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Dolan told the Globe he was informed by a reporter that Chloe had been brought to Lawrence General Hospital by a year-old man — though the hospital disputes that claim. She was pronounced dead soon after arrival. I'm beside myself. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner performed an autopsy, the Essex District Attorney's office told the Globe on Monday, but "it will take some time before there is a ruling on the cause and manner of death. After Chloe's biological father died five years ago, she turned to drawing to cope with the loss. We will miss her smile, her creativity and her huge heart.

Chloe's family told the Globe she was looking forward to getting her license and graduating high school and, eventually, had plans to become a tattoo artist. If something foul went on, you guys are going to go to jail for it.

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May 23, , PM. Facebook Icon The letter F. In the fictional city of Arcadia Bay, Max Caulfield realizes that she has the ability to rewind time , and uses her powers to save a young woman from being killed by her classmate Nathan Prescott at Blackwell Academy. Max learns that Chloe's friend Rachel Amber has been missing for several months. Max reveals to Chloe her capacity to travel back in time, and that she has seen visions of a catastrophic tornado destroying the city.

The following day, the two meet at the diner where Chloe's mother Joyce works, and decide to experiment with Max's power at Chloe's secret scrapyard hideout. Chloe takes her back to Blackwell. Max agrees to help Chloe find out what happened to Rachel. They later break into the principal's office that night to investigate and enter the school's pool for a swim before evading David Madsen, head of security at Blackwell and Chloe's stepfather, and fleeing back to Chloe's place.

The next morning, they sneak into the motorhome of Frank Bowers, drug dealer and friend of Rachel, and learn that Rachel was in a relationship with Frank and lied to Chloe about it, causing Chloe to storm off feeling betrayed. Max returns to her dormitory and examines a childhood photo of her and Chloe, but is suddenly transported to the day the picture was taken. Max prevents Chloe's father William from dying in a traffic collision, which inadvertently creates an alternative reality where William is alive but Chloe has been paralyzed from the neck down.

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Max uses the photo to undo her decision and return to the present day, restoring Chloe's health. Continuing their investigation, Max and Chloe obtain clues leading them to an abandoned barn owned by Nathan's wealthy and influential family. They discover a hidden bunker containing pictures of Rachel and Max's classmate Kate tied up and intoxicated, with Rachel being buried at Chloe's secret hideout.

They hurry back to the scrapyard and find Rachel's grave, much to Chloe's despair. Max follows Chloe to a school party to confront Nathan, believing he will next target fellow student Victoria Chase. They receive a text from Nathan threatening to destroy the evidence, and they rush back to the scrapyard. All of a sudden, the two are ambushed by Max's teacher Mark Jefferson, who anaesthetises Max and kills Chloe with a shot to the head.

Max is kidnapped and held captive in the " Dark Room ", a place Jefferson has been drugging and photographing young girls to capture their innocence.

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Jefferson also reveals that he took Nathan on as a personal student, but killed him before abducting Max due to him giving Rachel an overdose when he tried to mimic Jefferson's work. Max escapes into a photograph and emerges back in time several days, resetting the timeline. She alerts David, getting Jefferson and Nathan arrested.

Max is given the opportunity to go to San Francisco and have one of her photos displayed in an art gallery. She calls Chloe from the event, and discovers that the storm has reached Arcadia Bay. Max travels back to the time at which she took the gallery photo, which eventually leads her to various alternative realities. Max and Chloe finally return to the lighthouse and confront the fact that Max brought the storm into existence by saving Chloe from being shot by Nathan earlier in the week.

The only way to prevent it is for Max to go back to that moment via a photo she took and allow Chloe to be killed by Nathan. Three years before the events of Life is Strange , sixteen-year-old Chloe Price sneaks into a concert at an old mill. Conflict arises with two men inside, but she escapes with the help of schoolmate Rachel Amber. The next day, Chloe and Rachel reunite at Blackwell Academy and decide to ditch class, hitching a ride on a passing train before getting off at a lookout point. They people-watch through a viewfinder and see a man and woman kiss in the park below, which upsets Rachel.

They take a walk to a local scrapyard.

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Chloe confronts Rachel about her change in mood, but she refuses to answer. When Chloe meets Rachel later, Rachel explains that the man the two saw was her father James, a District Attorney , and that the woman he was kissing was not her mother. Rachel burns a photo of herself and her father, inadvertently causing a wildfire.

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The next day, Chloe and Rachel are reprimanded by Principal Wells for ditching school. Chloe hides out at the scrapyard where she finds an old truck in need of repair.

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She then receives a call from local drug dealer Frank Bowers, who arranges a meeting to discuss settling her debt with him. Chloe agrees to repay him by helping him steal money from her classmate Drew, who owes Frank a large sum. However, Chloe learns that Drew is being violently extorted by another drug dealer, Damon Merrick, and she must decide whether to pay off the dealer with the stolen money to protect Drew or keep it. Later, when a student is unable to participate in the school's theater production of The Tempest due to road closures caused by the wildfire, Chloe reluctantly takes on the role opposite Rachel.

After the play, they decide to leave Arcadia Bay with the truck from the scrapyard, and return to Rachel's house to pack.

Following a confrontation there, James reveals that the woman they saw him kissing was Rachel's biological mother.