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How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike Without Training Wheels

They can walk, but running and gliding are still difficult. Both are in 1st grade and both kids are timid on their bikes with training wheels. Balance bikes are, hands down, the easiest way to teach a child to ride a bike. This is just one option — a more expensive one — but a very good one. At this age and size, your child is too big for standard-style balance bikes, but is a great fit for the small number of larger balance bikes on the market. With enough encouragement, time, and limited or no use of their training wheels, you child can transition to a balance bike.

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We also encourage you to search for a used balance bike if cost is an issue. Especially with the brands we recommend, the quality is high so buying second-hand is a great option. Larger framed balance bikes are sized for 3 — 6 year olds. The video is long 20 minutes and from an era of square TV screens and VHS tapes, but the method is solid!

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Pedal Magic consists of a few very simple drills that an adult coaches a child through on a bike. In the span of about 2 to 10 minutes, a child can learn to ride a bike! Pedal Magic is a patented, scientific method for teaching kids and adults! The entire premise is like with balance bikes!

Our first test subject was an 8-year-old and the entire process took only 5 minutes.

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She had previously only attempted to ride without training wheels ONE time and had fallen over and quit trying. She actually had no desire to learn to ride a bike the day we tried Pedal Magic because she was so afraid of falling again. I was completely shocked at how easily she just rode away after she successfully completed the Pedal Magic drills.

A 6-year-old tester did not have the same experience. She really enjoys riding her bike with training wheels, so Pedal Magic might be more successful when she has a desire to ride without training wheels instead of being pushed by her parents to try. The balance buddy is a U-shaped handle that you attach to the rear axle of the bike.

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It allows a parent to easily follow behind a child on a bike and help keep them upright. Essentially, it just makes it easier for a parent to keep a child balanced without having to bend over awkwardly to hold onto the seat of the bike. The Balance Buddy was more of an enabler than anything. No monetary compensation was provided for any of our reviews, however, in some cases product demos were provided to help facilitate reviews.

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Teach your child how to ride a bike really quickly!

Kids' bikes are heavier and harder to maneuver than true balance bikes. Not much parent supervision required. Most kids can figure a balance bike out on their own.

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Removing pedals and lowering the saddle slightly will allow the child to push themselves along learning how to balance and turn on a bike. Preferably somewhere that is quiet and has a tarmac surface. A word of warning from Rowntree though.

Teach your kids to ride a bike

By holding onto the child and not the handlebar, they will learn how the bike reacts when leaning and you can accelerate that by gently move their torso from side to side as they ride. If they crash or fall because you are not their to help in the early stages it could scare them off a bike for good. Following the same simples steps will get them adjusted to pedalling in no time. A big thing to remember is starting them off early and without pedals to help build their confidence before they take on pedalling. If you leave it too late the child will become hesitant and more fearful so it pays to begin when they are young.

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  • And that drew my attention to what bikes were like for small children. The bikes were very heavy, in many cases heavier than my own bike, and these were bikes for four year olds! But they were also really ergonomically poor — the brakes on them were out of reach, the springs were so tight even I could pull them on easily.

    Teach your child to ride a bike under an hour.