Copy.

Early gym mistress part 2.

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