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German-born August Roterberg came to the United States as a teenager and started out as a mail-order magic salesman before opening a magic store in the lobby of Chicago's Palmer House Hotel.

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Roterberg changed the way magic books were written, addressing himself to professionals rather than amateurs, and taking the then-unusual step of adding illustrations. Although this classic was intended for professional magicians, its clear and detailed instructions make it appropriate for dedicated amateurs.

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Reprint of the W. Hamley, London, edition.

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Card Manipulations. Scarne presents all the tricks with advice on accompanying patter, offering helpful suggestions about the kinds of words and gestures that give performances a professional gloss. Anyone can learn these tricks, and this single volume contains everything a would-be master of card magic needs to know.

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Vendor Center. If you could put together a collection of these magazines you would have almost a complete course on card tricks, by some of the world's greatest magicians. But where could you find these journals now that they are probably collector's items? And even if you could find them, how much would such a collection cost? Not very much.

  1. New Era Card Tricks: The Illustrated 1897 Classic for the Modern Magician.
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Because all the best of these tricks are available in this one monumental book, containing nearly every practical card trick produced, invented, and improved by magicians over a span of forty years and more. A truly staggering collection, this book explains how to perform over professional card tricks: impromptu card tricks, spelling tricks, "you do as I do" tricks, diachylon a paste for gluing cards together tricks, calculation tricks; tricks using key cards, slick cards, double-backed cards, reversed cards, short cards; tricks based on a one-way pack, prearranged pack, Svengali pack, Mene-Tekel pack, stripper pack; special packs; miscellaneous tricks including Everywhere and Nowhere, The Case of the Four Kings, Card in the Orange, The Buddha Whispers, and Inseparable Aces; and a final chapter on tricks using the famous Nikola Card System.

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