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The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King. While pursuing his quest for the Dark Tower throu… More. Shelve The Drawing of the Three. Book 3.

The Dark Tower

The Waste Lands by Stephen King. Part III of an epic saga. Roland and his companio… More. Shelve The Waste Lands. Book 4.

This is a personal interpretation of that poem.

Wizard and Glass by Stephen King. Part IV of an epic quest. Roland the Gunslinger a… More. Shelve Wizard and Glass. Stephen King returns to the rich landscape of Mid… More. Shelve The Wind Through the Keyhole. Book 5. Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King. Roland Deschain and his ka-tet are bearing southe… More. Shelve Wolves of the Calla. Book 6. Song of Susannah by Stephen King. The next-to-last novel in Stephen King's seven-vo… More. Shelve Song of Susannah. Book 7. The Dark Tower by Stephen King. The seventh and final installment of Stephen King… More.

Shelve The Dark Tower. Book Set in a world of ominous landscape and macabre m… More. The man in black tries to convince Roland to give up on his quest by creating a representation of the universe and showing him how insignificant he is. Roland refuses and is forced to sleep. When he awakens, ten years have passed and there is a skeleton next to him, which he believes to be the man in black.

Roland departs from the Golgotha and sits at the edge of the Western Sea contemplating the next step in his quest for the Dark Tower. After the encounter with The Man in Black, Roland awakes on the beach tired and disoriented. Here he is attacked by a Lobstrosity a large lobster like-monster. After a fatal encounter where he lost two fingers on his right hand a toe and a chunk of flesh, the creature is stomped down by the gunslinger. Little did Roland know that he was slowly being poisoned by the creature which he did suspect when it slashed at him with its claws and bit at the gunslinger.

The Gunslinger continues walking along the beach knowing that he must "draw the three" as Walter had told him in their Palaver. However, the Gunslinger falls sick from the poison from the Lobstrosity he had encountered. He stumbles about the beach for many days regularly falling and he thinks that he almost meets his end at one time at that cold gray beach.

He eventually finds the strength and will to move on as he sees an object in the distance. Walking for many days he eventually comes to a door standing on the beach.

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It looks to lead to nowhere and when seen from the other end it is not visible. Upon opening the door he is thrown into a different world, and the mind of The Prisoner, Eddie Dean , a heroin junkie. With Eddie, Roland helps his new acquaintance fight off the gangster Enrico Balazar and his lackeys. It is revealed that Henry Dean was murdered while Eddie ran drugs for Balazar. After the battle with Balazar Roland beckons Eddie to join him in his quest and a skeptical and untrusting Eddie Dean agrees. Since exiting the door marked " The Pusher " Roland had been having a paradox in his head and living two different timelines.

Jack Mort never pushed Jake: so did Jake live or die? Roland's mind is split in two, and both Eddie and Susannah fear Roland is losing mental stability. Roland is glad to have Jake back and promises never to let him fall again. This is why when the group reaches Lud 's bridge and Gasher kidnaps Jake, Roland goes after him as soon as possible.

Roland later finds Jake in Tick-Tock 's lair and kills Gasher.

The Dark Tower (novel)

Jake already dealt with Tick-Tock. Roland then prepares himself for Blaine's live-or-die-contest by preparing some of his best Fair-Day riddles. In Wizard and Glass , Roland and his ka-tet continue to travel on the suicidal Blaine, as he heads to his "last stop. It is eventually Eddie's nonsense that stops Blaine, as he comes up with jokes and riddles so bizarre, the answer is not evident to Blaine.

Blaine short-circuits and the group gets off in Topeka , which is now barren, overcome by the super-flu. The group travels on a broken highway towards an emerald green castle, and on the way, Roland tells them about his journey to becoming a gunslinger and the events in the Mejis. Once the ka-tet reaches the emerald green castle that looks like the one from the Wizard of Oz , and enter it they find a newly revived Tic-Tock Man.

