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Galatine's Curse: YA Arthurian Fantasy Book 3 - Tom's Arthurian Legacy

He probably thought I was flirting with him, which was fine by me. Taking a deep breath, I smiled. Escaping to the kitchen was a relief after being so close to a hunter. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to shake the memories of my prior life. It had been the day after my older sister had been killed.

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She was three days away from her twenty-fifth birthday, the age when our father no longer owned us according to dark fae law. Now that I was six months away, the only thing I wanted was to stay hidden until I was old enough. I just needed to stay alive and out of the Dark Realm for six more months. Right now, I just needed to keep him happy and get him to leave. The kitchen was empty, the cook sent home two hours ago when we stopped food service. I walked past the line toward the walk-in cooler and stepped inside.

Cursed: A New Fear; House of Whispers; Forbidden Secrets (Fear Street Saga)

There had to be something I could throw together so he would eat, and go away. On the bottom shelf, I spotted a few boxes of cheesecake and pulled one of them out. It was the only thing I knew how to make in the kitchen. He came around the corner and stopped next to the counter. He wore a baseball cap over his dark hair which looked out of place with the slacks and the oxford shirt he was wearing. Lou was only a few years older than me and had inherited this bar from his father, also named Lou.

The chaos that followed in the wake of the battle with the Dragon Queen was also what allowed me to sneak out of the Dark Realm with few complications.

(Very Scary) Buying and Opening a Real Dark Web Mystery Box! **Cursed**

It seemed like so much longer than seven years ago. It was his home and this bar was the most important thing to him. Lou looked at the cheesecake on the plate in front of me. I laughed. Lou sat on a stool next to the hunter and the two of them were engaged in a conversation that looked like it had been going on for hours. Lou was just one of those people who everybody liked and he was good at striking up conversations, well, with the exception of my roommate, Paige.

My skin prickled and I blinked at him a few times. The hunter slapped Lou on the back. Lou and the hunter laughed as if sharing an inside joke. And your name is? Without taking my eyes off of him, I grabbed a roll of silverware from the stack under the bar and held it out. I shifted my weight and crossed my arms over my chest. Hunters used to operate in the shadows, but a few years ago, they were given special permits to do their jobs within the confines of human law enforcement.

So, in came the hunters. With the power of both the supernatural world and the human world in their hands. I was too worried that Roan was here for me. He pulled his wallet out of his pocket. He pulled a few bills out and set them on the counter in front of me, then winked. I wrote the first few chapters of book four a week or so after publishing book three, so it picks up right where it left off. This is spoiler filled.

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Very spoiler-filled. Last chance. Book 1 is finished and out with my review team. Beautifully atmospheric, completely gripping and full of intrigue. Kari Dickson has done a great job in translation. Overall, this is a rich and immersing novel. The lovely Mr Enger tells you all you need to know without generally spoiling anything.

Liz Loves Books. This whip-smart shot of Nordic noir was riveting and recommended reading. I enjoyed discovering the differences between the two main characters Nora and Henning whose lives are intertwined through the shared loss of their son and their careers. Through this tale Enger highlights beautifully how the echoes of the past are still heard in the present. Nordic Noir.

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Now I am completely and utterly obsessed. Cursed is an engaging read right from the opening chapter. The slow-burning tension soars through the pages in a deliciously addictive fashion. The dark tone to the writing paints a very atmospheric and gritty picture. Cursed also delivers one of my very biggest fictional temptations — a story where the secrets keep on unravelling. Every strand to this novel is intricately weaved together with no link left unfounded.

I am dying to get my hands on it. Each character in this novel was tightly woven and developed. I loved Henning. I loved Nora.

I loved them together. I will absolutely be going back to read the others in the series so I can see the full development of these characters and their journey. And the end??!! The last few lines? I needed to pick my jaw up off the floor. Please, Thomas Enger. Write quickly. I feel like any fan of Nordic Noir, or any reader who enjoys their characters developed and pronounced will love this novel.

Put simply, the more I read, the more I wanted to read. From First Page to Last. From the stunning cover, to the atmospheric descriptions, all the way to that final page, I felt engaged and drawn into the story. The translation flowed very well and I did not feel anything was lost from one end to the other. It is complex and that is why it really appealed to me. As chilling as a freezing Norwegian winter this will keep guessing as to what really is at the heart of this book.

Both Nora and Henning will face real personal danger in their quest to get to the truth. With an ending that will make your jaw drop and is a breath-taking climax. Roll on book five. A powerful new Nordic crime writer. The Last Word Book Review. And oh my god that bloody ending! Flipping amazing!!!! Needless to say I loved it and I absolutely cannot wait for the next instalment!

MM Cheryl. It was a surprise to see journalists at the forefront, with a very different perspective on the missing person case. These were investigative journalists, with a keen sense of ferreting out the truth. No one can read this book without getting a profound understanding of the death of a child, for Hennings and Nora.

Their relationship had a gorgeous sense of realism, as they still cling onto each other. Their story was as fascinating as finding out the truth about Hedda Heldburg. Thomas writes a guest post as part of the blog tour. The Very Pink Notebook. Thomas writes a piece about social comment in Scandicrime as part of the blog tour. What really freaked me out is the missing woman and the trail to find her.