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Each book listed below can be read as a standalone story. Books 1 — 4 in box one and Books 5 — 7 plus bonus romance in box two. Find direct vendor links at the bottom of this page.

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High-school French teacher and lifelong romantic Vicky Bernier is not at all wild about people who exhibit reckless conduct. Or men who have gigantic egos. Or grownups who still act like teenagers. Blake, again.

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She deals with enough adolescent behavior during the school day. On the verge of turning forty and having just lost her job, Marianna Gregory flees Mirabelle Harbor for the summer with little more than a suitcase, her beat-up car, and the blessings of her good friend Olivia Michaelsen. Her ex-husband is living a new life in California. Have Dog, Will Travel: 4— p. Presented with support from Adrienne Amos Livengood. We regret that Kelly is unable to attend this year's Festival. We will have signed book plates available for anybody who wishes to purchase a book.

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Presented with support from We are sorry to announce Beth Macy will be unable to attend this year's Festival. We will be rescheduling her event for later this fall and will share full details when available. Presented with support from Triad Moms on Main. Her other picture books include Earth! My First 4. Michael B.

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Presented with support from Wells Fargo. Steve Nedvidek recently retired from Chick-Fil-A after a year career, where he most recently helped start the Innovation discipline at the company, and taught innovation, creativity, and design thinking. Presented with support from the Hispanic League of Winston-Salem.

Elaine Neil Orr is a writer of fiction, memoir, and literary criticism. Tesla unveils its Model Y crossover. According to Roberto Baldwin, "With a zero to 60 potential of 3. It shares many attributes with the Model 3, even with additional storage space and up to three rows of seating.

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Facebook's massive outage was the result of a server configuration change. An outage that took down Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram for much of Wednesday was apparently the result of a server configuration change.

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The social-networking giant said the issue has since been fixed and all of its products and services are accessible once again. If you need a graphics upgrade but don't need ray tracing yet, try this one.

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It has slightly slower memory than the Ti models and aims squarely at gamers with last-generation GTX series hardware who can upgrade without needing a new power supply. She used the power of cloud computing. Google's Emma Haruka Iwao breaks the world record for calculating pi.

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A Google employee has broken the Guinness World Record for the most accurate value of pi. Emma Haruka Iwao and her colleagues used the power of the company's cloud computing to calculate for 31,,,, digits of pi. That's 9 trillion digits more than the previous record and a whole novel longer than the 3.