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All those things will improve your efficiency and, as a result, your ability to bring in business, bill and collect.

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Try using your calendar, a timer, an app or your smartwatch to notify you when it is time to take a break. Start small, with mini-breaks such as a one-minute breathing exercise. Of course, utilizing tech efficiently can help you sustain a better work-life balance. Lawyer Tech Toolbox: Experts Suggest Process Substitutions Lawyers face option overload when choosing what tech they need for productivity — and adopting a better approach can help. Add encryption. Let go of fax machines.

Sharon Nelson and John Simek discuss a critical step to protect your practice and your clients.

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Add personal interactions. Let go of impersonal processes. Lee Rosen reminds us tech is supposed to help us connect — not act as a barrier. Add true practice management functionality. Natalie Kelly breaks down why you need to invest more time on your main tech. Add 4 questions to vet your needs. Let go of Shiny Object Syndrome. Sheila Blackford offers the filter you need to run tech purchases through.

About the Author: Heidi Alexander. Heidi S.

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Lexis Advance Quicklaw lets you quickly find what you need from an unparalleled collection of expert commentaries, summaries and primary law. Find the information you need quickly by searching across all available content or by filtering source s. Data visualization tools and customizable, sharable folders further optimize the time spent working on your brief.

Lexis Practice Advisor Canada is your "how-to guide" for practical matters.

It's like having a senior counsel by your side, guiding you through legal work in a specific practice area. Content is created and maintained by our internal team of lawyers and hundreds of prominent Canadian practitioners. Modules cover a breadth of topics, many of which are region-specific. More than 13, Canadian law firms use PCLaw to help take the headaches out of running their practice.

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PCLaw features an easy-to-use interface and innovative tools that will help you excel in both practice and business of law. Litigation is very complex and using Word documents or spreadsheets to track case fact won't give you the insight you need to make connections.

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With CaseMap - the industry's leading case analysis software - your litigation team can easily bring together all the critical facts, legal research, documents, cast of characters, questions, and issues of the case into a central repository. From there the team builds its case by making connections they might otherwise miss. CaseMap brings efficiency and automation to tedious tasks with advanced review, document production, and redaction capabilities.

Read how case law is being applied today.

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News articles include links to relevant cases within Lexis Advance Quicklaw, helping you explore issues further. I am in the service of providing Law Firms with monthly and daily bookkeeping. Client information is at a touch of a button. Reports can be specific and detailed when required. Toggle navigation.

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