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Let's face it — you know that's exactly where everyone will head first. Down a spiral staircase, guests will find a king size bedroom, living area and bathroom, all surrounded by degree panoramic views of the Indian Ocean's marine inhabitants. In total, the suite sleeps nine, making it a luxe destination for travelling groups with plenty of cash. Just how much it'll set you back hasn't yet been revealed, though you'd expect this latest underwater adventure won't come cheap.

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For the past 13 years, the resort has also been home to an undersea restaurant , so you can eat beneath the ocean's surface as well. Published on April 21, by Sarah Ward. Login with Facebook. Don't have a profile? I agree to the terms and conditions. Pick your playground. The Playmaker.

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What time is it? Anywhere in Perth. There vacation turns adventure as they are chased down the Nile by a year old mummy and an ancient mystery that must be solved before the world ends! Adventure in Antarctica. From colorful penguins, giant seals, whale watching and an underwater monster, it's an action packed adventure ending with a submarine chase, an ice cave and a frozen mystical island. An Island Secret.

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  • Mom's bedtime story takes Alexander, his cousin Victoria, and Elmo his best friend and dog on an epic vacation to Hawaii. A helicopter tour over the great Mauna Loa volcano goes very wrong sending them on a journey below the earth as they discover the true secret of the island. The only problem is there are no humans allowed.

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    When has a little problem like that ever stopped them? Join them on there craziest adventure yet. The Haunted Petshop.