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Jake quickly disposes of Tick-Tock and Walter appears. He taunts the ka-tet a bit before leaving, and the group does the same, traveling towards the Callas.


As the group continues towards Thunderclap , the Callas and The Dark Tower itself, they are faced with a starkblast. The group stays in a building in a town Eddie dubs " Gook Town. The tales last overnight, and after the storm has passed, Roland and his ka-tet find themselves closer to the Callas.

After the events Wizard and Glass and The Wind through the Keyhole Roland's ka-tet travel to the farming village of Calla Bryn Sturgis where they meet the townsfolk, as well as Father Callahan, who was originally introduced in 'Salem's Lot. He and the townsfolk request the ka-tet's assistance in battling against the Wolves of Thunderclap, who come once a generation to take one child from each pair of the town's twins.

After a few months of being away, the children are then returned "roont" ruined - mentally handicapped and destined to grow to enormous size and die young. The Wolves are due to come in about a month's time. Not only Roland of Gilead and his ka-tet have to protect the Calla-folken from the Wolves, but they must also protect a single red rose that grows in a vacant lot on Second Avenue and Forty-Sixth Street in mid-town Manhattan of If it is destroyed, then the Tower which is currently in rose from will fall. It does not go according to the plan, though; the groups get sucked through in opposite order.

Roland and Eddie are then tasked with buying the lot from Calvin. They meet John Cullum who helps Roland and Eddie escape the ambush. He lends them his old Ford Galaxie and is told to head to Vermont. Roland and Eddie eventually convince Calvin to sell the land. The book begins with the ka-tet separated in both time and space. The tet is reunited in Fedic. Roland quickly establishes a plan.

On the day of the attack, they wreak havoc by lighting several buildings on fire and by approaching the town from different directions in order to create the illusion of many people attacking at once. Jake gives up his life to save King's. Roland buries him along the side of the road and Tassenbaum says that she will return and plant a rose on his grave. In their absence, the company has flourished. Roland comes back to Fedic where Susannah is waiting for him.

They manage to fend it off by lighting bones using the Sterno that Susannah had found and that Roland had mocked. Their trek becomes very uncomfortable as their clothes are ill-suited to the cold weather. Thoughtful tells of the Crimson King's last days in his castle. After leaving the castle, Roland and Susannah hear a scream in the distance. He nearly kills Roland Deschain, Susannah Dean, and Oy while feeding on their laughing response to his comedy stylings. They are saved when Susannah accidentally swats the sore on her mouth and has to go to the bathroom to stop the bleeding.

In Collins' medicine cabinet, she finds a note from Stephen King that reveals the fact that Collins is the person that Eddie had warned of, Dandelo.

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Susannah, who has been haunted by dreams of Eddie and Jake, decides to try and leave Mid-World and find them. She recruits Danville to draw her a door to leave. She shares a tear-soaked goodbye with Roland before going through the door. Mordred Deschain attacks Roland's camp the last night before Roland would reach the Tower. With the help of Oy, Roland wakes up in time to save himself and kill Mordred. Unfortunately, he was not in time to save Oy's life. Oy's haunting last word is "Olan. It is the scene of the final battle between Roland Deschain and the Crimson King.

The King is locked outside the tower on a balcony and can only throw Sneetches at Roland while waiting for him to be drawn to the Tower. Roland's secret weapon is Patrick Danville, who draws a picture of the King and uses a combination of dye from rose petals and Roland's blood to color the King's eyes. After the picture was complete, Danville is able to erase everything except the eyes, which in turn erases the King's body in real life, and Roland is able to enter the Tower safely.

In the coda, we see Roland climbing the Tower at long last. The rooms in the Tower all depict scenes from Roland's life and each has a distinctive smell. He is sucked through, his memories fade, and his quest begins anew. This appears to be a hint that things may yet change and that Roland may eventually find redemption. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Roland Deschain. Last is gunfire. Contents [ show ].