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Christ is able to succor us. In the end He is there to save us, and for all this He gave His life. He knows the deepest and most personal burdens we carry. He knows the most public and poignant pains we bear. He descended below all such grief in order that he might lift us above it. Doctrine and Covenants —32 explains that the promises made to Abraham extend to his seed today. Hebrews is the only New Testament book to depict Jesus as a high priest. The Jewish Christians being addressed in Hebrews were contemplating abandoning their faith in Christ and returning to Judaism in an attempt to remain loyal to the law of Moses.

They did not understand or believe deeply enough that Christ was preeminent to Moses. We know what is right, but we delay full spiritual involvement because of laziness, fear, rationalization, or lack of faith. Jebel Musa, traditionally regarded as Mount Sinai. To my mind, it means entering into the knowledge and love of God, having faith in his purpose and in his plan, to such an extent that we know we are right, and that we are not hunting for something else, we are not disturbed by every wind of doctrine, or by the cunning and craftiness of men who lie in wait to deceive.

Another reason they failed to enter the promised land was that they failed to combine hearing the word with faith ; they did not live the teachings. Brother A.


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Roger Merrill, while serving as general president of the Sunday School, explained one process that might describe what it means to join the word of God with faith:. I am learning that those who truly receive do at least three things that others may not do. We live in an entertainment world, a spectator world. Remember, receive is a verb. It is a principle of action. It is a fundamental expression of faith. While revelation comes to the mind and heart, it is most often felt. Until we learn to pay attention to these spiritual feelings, we usually do not even recognize the Spirit.

No one knows. But the Son of God perfectly knows and understands, for He felt and bore our burdens before we ever did. And because He paid the ultimate price and bore that burden, He has perfect empathy and can extend to us His arm of mercy in so many phases of our life. Had there been no possibility of his yielding to the enticement of Satan, there would have been no real test, no genuine victory in the result. If he had been stripped of the faculty to sin, he would have been stripped of his very agency. It was he who had come to safeguard and ensure the agency of man.

He had to retain the capacity and ability to sin had he willed so to do. To read more about the Savior living a sinless life, see the commentary for Hebrews Bateman taught that the Atonement was an intimate, personal experience through which Jesus Christ came to know perfectly how to help each of us:.

Through the words of Alma, Abinadi, Isaiah, and other prophets, however, my view has changed. If Moses beheld every soul, then it seems reasonable that the Creator of the universe has the power to become intimately acquainted with each of us. He learned about your weaknesses and mine.

He experienced your pains and sufferings. He experienced mine. I testify that He knows us. He understands the way in which we deal with temptations. He knows our weaknesses. Elder D. He understands the struggle, and He also understands how to win the struggle. Aaron was called of God by revelation to serve as the high priest, who represented the people before God in sacred matters and presided over other priesthood holders the Levites.

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After the time of Aaron, the high priest was selected from among the priestly families descended from Aaron and his sons. In ancient Israel, the office of high priest was an office in the Aaronic Priesthood and was comparable to the office of Presiding Bishop of the Church in our day. Aaron was called by God, through Moses the prophet, and was ordained by the laying on of hands to be the high priest over the children of Israel see Exodus ; — Both the Old and New Testaments show that priesthood holders received the priesthood through being ordained by an authorized holder of the priesthood.

This practice continues in the Church today. It cannot be handed to you as a certificate.

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It cannot be delivered to you as a message or sent to you in a letter. It comes only by proper ordination. An authorized holder of the priesthood has to be there. In Hebrews —6 , Paul was quoting from Psalm and Psalm In our own finite way, we too can learn obedience even as Christ did. We feel a kinship that we have never felt before. The Bible is not a normal book, it is a miracle. However, the most people will only recognize it when it's too late, because many churches, together with their pastors, are now asleep and do not know the Bible itself.

His name is "Jesus the Christ" "Yeshua ha-Mashiach". Ex and 1Cor Only He was authorized to pay the blame for our sins, and to save us from eternal death Mt , Acts , , Ps T he Bible shows on 7 levels or dimensions the work of God in the creation of the Bible. It focuses on Jesus in several ways. The 7 is the number of perfection in the plan of God. The 21 3x7 , 49 7x7 and 70 10x7 symbolize completeness and conclusion:. The Bible is the only book in the world that has been written over a period of more than 1, years by about 40 very different writers who have lived apart from each other in time and region and thus could not influence each other.

No other book is comparable. God made two covenants, one with the local people of Israel and a new covenant with the worldwide Christian family.


Accordingly, the contents of the books were adapted to time, region and people. Only God is in a position to plan such a unique work in advance and to preserve it for several millennia. The ancient Hebrew alphabet consists of 22 letters and the OT was written on 22 scrolls. The ancient Greek alphabet consists of 27 letters and the NT was written on 27 scrolls.

Jacob, who was later renamed Israel, was the 22 nd generation of Adam. The 22 is a number of Hebrew and the 27 is the number of Greek alphabetic completeness. The ancient Greek alphabet has 24 capital letters from alpha to omega, but the numeric special characters digamma or stigma , koppa and sampi have to be added, because all 27 letters have a numerical value. It means: The letters are complete, no language and even not a single letter can be removed or added. All 22 Hebrew and 27 Greek letters have a numerical value. Thus, all Hebrew and Greek words automatically have a specific numerical value as well see numerical values.

