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David was never one to back down from a challenge so he ate the gecko on Saturday night. A day after eating the gecko, David began to vomit green bile and his urine had turned to the color black.

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He became so badly bloated that he looked like he was six months pregnant. Two days later, David was rushed to the Mater Hospital in Brisbane. A day after being admitted to the hospital, doctors diagnosed Dowell with salmonella poisoning that they concluded was from foodborne bacteria and the symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting and fever.

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Allira was searching for answers as to why her husband was gravely ill so fast. She was told by friends that David had eaten a gecko at the party and that could be the cause of his mysterious sickness.

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David never mentioned it. Doctors performed surgery but David died during the operation. Double rooms are always for two people; you will rarely find two double beds as in most American lodgings unless the hotel is part of an international chain. Often, if the party exceeds two people, an extra bed can be added on request.

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  4. If only one person wants to occupy a double room, many times the owner will charge a slightly lower price. As you may already know, no cars can enter Venice. This is not because they are prohibited, but because they cannot physically fit in the city.

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    5. Venice is on the water and is made of bridges and small pedestrian streets called calli. All cars must be parked directly outside the city, in Piazzale Roma , where there is the main parking lot parcheggio.

      Man 'Rotted From the Inside Out' After Gecko Dare

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      Dave Dowell and his partner of 15 years Allira. What to read next. Coconuts Singapore.

      ‘The heart of the family’