e-book Economics and Ecology: United for a Sustainable World (Social Environmental Sustainability)

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Through its different business lines, ACCIONA offers innovative solutions that satisfy the growing demand for infrastructure , access to water and energy, etc. The company participates in the full infrastructure-building value chain , from identifying opportunities, design and execution, to operation and maintenance of built works. The company employs the most advanced and innovative techniques in carrying out projects, as well as the right technologies for each job. When developing its projects, it measures and manages its social and environmental impact on the communities in which it works.

Learn more about what we do in infrastructure. The rapid growth in urban centers requires new services. As well as facilitating access to essential services for life - such as energy and water - ACCIONA contributes to making cities productive living spaces of wellbeing, promoting socioeconomic development of people. Improvement of the infrastructure network and transport connections , revitalization of urban spaces through promotion and development of housing, as well as the right management of the environment , are tackled with a sustainable focus on improving quality of life for city dwellers.

The company works to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions to contribute to society's progress and respond to the main challenges of sustainable development in the fields of infrastructure, water and energy , leading the transition toward a low-carbon economy. ACCIONA has been a carbon neutral company since and considers the fight against climate change a strategic priority. Learn more about how we fight climate change.

Transforming the Economy for a Just and Sustainable World

When implementing projects at ACCIONA, we focus specifically on those Goals that enable local prosperity, ranging from access to clean water and sanitation to clean, affordable energy, to the development of resilient infrastructures and mobility. The earth, our home, is in crisis.

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About The Book The earth, our home, is in crisis. Sustainability encompasses the entire supply chain of a business, requiring accountability from the primary level, through the suppliers, all the way to the retailers. Of course, that scenario depends on how strongly corporations embrace sustainability and whether it is a true change of direction or just lip service.

Portfolio Construction. Renewable Energy.

What Is Sustainability and Why Is It Important? | pewahomaci.tk

Business Essentials. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our. Your Money. Personal Finance. Financial Advice. Popular Courses. Login Advisor Login Newsletters. Investing Sustainable Investing. Table of Contents Expand. The Environmental Pillar. The Social Pillar. The Economic Pillar.

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The Impact of Sustainability. The Bottom Line.

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Key Takeaways Corporate sustainability is a growing concern among investors who seek not only economic profit but also social good. ESG investment represents the 3 pillars of sustainable investing: environmental, socially responsible, and governance.

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With the growth of socially responsible funds and ETFs, corporate sustainability may ultimately add a competitive edge to a company's bottom line. Compare Investment Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.

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