More information about the letters of the Hebrew and Greek alphabet: Link. The 49 7 x 7 shows the final conclusion and the eternal completeness of the Bible. Not only the letters, but also the scrolls are complete. No scroll can be removed or added. Je sus connects the two churches.

The Gospels show the work of Jesus in the church from 4 different perspectives during his lifetime. The Acts of the Apostles shows the manifold activity of Jesus in the church after the Ascension. Through His death, He saved us from eternal death and cleared the way to eternity for all who follow Him and live without violence. These 5 scrolls are thus of central importance in all eternity, for they show Jesus and the eternal spiritual law of love.

Both views are correct because both the 66 3x22 and the 70 10x7 symbolize the final conclusion and completeness. They signify a double seal: No book may be added or removed. Both numbers also come together Gen The number 66 also symbolizes completeness, namely 3x22 3 x the Hebrew alphabet from Aleph to Tav. The 4 Gospels represent a special literature within the Bible, for they reveal the Son of God, who created everything, yet humbled himself, and came from the spiritual kingdom of heaven to this earth to save us Phil ; John , ; 1Cor ; Col ; Heb They are thus the most important books of the Bible.


The 70 is the number of completeness in the plan of God in mercy and judgement: 70 years of age Ps ; 70 descendants of Noah Gen 10 ; 70 elders Ex ; 70 weeks of Daniel Dan 9 ; Israel began in Egypt with 70 people Gen ; the preaching of the gospel began with 70 disciples Luke Nearly all Jews were expelled from their country to the whole world. In addition, the Menorah was removed from the Temple more information about the Menorah.

As is clear from the above figures, the books of the Bible are not meaninglessly distributed, but there is a clear structuring and grouping in the OT and NT. The OT already existed in 3 parts before Jesus was born. The 4 Gospels show the life of Jesus from 4 different perspectives and reveal Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world.

Therefore, He is at the center of the whole Bible, which consists of 7 divisions:. The parallels between the structure of the OT and of the NT are clearly recognizable. The 70 books can be divided into 3 groups. Both Testaments start with 5 books, each with historical information and the proclamation of the law for the regional people of Israel OT and for the new worldwide Christian family NT. The different commandments have been given to us personally by God and are not conceived by man.

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In the OT, there are 4 law scrolls plus the repetition scroll Deuteronomy , and in the NT there are 4 Gospels plus the Acts, in which the word and life of Jesus is repeated in his disciples by following Jesus. They show the life i n the world and the consequences of disobedience suffering and death. There is, indeed, a clear connection between the last group of the OT with its 5 books and the last book of the NT cf.

Dan with Rev , which also describes the church as a kind of chronicle Rev 1: 4 to with a restoration cf. Ezra and Nehemiah with Rev Many want to eradicate the name of Jesus Christ, so they prefer to speak of the man John and thus put the true spokesman and the revealer in the background. Both parts are important and complement each other. Also in the selection of the book names and the number of books addressed to one addressee for example, there is not only one letter to the Corinthians, but also two the planning by God becomes clear. No other book name can appear in the OT, otherwise, the overall harmony of the numbers will be destroyed.

The 7 stands for the worldwide Christian family and the triple name selection of the books makes it clear that no other book name can be accepted. It is not even possible to add or remove a single book to the same addressee, otherwise t he total number of the 70 books would be destroyed and the harmony of the numbers would not exist. Even if the harmonies of numbers did not exist at all, the sensational content of the Bible testifies to the existence of God.

This concerns the inspiration and inscription of historical events, the wisdom literature, the publication of commandments especially the commandment of love and the prophecies. If you already have the basic knowledge, you cannot get out of the astonishment. How was it possible that thousands of years ago the empires, individual rulers, as well as many very small details of the life of Jesus were laid down in writing? This is only possible through conscious planning of an existing spiritual power.

The Bible has also been written in such a way that it can only be understood by those who have been given it Dan ; Luke , , Even if people would memorize the whole Bible, they could never understand the Scripture without the Holy Spirit, and would consider this book to be a normal, strange and i llogical work of world literature.

But those who ask God for understanding and have a humble heart will recognize the spiritual dimension and understand the spiritual content behind the letters 1Peter ; Mt ; 2Cor ; James Through the Bible, we learn that there is not only a physical but also a spiritual world, and that God's goal is that we can be with him.

Our life on earth is therefore only a short period of training for eternity. God loves books, so he gave us the 49 scrolls with the 70 books, not to leave us alone in this world without knowledge. His books serve to make us grow in character to make the difference in this evil and God-distant world. We should learn character here and distinguish between good and bad, so do the good and avoid evil and to be a light and an example for others. This means, in concrete terms, to live in the discipleship of Jesus Christ He is the light , to speak and act like Him, in His love.

People who walk the path of love and serve others will receive eternal life in the spirit world, for the existence on this physical earth serves only the formation of character.

It is a school for all eternity. Only with the Holy Spirit can people understand the spiritual dimension of the 49 scrolls with the 70 books of the Bible. The 7 levels in the construction of the Bible show planning and the eternal completeness of the Word of God.

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  4. The Bible is not just a book, it is a miracle. Moreover, the Bible is complete: No language, no letter, no scroll, no book and no book name may be removed or added.